Ten Things of Thankful

One day when life was particularly tough, I remembered a trick I’d employed when life had been tough before:

Find ten things, right now, to be thankful for about today.

And I began to write them on Considerings, partly to share what was good in my life, and partly so I could hold myself accountable for doing them. A week’s self-challenge of ten things behest a ten-day challenge, then a two-week challenge, and by that time I’d realised how much change I’d made in myself.

By actively choosing to seek the Good things – by hunting them down and dragging them out (kicking and screaming, sometimes) I was making a change in my own attitude.

Not only that, but people seemed interested in how I was doing this. Inspired to try taking charge in their own lives and actively seeking the Good. So very tentatively, I began a blog hop, with some very supportive, wonderful co-hosts, and Ten Things of Thankful was born. It has now moved and been taken over by the wonderful Josie Two-Shoes, who I am VERY thankful to, for keeping it going.

Why Ten Things? That’s a lot!
Ten because it’s meant to be a challenge. When Ten Things are easy and life’s going well, that’s great and it’s wonderful to share, but when life’s going really badly, it’s dragging you down and the thought of even finding three Things is a massive undertaking, that’s when the exercise comes into it’s own.

Those things are there. Truly. Even if it’s only that you’re still breathing. Still able to type. This is when the choice you’re making to actively engage in seeking the Good is absolutely vital.

Doing it in a manner whereby others can read, understand and support you is just an added bonus.

When is it?
It lasts all weekend (each weekend) and there are no rules other than that your post include Ten Things you’re Thankful for about the week you’ve had (or about something coming up in the next week) and our banner.

Are there rules?
If you join in the conversations on the pages of those who’ve linked in, we’ll be full of joy, because we *love* conversations (the luxury of the longer blog hop).

If you share the warm fuzzies, seek joy and find those Ten Things, you’ll feel better. Any time.

Anything else?

We’re on Facebook now, too – join us there to keep up with the community in the week.



Ten Things of Thankful


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