Promotion (the verb)

Unfortunately No. I shouldn’t start with an apology – that’s off-putting and you might not stay.


It is my pleasure to announce (there, that’s better) that in amongst the supremely wonderous and manifold (have you noticed?) efforts to promote the poetry journal which Hasty made of a poem we wrote together, I got invited to participate in an Author Interview (gosh! that sounds grown-up and Proper!) over at David Ellis’ site, Too Full to Write.

IT’S HERE <– (the interview)

And also in efforts to not do the same kind of thing as I normally do for interviews HERE (as in, on THIS site), I’ve organised a bit of a game whereby YOU get to ask the questions for me and Hasty to answer about each other.

I’m kind of aping the tv show ‘Mr & Mrs’, because everyone (including us) has this idea that we’re super-close-heart-twin-best-friends, and I wonder how much we think we know about each other, compared to how much we ACTUALLY know about each other.

This is one way to find out!

Leave your questions for us in the comments, go read my interview (I’m interesting in it, PROMISE!) and if you don’t want to buy the journal, feel free to promote it in lieu *cheeky winks*


P.S. Lots of people have already submitted some really *awesome* (and awesomely tricksy) questions.

P.P.S. There’s still LOADS of time for you to add yours.

(P.P.P.S. click here to buy our journal)

Let Me Love You Anyway

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