Ten Things of Thankful #86

I wasn’t ready to write this, all of a sudden, because my brain had a short-but-violent meltdown of the ‘disordered thoughts’ type, and I couldn’t see beyond the rim of my own navel, for an embarrassingly long couple of hours. Friday evening was spent in a mire of misery and self-loathing and the only thankful…

In which I Spoken Word-ed

Once Upon A Time, I didn’t know what Spoken Word really was – I thought it was very formulaic and unpleasant, and then one of my Sisterwives BLEW. MY. MIND with a piece she did. That said, she used to be ON THE CIRCUIT, darlings, so it stands to reason that she was amazing.

Inky fingerprints

One of the rather lovely things about writing (properly, with a pen, on paper – as opposed to the e-version) is the ink, which gets everywhere and somehow invariably becomes smudged. In my experience, anyway.

How to beat WordPress at Poetry

Well, dear WordPress, I’ve just discovered a tiny thing which made me a little bit lot kinda MAD, and which reminded me that Blogger *could* do this, and HEY, what’s up with THAT?!?! The function I’m talking about is the ability to play with text. Like embiggen and smallenify different words and move them around…