Considerings around the Blogosphere

Just occasionally, other people have had the sense and good taste to ask me to provide a guest post for them. More usually, I’ve marched up to them and asked/begged/pleaded for them to take a look at what I have to say, and consider giving it some ‘net time at their wonderful blog.

Our LandMy first ever gig was for Kristi, as part of Our Land. I wrote about the difficulty of feeling accepted by others when you’re a) infertile and b) a member of The Invisible Moms Club. Kristi’s Our Land series is absolutely wonderful, and all about bringing compassion, empathy and wonder to different areas of life. It’s a truly special place, and I warmly invite you all to join me there.




Donate a postThis one was purely and simply about miscarriage. The lovely Katia was running a series, in which she invited women who’ve experienced this awful process, to write and share their experience. In a world where miscarriage is still a taboo subject, the openness and honesty found in the Donate A Post series is refreshingly lovely (though heartbreaking in topic)


Featured at

After this, I hit the bigtime, with my first post over at Scary Mommy, having approached the lovely Jill Smokler and essentially told her that her site was lacking a two-sided slant at childlessness. But then (starting at the beginning) this ended up being a survival guide for coping with miscarriage. More to come, though.




This went in an entirely new and very fun direction, as I described the process of blogging, and the toll it can take, demonstrating the dark, seedy underbelly of the thing. It was amazingly well-received, which was great, as I kindasorta marched up to Deb and told her she should publish it (after hearing her make a throwaway remark about said underbelly of blogging). Fortunately, she’s sweet and awesome and published me anyway.




Raised on the Radio I had such fun here – the ever lovely DJ Jen invited me to post about my childhood experiences of music and the radio, and it was awesome to write and share the first tunes I fell in love with, and the way those experiences have shaped my musical taste today.





Featured at

I got to post again at, this time with my post ‘The Invisible Moms’ Club’, which begat my chapter in the book, as well as The Invisible Moms Club on Facebook. A really, intensely personal post, and my desire to make good on being my children’s legacy, by continuing to blast away at those barriers in communication and understanding which can make women who’ve experienced the horror of child loss feel so very, very alone. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I’m so glad it got shared here.



The Fat KidThe Epistolarians were searching for ‘edgy’ posts, and so I got to write about body image – something I’ve struggled with since childhood, and still do. I’m fortunate that it was a well-recieved post, if rather a monster, size-wise (ironically).





Kathy, from Kissing the Frog, ran a ‘grief stories’ series, and she let me take part. I used a much-loved childhood poem as my starting point for exploring my experience of grief.





Dancing in the Rain

 Jen invited me to come and guest post as part of her ‘The View From Here’ series. I took her at her literally, and ended up writing a rather fun (and slightly thinky) post on abundance, and just how very, very much I have, even when I sometimes feel I don’t.





Tamara asked me over to PenPaperPad to explore the Awesome Power of Words. I had a super time with this post and really, really enjoyed writing it.




Marcia, from Menopausal Mom, invited me to guest post for her Wacky Wednesday series. I tried to be funny, because all her writers are funny, and she’s hilarious.


Well, I’ve never written like THIS before. But it went down like a dream 😉






Writer B BadgeI was HUGELY SO VERY excited to be invited to write over at Beth’s blog (because she’s one of the funniest, coolest bloggers I know), and really, this was the very most beautifully wordy post to explain why I fall in love with writing so very often.


I had two posts at My Daily Jenn-ism, for Mental Health March, where I touched on flashbacks to another me, and my desire to be an acceptable human.


Our Land ButtonBack at Our Land, I shared a two-part post on the horror I faced when I worked in a care home, and why I think the elderly deserve better.


History of a Woman

At Laura’s, I wrote (in a surprisingly veiled voice) about my reaction when my boss tried to enforce the wearing of makeup as a matter of policy.

11 thoughts on “Considerings around the Blogosphere

    • Oh, goodness me, Pooja – the Blogosphere is HUGE and there is SO MUCH going on 🙂 If you really want to commit to coming back to blogging, let me add you to the Blogging group Roshni and I are in on Facebook. They help with technical questions, wondering questions, sheer finding out stuff, they are a super, awesome group full of helpful, engaged, responsive people, and there’s a pinned thread where you can share your latest post each day and….oh it’s so good!


      • Me! Me! Me!! I wanna come too!!!!! 🙂 🙂 When its lunchtime here at office I’ll pop into Facebook and send you a request. I wanna do sooo much!!! 🙂 🙂 And topmost among them is getting back to writing!! Anything for that! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Fabulous page! I’ve only done a couple of guest blogging gigs, but I enjoy it and I’m hoping to do more eventually 🙂

    Visiting because my blogging buddy Gretchen from Drifting Through linked to you in a blogging tour I nominated her for. Gonna go and see what else you’re up to now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for popping over. I was excited to see your comment to approve – I know Gretchen rates you highly 🙂

      I just keep writing – people get fed up of seeing it all here, I think, so I spread it around 🙂 Guest blogging is fun. I think I should be more honoured that so many people have agreed to feature me. Which reminds me – a couple more did and I need to update 😉 I keep forgetting about this page!


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