A Slip of the Lit.

A Slip of the Lit Button

When you begin to immerse yourself in the world of words, if you are fortunate, you somehow come across writers of such class and calibre that they begin to get noticed – to get published – and it’s a wonderful, WONDERFUL thing.

When the writers you befriended begin to get published, you find a way to support, encourage, and PROMOTE them, because you know that you are in the presence of AWESOME – they’ve made it.

When you’re done promoting, you find a way to feature them in posterity, developing your dragon’s hoard of authors and literary figures you can evidence that you knew way back when, not to mention collating a resource of fascinating writerly information and behind-the-scenes knowledge, which can be enjoyed and referred to in perpetuity.

But what’s different about it? What makes A Slip of the Lit more interesting than your usual ‘promote a writer and earn your place in the Pearly Gates Bookstore’? Well, that would be the feature Make Me Feel. I love it when writing moves me in some way; capturing my imagination, transporting me, playing with my emotions. THAT will be the challenge for each author who stops by to play – that in a short ‘slip’ of writing, they showcase their OWN talent by creating a piece especially for me (well, and you).

Lovelies, this is A Slip of the Lit. – welcome to my hoard.

Author interviews:

Beth Teliho – Order of Seven

Helena Hann-Basquiat – Memoirs of a Dilettante (Volume Two)

Tamara Woods – The Makings of an ‘Angry’ Black Woman

Vikki Claflin – Shake, Rattle & Roll With It

Mandi Castle – Dear Stephanie

Andra Watkins (NYT Bestseller) – Not Without My Father

Natacha Guyot – Clairvoyance Chronicles

Kristi Rieger Campbell – Mothering Through the Darkness

Endorsements and Book Reviews

Order of Seven (Beth Teliho)

Dear Stephanie (Mandi Castle)

Not Without My Father (NYT Bestseller Andra Watkins)


Prison Break (Helena Hann-Basquiat)

Information and Encouragement

A Five Star Attitude

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