You Asked, We Answered

I thought it might be kind of fun to have an interview with Hasty, to share our poetry journal, and to let you get to know us both a bit better. Our friendship seems to be a little bit legendary amongst those who know us, and it was the basis for the poem of love and support that Hasty turned into something you can buy and customise with your own words, to give to someone you love.

The thing is, being so close, I thought it would be fun to see how well we *really* know each other – and to let YOU ask us the questions to answer about each other (kind of like the TV show ‘Mr & Mrs’. So I posted a shout-out for questions on Facebook, and you had LOTS! My interview is here, with Hasty’s responses to what I said about her. HER interview is at her blog with my responses to her answers about me.


You Asked and We Answered -

Is there a book written by somebody else that she loves/identifies with so much she wishes she had written it? – Katia

L: Hmmm! Maybe one of the Frank Piretti ones, because I know she likes them a LOT and finds them pretty inspiring…BUT she’s the kinda gal to read a book once, love it, and give it away so someone else can enjoy it, so I honestly don’t know the answer.

H: You are right.  I love many authors and many books but This Present Darkness actually inspired me to start writing my own book.  I loved the story and the characters and it spurred me to read all the rest of his books.  I once got to meet him and asked him why he never planned on making the book into a movie and his reply was that he was afraid of how it would be changed for the screen.


How’s that whole vegan/meat-lover thing working out? – Byron

L: Fine, thanks, and in fact she’s been really keen for me to come up with menu/recipe ideas because even though she’s totes gonna keep the meat and dairy, Hasty’s keen on healthy eating options, and you can’t get much healthier than vegan, by all accounts.

H: I am definitely a meat-eater.  But I love food in general.  I am always game to try new things.  I am always fascinated with how others shop for, prepare, and eat their meals.  Especially, if the other person is cooking I am always game for new things.


What is her biggest fear? – Brick House Chick

L: Well, she has a (wonderful, amazing) daughter, so I guess that anything terrible would happen to her. Or that something would prevent her being around to look after HastyKid.

H: Again, right on the money.  I never feared dying until I had my daughter.  Now I just really want to make sure she becomes an amazingly self-sufficient individual.


What was your first IRL meeting like? – Mary

L: OHMIGOSH it was absolutely glorious. We hugged and just CLUNG for a bit, and for me, it was every bit as exactly like coming home as I’d ever thought it would be. She cried. I might’ve. Then we went inside and she took off her heels and went down by a few inches, and we stayed glued at the hip for pretty much that moment on, realizing that our heights mean I can have my arm around her shoulder and she can wrap hers around my waist and we fit pretty perfectly. Worked really usefully for that thing where you send a live video of yourselves to ‘out there’ and people click in to watch. I forget what it’s called, but we did it all around the zoo.

H: Man… it was wonderous… I was so nervous for NO reason.


In ten adjectives, how would SHE describe you? – Gigi

L: Loving, Trustworthy, Funny, Beautiful (hate saying that one, but she DOES say it about me), Kind, Thoughtful, Good Friend, Sparkly, Helpful…um…Tall?

H: She is a beautiful mess and my best friend.  Ten adjectives is hard because there are so many so I will add to her list.

Compassionate, crafty, creative, gorgeous, giving, sensitive, defender, wordsmith, talented, silly.


What’s her Death Row last meal? – Beth

L: Ohhh man! Now this one’s been BUGGING me because way back in September we went for a meal at this restaurant and I’m pretty sure we ate something she SAID was her absolute favourite…but now I come to think of it, I think it was some kind of dessert…there was a sweet sauce of some kind on it…it was a cakey thing…*grimaces* I dunno. ACK! And. I would guess something with eggs for her main. Do I have to say a starter, too? Don’t say I have to say a starter too…!

H: I really love bread pudding [L: *THAT* was what she had at the restaurant].  I also love pineapple upside down cake.  Steak is my favorite main with some sort of potato as a side.  Favorite veggie is probably zucchini.  My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.


What’s her shoe size? – Beth

L: EASYPEASY! Same as mine. Which is *wonderful* as she has so, so, SO many beautiful shoes, and a generous heart which lets me borrow them *SQUEEEEEEEEEE*

P.S. I didn’t say a size cos I dunno what it is in Murican. Ask me again after I’ve been living there for a while *winks*

H: 8 ½ to 9 🙂


What’s the thing she most likes about you? And the thing she least likes about you? – Roshni

L: I think she most likes how I feel absolutely completely SO comfy with her. I just love LOVE being near/around her and feel absolutely at home in her company. I suspect she least likes how hard I am on myself.

H: The thing I like the most is the same thing I like the least… She is so much like me.  I like it the most because we relate to each other so well.  I like it least when she feels as bad as I do.


To what do you attribute the friendship you’ve developed? – Ned

L: I think it’s mainly down to two factors – her huge heart, and my tendency to stick like a burr to people I think are wonderful, until they give in and decide to like me. Tried and tested formula.

H: Man… she is a seeker.  She seeks me out and grabs onto me.  She comes and finds me when I’m not around.  She says HI every single day. She is thoughtful.  In these ways I am the opposite.  It is hard for me to maintain friendships because I am a responder.  We work well in this way.  Over the years we have a groove.


What will Hasty do if she wins the GoDaddy contest? – Ned

L: She has amazing plans to develop the #BeReal series to have even further-reaching impact. SERIOUSLY cool stuff. I really hope she gets it! If you didn’t vote yet, GET ON IT!

H: I have a few ideas that would cost some money to produce so if I won I would try to find a sponsor to help me turn the #BeReal series into something bigger and perhaps be able to donate to worthwhile charities that help children see the beauty in themselves.  I want so much to highlight voices that bring communities together by eliminating the idea anyone is superior or inferior.  We are all in this life thing together.


What music is she listening to most these days? – Samara

L: Ohhhhhdearalot…I really have NO idea! I’m trying to think back to when we were driving around and I don’t know if the radio was even on! I suspect if anything, she’s probably listening to acoustic guitar indie stuff. Good stuff though *grins*

H: Right again.  I love Pink.  I listen to a lot of different things which depends on my mood like most people but I have a soft spot for Cello music and Indie Songwriters.


If she could have a super-power, what would it be? – Samara

L: If she had a super power she’d be IN CHARGE and make sure everyone was looked after, and behaved kindly towards one another, and knew how to change the world completely for the better by LOVING one another.

H: Oh I love this answer.  I think it is the same thing as wanting to have super wisdom.  I think if you possessed wisdom you could do quite a lot with it. 🙂


What’s her secret talent? – Kristi

L: She’s an *incredible* dancer. Really. I’ve seen.

H: Haha I am not.  LoL.  Hmmmmm. I really can’t even answer this one.  I don’t think anything is secret about me or for that matter all that talented.


What’s her favourite holiday? – Kristi

L: ROAD TRIPS! Long, lovely ones, with HastyKid and all the horizons.

H: YES this always and always.


What’s her irrational fear? – Kristi

L: Spiders. As I found out when HastyKid and I tried to prank her with snakes (FAKE snakes…not real ones) and discovered that she was utterly, utterly, eye-rollingly unfazed by them. Boo!

H: LoL I hate spiders.  I hate they can find you anywhere.  They are so sneaky and small.  In fact I hate creepy crawly insects period.


What was her first car? – Scott

L: One with a wheel at each corner, some seats, windows, and a roof. Geez Scott, that’s such a BOY question! I have absolutely NO IDEA! *grins* That said, I DO pay attention to seriously pretty cars, and still have a (totally unjustifiable) fantasy garage in my head, so…maybe it just wasn’t a pretty enough car for me to remember (if the topic ever came up…I doubt she’ll know mine either!)

H: I drove a baby poop yellow chevy pickup that was a bit beat up.  At one point it caught on fire and I drove it for another year with a big burn mark in the hood.  The gas was hard to put into it because of a previous wreck that bent metal where the gas cap screwed on.  I never wrecked it myself though J

The first car I bought on my own though was a Red Chevy Berlinetta Camaro.


What’s the biggest way she challenges you? – Christine

L: She sets the bar for life pretty damn high, and I think it’s her perseverance and determination that the crap of life will NOT dictate her responses, that I find most inspiring…and so most challenging, because I really admire how she’s absolutely committed to being the best she can be, and I feel like I’m letting the side down if I don’t at least TRY to be the best I can be…and I need a lot of work. BUT also, she’s completely encouraging of me, and so supportive, so maybe that’s not it at all.

Fuck. I just thought of it – she wants me to see me more how she sees me. That’s nigh on impossible for me. She has a delightfully high opinion of me, and I just don’t see at ALL how I am worthy of it, and she wants me to learn to see those ways. THAT’S the biggest challenge.

H: I want her to see herself the way I do.  It’s strange because I think we look alike and yet I don’t like how I look either but I think she is beautiful.  So… maybe what I challenge her to do is the same thing I am challenging myself to do.

I think this was probably the funnest interview I’ve ever been part of, and THANK YOU to everyone who contributed a question. Pop over to Hasty’s blog to see what she thinks about me, and if you want to, buy the journal from Amazon.

Let Me Love You Anyway
“People so often say “Everything happens for a reason”, and whilst there are usually trails of cause-and-effect, quite often the ‘reason’ which can be drawn from a situation depends on what you put into it. Occasionally, though, it’s pure serendipity and life can spin on the dime of chance, altering its trajectory through happenstance. Both things were true for us – we ‘met’ online and somehow (perhaps it’s a poet thing, or a writer thing, or just a people-who-are-right-for-each-other thing) we clicked, fell utterly in Friends, and have become keystones in each other’s lives.

We have both been blessed by the unconditional flow of adoration, compassion, encouragement, understanding, and acceptance that transcends the miles between us, and is strengthened each time we meet. This poem was written from our hearts, one to the other, in support, solidarity, and love, which remains bright and shining between us, even on our darkest days. If friendship is the pinnacle of love, then may we ever enjoy this apex. We believe the sentiments our poem definitely go further than the two of us. We hope you fill this journal with heartfelt words and then… give it to someone you love.”

39 thoughts on “You Asked, We Answered

    • She really was! We were in contact every day over WhatsApp and she kept getting nervouser and nervouser and then BAM! It was amazing!

      I like your idea of cards…buuuuut not the idea of me on video! HMMM! Maybe we could do something like that in November when I’m next visiting! WORTH THINKING ABOUT! *grins*


    • Hi Carol, and thank you! This was probably an interesting one to come in on! If you want to know what Hasty thought of me, her interview’s live now, too!


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  2. Aw!! I LOVED reading this entire interview!!! You two are just SO meant to be together… There is SO much love,admiration, and support flowing between you two, it’s beautiful to witness!

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    • Thank you. We had a lot of fun answering, and a lot of getting confused and having to re-check and re-word questions and figure out how to make it work. It *didn’t* flow, but I’m glad it does now 🙂

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