Right now…

Right now…I want to talk to you. Just you. Just for a few moments.

Can you spare me that?


Right now…I’m snuggled up in a blanket, with a hot-water bottle on my slowly-healing tummy, feeling warm and a bit sleepy and a bit lazy. And a bit like I’d like a chat.

You’re not here, of course, and I’ve been finding myself TimeZoned out of all the loops I haven’t been medicated out of, the last (can’trememberhowmany) days. I had surgery on Friday and it went really well. They kept me in overnight because they’d taken so much out (seems fair to me – dinner, bed, breakfast and BIG PAIN MEDS in exchange for portions of my internals) and I had a bit of an adventure while I was there, which you might have already read about but it’s worth sharing again because it was fun:

From my hospital bed, I heard the lady across from me being told she has low blood pressure. I remembered hearing (WonderAunty helped me remember the specifics via text) that Lucozade and salty things are good at RAISING blood pressure. I passed on the info and the lady asked the dinner people, and the tea-and-coffee people, and the nurses, if there was any way of getting some salted crisps to help with blood pressure. There wasn’t.

But there WAS a vending machine a few floors down, and I was feeling adventurous (and have been told to keep moving so I don’t get DVT) so I checked with a nurse, got my shoes on, and took my hospital gown and bare little arse for a walk.

There WERE vending machines. There WERE salted crisps and Lucozade. And there WAS a nice kind man who changed a £2 coin for smaller ones so I wouldn’t lose change to the machine that said “No change given. No staff available to help”

Success – got them! And then, as I stood there, the machine whizzed and turned…and spat out £11!!!!

Well! BOOM!!!!

And yes, the lady across from me was very pleased to have salty crisps and Lucozade, and I shared my story with the others in my ward and we all agreed that sometimes, good happens when you do something good.

It was AWESOME. I’m glad I did it. AND her blood pressure went up (might not all have been down to me, but I feel I helped).

Since coming home, I’ve been experiencing my usual post-anaesthetic phase of extreme depression, and have been boosted forward, buoyed up, and checked in on by so, SO many lovely friends, all of whom had wonderfully positive things to say about this being a temporary thing worth getting through, and expressing confidence that I would find liveliness and light and brightshininess again on the other side.

Which I have, I think, for this evening at any rate.

Which brings me back to comfy, cosy, warm, and our little chat. Right now…

Because ALEPPO.

Heard of it? I can’t imagine you haven’t, unless your world has been taken up with the fabulous meeting of Trump and Kanye.

It’s absolutely and completely the opposite of comfy or cosy, and I very much suspect it’s nowhere close to warm.

It’s not looking forward to Christmas. It’s not wrapping presents or sending cards or counting sugarplums.

It’s not even laughing at McDonald’s cups and their unfortunate imagery this holiday season.

It’s harsh. It’s atrocious. People are being murdered and murdered and murdered.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW.

It’s probably more urgent than the Trump stuff and it needs us…needs YOU…to do something.

Because you CAN.

Because you’re not IN Aleppo.

Upworthy has a list of 7 real things you can do RIGHT NOW to help

There’s a petition to sign on Change.org, asking world leaders to step in, stop watching, and ACT to save lives.

My friend, I know you can, at the very least, open both links and share them on social media, even if you haven’t anything to donate, or the inclination to sign.

It’s all very well to sit all comfy-cosy and read and write.

This is a day to DO.

Right now…


If you know any more things we can do to help, do share them in the comments, thank you xoxox

23 thoughts on “Right now…

  1. Harsh and atrocious is correct.
    I feel ill and just want to shake those who are causing this, when I hear horror stories of hospitals being bombed and food convoys being blocked. When will this world learn?
    Glad you are home and taken care of. Surgery can really throw one off their axis. I did read that nice deed you did for your hospital roommate and I am sure she appreciated it. Hope you’re feeling better.

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    • I’m not sure the world will ever learn. It is as it always has been, as it always will be. We just need to trust in the good in humanity doing what it can to bring comfort where possible.

      I’m still well off my axis, but getting there slowly, thanks 🙂


  2. It’s difficult to find joy in the season where there are so many who are without joy, without hope, however, this does not help them, nor does it help us. So what do we do? If we act as if nothing is happening, others will judge us harshly. If we act if something horrible is happening, we bring undo stress as there is not much as an individual we can do. So I pray, and hope that it is enough. Thank you for your thoughtful post. I’ve followed you and will be back soon.

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    • I don’t think we need to deny the joy which occurs in our own lives, as being false won’t help anyone. I also don’t think we need to focus on all the negatives and undermine our own happiness with things beyond our control. Since the world began there have been countless everyday instances of sorrows and sadnesses we are near-incapable to remedy. We just do what we can, where we can, and appreciate the good which comes our way. 🙂 Glad you liked this piece.

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  3. Boom. L11! A bonus for helping and doing something so kind and I have a very cute image of you in my head tiptoeing through the hospital corridors in search of salty things. Small things and then BIG things. Thanks for sharing ways to help to us who sometimes feel so helpless with the big things.

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    • This one’s a big HUGE thing, and really it’s the world leaders who need to be mobilising big HUGE efforts on Syria’s behalf and I just cannot for the LIFE of me understand why not. But that’s why I’m here at home, NOT being a world leader.

      I was so ridiculously delighted with the surprise of that money! I did do something further useful with it, so that’s a good thing. But yes. I had amazing adventures and I’m very glad I went. It got me up and out of bed, which was an added bonus.


  4. Sigh…because Aleppo and rhinos and elephants and polar bears and Mosul and…I take a deep breath, resolving to do something about all the things that need fixing, but also telling myself to breathe…breathe…
    But I’m not here cuz of that. I’m here cuz I wanted to wish you speedy recovery and fun adventures. 🙂 Aw, your intentions were pure gold helping out a fellow comrade and you got a gift. 🙂
    Okay, I have to ask. Is Lucozade a British thing? Cuz I have no idea what that is. lol

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    • I guess it must be! It’s a fizzy sports drink with lots of electrolytes in it. You know, I never for one second considered THAT might be lost in translation!

      Thanks for the wishes. I still need ’em! Gotta go back to the doc tomorrow cos something ain’t quite right!

      There are so many things. Too many things. But none of us can save the world on our own – we just do the next bit we can do, bit by bit, all together ❤


  5. Find a refugee in your area and help them. Most are having trouble getting kids enrolled in school. They need school supplies, clothes, diapers if they have infants, food, information on how to get medical assistance, someone to drive them places, somewhere to live, and tolerance. Most of all they need a hug because they are having to watch their world, and their friends/loved ones, burn, and they need to know there are good people in their new world who care.

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