Murder, We Wrote

Murder We Wrote

It all started with a prompt from Ivy Walker’s Six Sentence Stories (SSS), and so began a Whodunnit I’m hoping to turn into a FULL-ON MURDER MYSTERY, with YOUR help.

Keep watch for the image above, popping up across social media. When I share it, I want you to give me a CUE – a word around which I’ll base the next chapter of the story. The first two people to offer cues which haven’t been used yet, will be picked. You’ll get full credit and a link back to your blog (if you have one). We’re going to build this story TOGETHER, and hopefully solve the crime!

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

The story so far…

A Whodunnit [Cue: Standard, Credit: SSS]

So who DID dunnit? [Cue: Range, Credit: SSS]

No WAY did YOU dunnit! [Cue: Snow, Credit: SSS]

Maybe they ALL dunnit [Cue: Resolve, Credit: SSS]

We know who DIDN’T dunnit [Cue: Exact, Credit: SSS]

HOW did they dunnit? [Cue: Change, Credit: SSS]

And what had the VICTIM dunnit? [Cue: “If I were a crayon…”/Trip, Credit: Finish the Sentence Friday/SSS]

WHAT have you gone and dunnit? [Cue: Can, Credit: SSS]

Ready to FIND OUT whodunnit [Cue: Charge, Credit: SSS]

Feels like they’ve dunnit BEFORE [Cue: Draw, Credit: SSS]

OOPS, they dunnit again [Cue: Strapped, Credit: Hastywords]

NOW they’ve gone and dunnit [Cue: Fray, Credit: SSS]

You’ve ALL dunnit [Cue: Robotic, Credit: James]

NONE of you dunnit [Cue: Cleave, Credit: SSS]

We all dunnit TOGETHER [Cue: Wistfully, Credit: Paul D. Brads]

Dunnit help to WATCH, though [Cue: Post, Credit: SSS]

Wishing she HADN’T dunnit [Cue: Auspicious, Credit: Natalie Beech]