Ten Things of Thankful 166 (Blessings) #10Thankful

Today the Ten Things of Thankful hop is skipping sideways to team up with #1000Speak, and Michelle Grewe (of Crumpets and Bollocks) with her blessings challenge, which has been going all month.

It has been a wonderful challenge with suggestions of ways to bless other people, to identify the blessings we enjoy, and to really begin to appreciate just how wonderful and how EASY it is to make a huge difference in someone’s life, and to see the ways a difference has been made in our own. It’s about small things, big things, things you’d never even think of, things we all take for granted, things done especially on purpose, and above all, about the love and care from which stems the intent to bless.

A blessing is a circle of light - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

If I’m honest (and I’m not always) this week has kind of sucked for me, so I’m really glad to link up with Michelle and her theme, because it means I don’t have to struggle to find thankfulness in a week when I’ve felt surly and selfish and have done more than a reasonable amount of sulking and whingeing. I’ve far exceeded the bounds of ‘grumpiness which could be explained by the week I’ve had’ and strayed into the dangerous levels of ‘grumpiness that feeds on itself and may just be boredom and too much time spent in my own head’.

Blessings, though? That allows me to talk about some of the good things I’ve been part of, or the good I’ve seen done, or things which have in some way altered another person’s world, just a tiny bit, to add some embetterment and a touch of ‘knowing you’re cared about’. Perhaps that, in this world of such chronic disconnection (on a face-to-face level), is the biggest thing of all.

❤ I’ve seen a slew of people sharing their friends’ freshly-authored books, offering spaces for author interviews, taking part in promotion, giving opportunities for the fruits of writers’ labours to be seen and possibly purchased. Yes, it’s nice to make a sale, and yes, it’s nice to gain a follower or a new interested person, or to know that your writing has captured the imagination of someone who might never otherwise have seen it, but for the publicity provided by one of these fine friends, BUT…what’s hugest is the validation of someone who believes in what you did, who values what you created, and is willing to pin their colours to the mast for all to see, and say out loud “I LIKE THIS!”

❤ I’ve seen HUGE social media promotion of ways to support those who have been affected by the Louisiana floods, after mainstream media seemed to mostly not want to know. I’ve seen tweets, memes, blog posts, Facebook threads, all dedicated to making sure people are safe and as looked after as possible. I’ve read stories of immense compassion and generosity and blessing in the form of Vital Things Bought, School Wishlists Shared, and over and over again, the triumph of the human spirit and community in the face of disaster.

If you want to donate or help, click HERE.

❤ In spite of the lack of face-to-face, I’ve seen many instances where social

media, modern technology, and the care of Other People has blessed those who have struggled this week. I think the moon may have been doing nasties to people, as so many people I know who have some kind of mood disorder, have had a SUPER AWFUL MEGA BAD week, and it’s SUCKED. That there are ways for people to be there for each other in spite of geography, is wonderful. That people care enough to be in touch and supportive, is AWESOME. Sometimes a simple message is a HUGE blessing.

❤ My Sis is moving house, and in moving, she had furniture to get rid of. The council were all primed to collect it, but as we put it out in the designated spot, a family saw what we were doing, came over, and asked if they could have some of it as they’d just moved to a bigger house and hadn’t any furnishings. It was WONDERFUL to be part of being able to bless them with things they would find really useful, instead of just leaving them to go for trash.

❤ I think sometimes being open-minded and having frank discussions can be a blessing. On the days when my job is office-based, the tasks require focus which allows time for conversation in-between spells of concentration, and I’ve had some really good ones this week about death and dying and what to do once you’re gone. These are topics which have been pinging around my brain a bit, lately, and it was good to be able to have these chats with people whose opinions I value, and to hear their thoughts on the matter.

❤ My family are seriously doing a lot of pulling together and getting on with things and making things work. They inspire me. They include me. I think they’re wonderful.

❤ Glitterbombs. For reals. Things written just for the person they’re sent to, especially for them, with words from your heart.

❤ Talking of ^^^, I came across some old cards which other people had sent to ME, and I re-read them and remembered the times they’d arrived, and just how much they’d brightened my day, and opted to keep them rather than bin them. I’ll look at them again, some time in future, and know they still matter just as much.

❤ New friendships are a blessing, especially if you didn’t initiate them, but are enjoying them and they seem to be working. I think it’s a huge big scary thing to introduce yourself to someone completely from cold (as it were) and test the waters and see if they’re responsive. I was lucky – my new friend took the initiative and now we enjoy gym-bunnying together. Inspires me to try it, sometime, and see if I can offer the same kind of blessing to others (if they want it).

❤ Old friendships are a blessing, where you’re comfy and cosy and don’t always need to say too many words, yet things are just RIGHT between you. I’m so blessed by some of my old friendships, especially where I’ve met In Real, and cemented the fact that whatever the whys and wherefores of the relationship, its truth and depth and wonderfulness are delightful to behold and be part of, and that things will only get better with time.

And…easy as that, I’m at ten already, and feeling thankful and happy and…well, BLESSED!

Bless me, there’s a GIVEAWAY being run! Go on over and get involved – you might win something lovely.

What’s been making your week better? Share what you’re thankful for…


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34 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 166 (Blessings) #10Thankful

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  2. I’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of “rehoming” furniture, and it’s just such a nice feeling either way.
    Hope this week is better than last.

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  5. this here blogosphere here is a pretty damn cool place.
    (If there were such things and clarks and magic was real and it was possible to find a place where what we thought should be the way that it could be (if we were real, of course) could be in a certain place (if there was such a place), then I bet it’d have a more than passing resemblance to the world that I’ve managed to find here in the ‘sphere.
    glad I metcha

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  7. First, sorry about the commentation (or lack thereof) over at the ‘Tude. My site is giving me some ‘Tude right now. LOL. And I’m staring at it like, geez…can I deal with plugins another time? Haha.
    Anyways, your list. Glitterbombs. You know…I want make one! You’ve inspired me! Hehe.
    And omg – I can’t WAIT until I see a freshly authored book penned by you. Your glorious writing lights me up – I swear. I know I say that a lot, but I promise I’m always struck by the literary strings of words you put together like they’re golden necklaces that make the wearer just look dazzling.
    I just want to stare in awe at all the sparklies and marvel.
    Just sayin’. 😉
    So, I’m sending you hugs and thank you so much for your patience, too, as I go to battle with Mr. Plugin Who Has Disrupted My Site. LOL

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  8. Hey, Lizzi. I’ve been so absent and “out-there” living lazily and in my head. Might be a dangerous place to be. I strive to be more present in this world. When I think of blessings, I think of things we are thankful for taken one step further and shared to do good for someone else. Lovely post.

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  9. Super positive post, thank you. What am I grateful for? For a normal blood pressure after a hypertensive crisis that had my bp climbing Mt Everest (+200/ plus+100 and climbing).

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  10. Sorry to hear of your crummy week. Also, sorry to hear it whenever anybody says they think the full moon has played havoc with their mood. I find that the opposite is true for me, as a full moon is my best chance of actually seeing the moon at all, as the brightness makes it easier for me to spot. Hope next week is a better one for you and nice going with listing these blessings anyway.

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  11. This post is one of the few things that has made me smile this week 🙂 I know you had an icky week and to see you come up with ten wonderful things (or blessings, if you prefer) to write about is just great! I’m proud of you, darling, and I love you dearly ❤

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    • Hey my sweet ❤ ACK to this week. Seriously. It can go do one, and I'm glad that tomorrow sees the back of it, and onwards into new, unsullied territory. I'm glad this made you smile, and thank you for being one of the people I'm consistently thankful for. You really do make a HUGE difference to my everyday, and I'm so grateful 🙂

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  12. You may have a point about the full moon. I had a really bad day yesterday, full of suicide demons and despair, and I so nearly hopped on a train to Brighton/Worthing and gave up on this whole thing. I am still a bit wobbly today, but I seem to have had a big increase in fitness overnight which has restored some confidence (also my clothes are a little looser). I am also going to ditch the tent and get a bivvy bag instead – not only will it be lighter, but my options for places to sleep will be vastly increased.

    I’m glad about the furniture. There’s something very soul-nourishing about giving things to people who need them. I hope your Sis is very happy in the flat 🙂

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    • Sounds like a good plan with the bivvy bag – I guess you can only know these things once you give them a try.

      Exercise is SO good for helping with depression…I dread to think what I would have been like without it this week! Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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