Ten Things of Thankful (Maybe Miracles) #10Thankful

I haven’t warmed up yet. I’m still chilled to the bone from standing around in the freezing cold night with other witnesses, all of us incredulous, shocked, horrified, wondering, hoping…hoping…so very hoping…and because my statement has yet to be taken, my phone has been zipping and binging and driving me mad all evening as I’ve waited for a phonecall that didn’t come. And because my statement has yet to be taken, I need to be careful what I say.

I’m okay.

Someone else isn’t though. And another set of someones have experienced something which might change their worlds forever. And those of us who saw it, well…we will have to bear those memories.

On the plus side, and the thing I want to focus on; I heard a wonderful, WONDERFUL story tonight, of a maybe miracle – a very beloved friend of mine was in a horrid car accident in her youth. She told me that when she had been amidst the aftermath, badly injured, she very clearly heard a woman’s voice telling her to hang on, to stay awake, to not sleep. She survived the crash. But no-one knew anything about the mysterious woman whose voice had helped her through.

I’m endlessly thankful though, to this unknown entity who may or may not have been present, this angel of hope and encouragement who made all the difference in those dark moments, because this evening, I really needed to hear that there truly are maybe miracles in this world – that unexplainable good does happen. That people live.

And because she lived (seamless segue, did you notice?), it meant my beloved friend was ALIVE and very much able to meet me whilst I was in the USofA last week. Not only did we meet, but we FLEW. For real. Hand in hand, across some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid eyes on. It was magical. We may have screamed (quite a lot), but when we heard the vampire’s hiss of the air-brake on the zipline, we immediately knew we wanted to have a go, and our daredevilry was inevitable from that point onwards.

It was a day of perfect moments strung together with delightful bits and happiness in between. There were castles with narrow twisty stairways and dark, dank rooms to be explored, and battlements to look out from. There were viewpoints (alarmingly unbarriered, to my very ‘Health & Safetyfied’ mind) which stopped us in our tracks as we drank in the incredible vistas before us, of tumbling sapphire waters and turning autumn trees.There were a number of caves to discover, which prompted a number of off-colour (very entertaining) jokes about showing each other our ‘holes’…


There were three of us, all very dear to each others’ hearts, and an additional driver, who knew more about the park than the guide leaflets we were given. There was a picnic. There were surprise gifts and shouts of joy and amazement. There was sunshine. There was a little rain. There were inquisitive wasps. There were *exquisite* hand-crafted treasures. There were huge, enormous smiles and big hugs. And there was the zipline, which we all took a turn on, in spite of anxieties, and we all completely ROCKED the whole ‘flying across a canyon at top speed, strapped to a tiny seat. There was so, SO much happiness in just spending time together, really for real in each others’ company, and it’s a day of memories I shall keep stored up in my heart for a long, long time.

My biggest thankful of the day was being able to borrow a car and successfully navigate my way two hours down the interstate to FIND said park where we all met. Google maps got me there, after some diligent checking of the route the night before, and during the journey I shored myself up with a lot of self-affirming talk that I was in the right place, going in the right direction. And I did it! It enabled all the other wonderfulness.

Then there was the week itself, spent with a friend who I think might be the other half of my heart, or the other side of my self…or something. There were many comfy cosy moments of quietness and just being, which were pretty close to perfect. I felt as ‘at home’ with her as I do with my family – absolutely and completely accepted and loved, no matter what, and having experienced very much the opposite of that, I absolutely CHERISH that kind of environment.

I got to experience Thanksgiving IN AMERICA! I watched the Macy’s parade, I squealed with joy to see a video of my beloved ‘Little Dude’ at his Bar Mitzvah. I sent and received glitterbombs. I navigated Big Surprises and small everydays. I cooked vegan food. I ran around a beautiful little lake. I got pestered by the dog. I slept. I helped do puzzles (which I never do, because they annoy me, but that’s apparently part of the appeal!) I existed in a glorious haze of happiness and mostly managed to not think about the return to real life and upcoming challenges. I made plans for next time I come over. And the time after that. And the time after that! I saw Christmas lights. I helped decorate for Christmas. I loved, loved, LOVED it.

I flew. Admittedly in planes. But the journeys seemed shorter this time, and my ability to manage the transfer from one side of the world to the other seems to be improving, which is just as well, as another thing I got last week was HOPE, that all may not be lost on the student visa front, that there may be other possibilities to explore, and that the college director does very much want me to take up my scholarship there, and so I am DELIGHTED I was able to go see him and establish all this.

I was happy.

For anyone who’s known me more than a little while, that’s something I wasn’t sure I would have, and it is, and it’s lovely and I wish I could share it with you all, that feeling. I wish I could tell you how gloriously uplifting it is, like being the bubbles in champagne, or the hot air balloon swelling and rising into the perfect stillness of dawn. It’s amazing, and I’m treasuring each moment I get to keep it or remember it, or hearken back to it.

Elsewhere though, I have loved seeing all the determined positivity, support, encouragement, empathy, compassion, and caring, which has been shown off across social media and through the lives of my friends. I’ve been so pleased to see communities of like-minded people forming connections as they seek to embetter the world through kind actions. I even arrived home to a lovely card reminding me that we HAVE that community already, right here, and that it’s small but determined, and full of thankfulness. I have found something every day to gladden my heart and make me thankful for the people I know, and their wonderful spirits, and the things they do which really make a LOT of difference.

I am a hundred million thankful for the people in my life, who I love and cherish, and who frequently prove sources of brightshinyloveliness.

They are my miracles. YOU, my friends, are my miracles.

And there’s no ‘maybe’ about it.


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57 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful (Maybe Miracles) #10Thankful

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  2. Oh Lizzie, your happiness burst off the screen as I read! What a wonderful way to have spent Thanksgiving in America – in a love-filled pool of light – “a day of perfect moments strung together with delightful bits and happiness.” My “like” finger cramped half way down, so just pretend I liked every single comment and response on the page (because I did).

    I am thrilled to read that your scholarship is still in the offing — and I pray that the red tape with your Visa resolves quickly and easily so that you are able to study on the same side of this marble of a planet as the person who mirrors your core.

    MUCH love –
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • Hey there, I hope so much that your prayers (and mine) are answered, and things with the visa move forward. I feel ever more that I want to be there for proper, and every time I come away I feel as though I’m away from where I’m meant to be.

      I’m so lucky to have a friend I love so much, and who is so similar to me. She makes my world immeasurably better and I miss her every day even though we’re in constant contact.

      It’s nice to come back here and remember the good things. Thanks for bringing me back to this piece 🙂

      Hope you’re doing well 🙂 xo

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  3. And I am forever thankful for you. Every time I look on my bookshelf and see my fairies with my beautiful fairy hairband, I think of you and thank God for you. I know you’ll tsk tsk me, but so often I don’t feel like I “deserve” your friendship. You’ve taught me so much about gratitude and resilience and patience – my life is better because you’re in it. And though you would never ask, I hope to be able to provide the same for you. xoxoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    • I absolutely will ‘tsk tsk’ you but also with love and recognition because at the moment I don’t feel like I ‘deserve’ anything, ever, and I just mostly want to be unconscious and not thinking about how awful I am.

      I don’t feel able to teach anyone anything (except that I apparently think it’s ok to type whiney, angsty poems when you’re upset) and I so value you saying what you feel you’ve learned from me. I don’t at all feel worthy of the accolade, and certainly not the one about patience!

      My life is DEFINITELY better because you’re in it, and I’m very, very grateful for your friendship and so glad we know each other in this World Between the Wires. I hope one day we will know each other In Real as well ❤ ❤

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  4. Oh this was SUCH a JOY to read!! Well, not the first part of course… sigh. But every beautiful moment you shared just made me smile BIG and my heart SWELLED with joy for you!! I am SO EXCITED you met with the director of the college and there are other options to get you in there Lizzi!! YESSSS….

    I want to see more pictures of all your adventures!! I hope you share them or someone does!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmm Beth and Mandi had most photos. When I was with Hasty I’m not sure we took any! It was all quite low-key. But I had a LOVELY time and I’m still hanging onto those memories.

      I hope the other options work 😦


  5. Wow. Frightening evening you were somewhat a part of there Lizzi. Accidents going on, all over the world, every day.
    Love the tales of your latest American adventure though. Sounds like so much fun.
    I am planning for my big 2017 Niagara Falls zip lining adventure to mark the 20 years with my flawless kidney. Whether for a birthday or an anniversary, I think just such a thrill is the perfect way to celebrate.
    I know how big of a holiday Thanksgiving is in the US and how truly lovely that you got to spend it with just a few of your favourite people. Your Facebook posts of the occasion proved just how much.
    Hope you get to experience many more holidays with some of them in the years to come, assuming things get sorted out for you. Sometimes these things take longer than we’d like them to, but they work out best in the end and in years ahead you will be able to look back and appreciate the journey all that much more.
    Have a good week. Stay safe.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I hope you’re right Kerry. I’m really struggling at the moment, to think it could really happen. But perhaps you’re right and in the end, the timing will work out for the best. I just hope so.

      It was AMAZING to spend Thanksgiving there, and the posts which I and others put up about my time there were just incredible – mostly I was just amazed that I *WAS* there with them, spending real face-to-face time together. That was absolutely the best thing.

      The zip-lining was an added extra but an INCREDIBLE one, and I think your plan for celebrating with a zip-line over Niagra Falls is such a good one. I think you’ll LOVE it! Just don’t be scared of the air-brake like I was!

      The accidents suck, wherever they happen 😦 I still don’t know anything new.

      Liked by 2 people

    • They were goofy but the experience was AWESOME. I loved being there as well, and…I definitely need a job with more holiday time and a bunch more money so I can do ALL THE VISITS! Hopefully I can return to your end of the country next time around.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. very cool post.
    (time is probably the most tricky, unpredictable and totally most rewarding of the elements of reality that we can manipulate as we share the tales of ourselfs with each other.)
    (Impressive to see in print and (even) more fun to play a visual in my mind (of this post).
    nicely done.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You are my jet setting idol dear friend 🙂
    Fantastic, fabulous, incredible, exciting….I’m so glad your trip was such a beautiful success.
    Kudos on the driving! 2 hour road trip in a foreign land looking for the fun place. Excellent.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The driving…oy! I even impressed myself with that! It was amazing and I felt all glowy that I managed it. The trip was AWESOME and one of my next visits I hope to make it up to your end of the country again 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • The zipline was AMAZING and there are videos which just DON’T do it justice. I look like a total goon, but I had a lovely time.

      The accident sucked. I still haven’t heard anything 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I always wanted to try zip-lining although I’m sure I’d need some fun friends around me for encouragement. Sounds like you had a blast. Here’s to future visits to the USA.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I would SO go zip-lining with you. It was SUPER fun and I think you’d love it. The first time is the scariest but then you know what to expect and can just appreciate the incredible views. It was WONDERFUL! And Beth and Jesi were scared at first but they both did it ANYWAY and I’m so proud of them 🙂

      Here’s DEFINITELY to future visits *clinks glass*

      Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think I can top YOUR good thing lately though. WOWEE! But there have been a huge number of lovely things and I’m extremely thankful for all of them 🙂 *HUGS* I hope you’re doing well xoxox

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  9. An ocean might separate us, but I am amazed at how related our day’s experiences have been. You witnessed a shocking accident; I met with the mother of the man who was in the motorcycle accident we stopped for in September. I am hoping for the sakes of all involved that the person from the accident you saw will be OK.

    I’m so happy for you that your trip to the US was so wonderful, and I’m hoping that your student visa gets worked out so that you can pursue your dreams!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m so glad you stopped. I can only think it must be a comfort to the families to know that people DO stop and help. I wish I knew whether the bloke is doing okay though. The police didn’t get back in touch so I haven’t had the chance to ask them whether they know how he is 😦 I hope he’ll make it 😦

      Thanks so much for all your hopes and wishes for me and my dreams. I foolishly thought it would be a relatively straightforward kind of thing and it just absolutely a million ISN’T! I just hope if it’s part of the plan, it will happen at the right time and work out well. I guess I have to trust to life, in that way. ❤ *HUGS*

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    • Ohhh ME SO VERY TOO! *sigh* I just hope this hope doesn’t break again too soon, yaknow? But there are options. Ish. Or at least pathways worth exploring, and I’m SO thankful there are, and for the people who are helping.

      Love, cake and double frosting to you ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. So glad you had fun, once again, this side of the pond. 🙂 And…I LOVE ziplines! You should see them in North Carolina – holy moly, you just feel like you’re FLYING over the mountaintops. 🙂
    And you DROVE!? The day I set foot over in the UK, I have actually thought about the driving part…on the “other side” of the road. You did that!? I’m *proud of you!* In my travels, I have always been terrified of driving. But then again, I’m not so fond of it as I have to do it every single day for 40 minutes at a time – twice a day.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that, whatever happened in the first part of this post, you can at least get some sleep and let a bit of time heal your heart.
    Sending you so many hugs! xo

    Liked by 2 people

    • I slept. But I can’t get this guy out of my mind. He’s still on my heart, and I haven’t heard from the police about my statement, so I’m nothing and nowhere with it, and upset I don’t know if he’s doing ok.


      The weekend is otherwise going VERY well, thank you 🙂 And I slept HARD!

      The ziplines in NC sound AMAZING and I would love to go on them! Wow! I hope they’re only little mountains though – I don’t do brilliantly with mountains.

      And YES I DROVE! I feel proud of myself! Beth taught me in…February of this year, and I practiced again in May, and then this time I was pretty much good to go. I’m getting there! My skills are increasing. I EVEN BOUGHT GAS! 😀


  11. The last time you were here that I couldn’t make it, I cried. Really. I am so glad I was able to come this time and see you and share in happiness and HUGE glowy moments and spend so much time with you (comparitively, of course-hours can seem an eternity when you’re with people you love although at the time it was so short).
    I LOVE that we surprised Beth so hard, and Mandi. There were so many favorites of that day but the one that touched me was when Mandi said that you and I were shining lights. I nearly broke down right then. I always wonder how people see me and I guess, at times, that I expect them to see me the way I see myself. As nothing special. I talk to you often, and Beth sometimes too, but not Mandi. I’m still learning her heart. So to hear her saying something that amazing about us, about me…well, it took my breath away a little. I love her. There are depths in her I’m sure no one will ever fully explore.
    And thank you for allowing me to be a part of Beth’s birthday surprise. I love making people that happy. And it was magical in that place on that day. I don’t know if we made the magic or if it was simply there. But it was glorious.
    Thank you for being you and for reading my poems and commenting and then talking to me and then becoming my friend. You’re my Diamond, and always will be. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • The magic was there, it was in us, it was us. It was all around. It was a beautiful, amazing, WONDERFUL day, and I’m so so glad you were part of it. You helped to make it INCREDIBLY special and I really treasure the time I got to spend with you, and WE MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN MORE! *sigh* I just so SO need to get over there. There are so many people I want to see, so many I carry in my heart for too long without being able to hug in real 😦 But those hours…flashed by but were so rich and endless in deep friendship and I’m still glowy from all the joy they contained.

      Your talent, my Pinky love, is IMMENSE, and I’m so incredibly touched by the beautiful gifts you made for me, and totally blown away by how MARVELLOUSLY we schemed to make Beth’s birthday present. Seriously AMAZING to be part of that surprise, and thank you so much for making it happen.

      Mandi…ohmigosh Pinky, her heart is so SO beautiful. She’s *definitely* someone worth getting to know. Her trick is to hang back and observe and then say something which strikes right to the centre of things. She also gives uh-MAY-zing comment. Her writing. Owww!

      As to your poems, my dear, I love them. I love your creativity and your passion. I love the way you weave words and create worlds. I am SO glad you’ve taken on Bards with me, and I’m always delighted to read what you write. Truly. I am SO glad I met you in this wonderful World Between the Wires, and I think the timing of it was pretty special. I think you’re pretty special. *HUGS* I hope I get to be your Diamond for a long, long time ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  12. You had a better thanksgiving than most Americans, I bet. hahaha What a great trip! Loved loved loved our day together. Pure magic. I’m still AWED by your driving skills….which I haven’t even managed in all these years. (I may or may not have scared the bejesus outta Mandi more than once, but it did makes us laugh so hard we cried).

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL YOU DID NOT TELL ME THIS! What happened? *giggling* And also, duuude, YOU TAUGHT ME TO DRIVE! So there’s that!

      I had a scrumptious vegan thanksgiving, and I think I totally forgot to mention my AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS foods I made. And then ate most of over the next few days lol.

      ‘Magic’ is barely enough to describe the wonder and delight of that day. It was INCREDIBLE ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love vegan thanksgiving food. I swear, some foods are way better in their vegan form.

        yeah…..poor mandi. hahahaha I’ll let her tell you about it. I WAS FINE UNTIL IT GOT DARK.

        Also, you and Jesi pulled off the bestest birthday surprise EVER!! I was practically speechless with the immense thoughtfulness. Still am. Thank you again. It was all so very special. ❤

        Liked by 3 people

        • Awwwh YAY! We did really well and whilst I’m pleased with myself for orchestrating it, Jesi was the powerhouse who made it all work 🙂

          And…I think you must have gone further than I did, then, because I was back just a little after sundown.

          And…I’ll have to give you recipes. Or you can invent them! I did spiced roast cauliflower (nicked the idea from you for that one), ginger, green bean and garbanzo bean casserole, and maple-and-rosemary glazed roast carrots. SO GOOD!

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