Come, lie with me in the garden

Come, lie with me in the garden…

As the evening pours a gentle, silken breeze across our skins, and the flowers shine jewel-bright in borders, bees buzz, scent spills, oh, come and breathe it in. Hear the swifts shrieking under arching skies, still further up, the clouds cast shapes and shadows in constant flux – an ever-new surprise. Watch with me as they brighten, light pouring from the sun as it begins to tip beneath the earth’s rim, lie with me and watch and see, in this tiny place of heaven, filled with happiness to the brim.

Come, lie with me in the garden -

Come, lie with me in the garden…

As the dappled clouds begin to haze, their waves and ripples neon-lit, and from down the street a lady singing solo accompanies the show for a bit. Sit back, breathe deep, as the air begins to clear and cool, whilst pigeons coo and find their nighttime roosts in flimsy sapling tops, high-up gulls still wheel and bank and fool…and we can rest in the serenity of this place, so quiet and undisturbed tonight allowing layers of city silence to come undone, for nature to be heard.

Come, lie with me in the garden…

As the gloaming pulls a gossamer chill about our necks, we shrug and snuggle deeper, blankets already wrapped; prepared against the latening hour’s effects. Lie still as the earth unwinds, still sending cotton-candy clouds across our view, but ponderously, slowly, unwilling in adieu, and allowing us to rise and sink towards their vaporous light, the memories of the day becoming dim, the Now, in tingling sense, alight.

Come, lie with me in the garden….

As unseen birds flit and vie and chirp their bedtime songs in the ivied fence; as tiny spiders work their silk in miniature gales – a breeze to us, but to them world-shaking, intense; as colours fade and lose themselves in the gathering cool, and moths wend fluttering pathways through the air as though in a fluffy dancing school; as the last smudges of sunset pink turn to violent peach in the skies, thumb-painted with aquamarine clouds across their centre – a colour you’d never believe was there and really true if we hadn’t seen it together, pointing in astonishment, just us two.

Come, lie with me in the garden…

As the moon languidly slips into a space of deepening blue, hanging like the waxing edge of a spinning silver coin, and I’ll shuffle close and whisper I hung her there just for you, and we can giggle quietly and pretend for a few seconds it could have been true…whilst turning our heads to seek the final shreds of setting sun, we see the light-show’s really over, final throes are fading and night’s begun; shadows which were creeping through the edges, stealing colour, dampening sound, have taken on a darkened, towering stance, now striding out amongst the hedges, claiming borders, lawns, and soon enough, ourselves; meanwhile along the row, lights glow, their suggestion of warmth, of ‘Indoors’, we find, compels…

And with last looks back at an hour of peace made maybe just for us, we’ll shiver, hug blankets closer, and head back in for warm glowy rooms, and tea, and chatter of the wonder of our time – so glorious.


Totes linking this with the awesome ‘Finish the Sentence You Missed‘ version of FTSF, because summer, and because I’ve missed a bunch of them, and because whatever.

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29 thoughts on “Come, lie with me in the garden

  1. Oh my gosh, so gorgeous. I was completely lulled into bliss reading this. So happy to be hear reading these beautiful words. There’s a garden outside my window cultivated so tenderly by own elderly neighbors. Sometimes, I like to pretend it’s mine, because I can’t grow a tulip or tomato to save a life. Do you think it would be weird for me to go lie in it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you could ask them nicely and see what they say! Why not! They might be really flattered that you like it so much you’d like to spend some time there. It sounds lovely!

      I’m more like you – I manage to kill even desert plants, so I’m lucky to have access to a garden so well looked after!

      So glad you enjoyed this, though πŸ™‚ That makes me happy.


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