Ten Things of Thankful 164 (Small moments)

As I write, having missed a week (and, whatEVER to that – cos sometimes we need a week), I’m in a magical place of in-betweenness. I’m here at my keyboard, on the sofa, snuggled up in floofy cushions in WonderAunty’s office (with her new amazing standy-to-sitty whizzy desk-topper thing, which lets her move around and dance (if she chooses) as she works, looming across at me from the adjacent wall) and I’m tap-tap-tapping away to share some of the things which made me thankful this week, BUT…

…I’m also in a kitchen in Florida, with my lovely Abbie. We’re in our stockinged feet with glasses of booze, half-cut already, and we’re dancing and dancing up a storm, spinning around until we’re dizzy, waving arms and stamping feet to the beat (so far, Erasure, an amazing Beatles/Queen mash-up, and Stevie Wonder). We’re collapsing with laughter and gasping for breath as we boogie away all our ‘we-missed-out-on-BlogHer-and-aren’t-envious-no-really-we’re-not’ blues. We’re having so much fun, everyone in LA is envious of US. So there.

What else. Earlier today I nearly fell face first into a particularly luxuriant bramble bush. It’s an urban bramble, in a walkway between the back of Lidl and the road which leads to home, and it’s en route from the gym, and I’ve taken delight in pausing there to pluck the ripe fruits and either squirrel them into a bag to try to share at home, or just stuff them into my face, getting stained fingers and lips as I go. Delicious, sharp-sweet bursts of amazingness on my tongue, accompanied by light sunshine across my shoulders and the ‘frrrrp frrrrp frrrrp’ of sparrow’s wings, and their outraged chatter as they realise they have to share with a human person. Anyway, I was astride my bike and leaning, leaning for a so-tempting berry of perfect ripeness, just beyond my reach…and the bike shifted and I shifted, already too close to the brambles and with my sleeves caught in their thorns, and I WOBBLED…so, SO near to losing my balance at all, and teetering into the depths of the bush.

I know. That’s what she said. Or something. (Let’s not?)

Anyway. Having already gone base over apex across the handlebars of my bike last weekend (sub-moment – it was on the way to visit my Grandad in hospital (he’s ok) and thank GOODNESS for the nurses there, who helped me get cleaned up, and stuck my elbow back together, as I have (what a colleague referred to as) a totally teenage injury of ‘split nearly to the bone’, and so I didn’t have to go to minor injuries and wait for HOURS for the same thing – nurses ROCK!) when my pedal got caught in some trash and the wheel span sideways under me, and I ended up on the floor under the bike, and have had rainbowtacular bruises developing on both legs all week, as well as THEE very sorest achey elbow, I was pleased to avoid another bike-related incident.

[(sub-sub-moment – I had planned a Lovely Long Bike Ride, meant to be taking place after I saw my Grandad. There’s a new cycle path over to a town about 10 miles from where I live, and I have for SO long wanted to ride that path. That Sunday afternoon was my CHANCE, and I decided (having taken a strong painkiller) that I could either go home and sulk and ache, and lie around on the sofa regretting my spill and my spoiled plans, or suck it up and GO FOR IT ANYWAY! So I went for it anyway…and I cycled strong and free (and a little bit sometimes lost) all the way there, and had an apple, a banana, some lovely dark chocolate and a LOT of water and read my book on a hillside in the beautiful sunshine, overlooking this lovely town…and then I cycled back, feeling all proud and happy with myself)]

Previously to that, I had gorgeous, wonderful surprise moments with mum, who had planned a Sudden Incredible Picnic At The Beach for our Saturday evening. Having gardened at the allotment in the daytime and had a dreamy, sleepy time watering the vegetables and flowers (and drinking from the hose cos…whatevs), I put on a warm hoodie and packed a blanket and a camping chair, and off we went to the beach, where she unpacked a FEAST of loveliness for us. We sat in a VERYCOLD (for July) wind and ate and chatted and got so chilly my fingers turned blue and she decided we would have to pack away and go for a walk to warm up. We collected seashells and watched the setting sun, then as the car-park was closing, decided to chase the sunset further around the coast to another beach, where we found a clifftop cafe, where I bought her a HUGE hot chocolate (had a shandy, myself), and then we wandered down the cliff pathways, got lost, came back, had hot soup and fresh bread on a bench halfway up the cliff as the last traces of light fled the sky…THEN…we walked all the way down to the beach where the thump and suck of the surf was just GORGEOUS, and we crunched across pebbles and stopped, delighted, as a far-off city threw fireworks into the sky. We stood in the cold and the dark, arms linked, watching them and “wow”ing at the bright flowers which bloomed and faded in seconds. Turning back after the display had ended, another started before our eyes in the other direction, this time closer, with better and more beautiful fireworks, so we stood in the cold and dark, arms linked, and watched them to the very end, “wow”ing even more at their gorgeousness. Then we climbed the near-invisible pathways back to the top of the cliff, got into the warm car, and drove home, chattering and laughing and just having a wonderful time being in the moment.

On Monday I had the sheer delight of unveiling a GLORIOUS new-to-the-world poetry journal, which Hasty made, but which has within it a poem we worked on together. I loved sharing the story of our friendship and how it has impacted me. I loved showing off the book, which she did such a beautiful job on. And I’ve been honoured and delighted at moments throughout the week as our friends have shown off their bought copies (which seem to have arrived before either of ours has!). It has been a delightfully wonderous thing to be part of, and I love that so many people have gone all-out in support of it.

Let Me Love You Anyway

On Thursday I had a CT scan of my teeth in preparation for double wisdom tooth surgery (any time from two weeks from now…the suspense is AWESOME, you can imagine!) and it was straightforward, professional, and done in under 10 minutes. And FREE. And awesome to get done NOW, rather than it all happening when I’m hopefully due to be moving. And the team in dental seem really excited about the idea of me moving to Murica, and they know my deadline, and they’re all pushing to get me seen and sorted well ahead of schedule. They rock.

One night this week I went to bed EARLY, with a good book, and I snuggled up in blankets, resting on pillows, and read and read and read until my eyes drooped and I could read no more, even though I wanted to cos it’s such an awesome story. It was LOVELY.

I’ve had some really nice grapes this week. Black ones, which I bought cos they were on offer, and they’re YUMMY!

I’ve been sharing #LittleThings which matter to me, on Facebook and Instagram, and so far have enjoyed the chance to describe my love for a necklace, a picture, my thumb, and some hangingy glassy-crystally things (see FB or IG for clarification, if you’re lost) ❤ I know it’s not much but also it is, because it’s like a version of a grand ol game of tag, where you get to share a story and drop the challenge on a friend, and listen to their stories as well. If there was an all-around-the-globe equivalent of being around a campfire, all toasty warm and late at night, as the stars shone and the air turned to magic, I think these are some of the things we’d share.

I love being part of a group in the middle of the middle of the wires of the World Between us all, and I love that I get to peek and share and puddlejump in and out of the lives of my friends, to see their worlds and hear their thoughts and read their wisdom and wander off on tangents with them. I love having plans for the Marian Festival of Pho (not it’s real name) with Dyanne next August, and plans to sit on the beach under the stars with Abbie in March, and plans to have dance parties in kitchens, and For Real hugs, and road trips, and give gifts and kiss cheeks and sit next-to and take part in surprises for and and and SO many things which would never have come about if not for this wonderful place I stumbled into one lonely day so many years ago.

And I’m thankful, SO thankful, for those people who have been part of my journey, and who remain part of my world, and who have been given pieces of my heart.

Happy, happy, happy ❤

Hardwired Heart


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30 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 164 (Small moments)

  1. I tripped three times over my own feet while at the mall today with Emma. I did not fall all the way down, and it’s a good thing, because she was about to abandon me as it was for my clumsiness! If there’s a prize to be won for falling and getting hurt, you are the winner and I’ll gladly come in second place.
    This time. Next year. You and I will go to Marian Days! How stupendously cool is that?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good grief, THREE times? That’s many! Glad Emma didn’t abandon you though, because that would have been mean of her! I’ve long been at the stage where I’m used to helping my mum, pushing her up hills, and lending an arm going down. Emma might as well start practicing for 20 years time…

      I think I take the prize on falling THIS week. I still wonder whether Christine edges me out with her torn up knee…you might be third place after all!

      HOORAY for Marian Days! I so SO want to go, and I hope there’s vegan pho or I shall either be very sad or have to compromise my principles, and I wish to do neither! Just to eat Pho and see the massive Mass! And spend lots of lovely time with YOU! That would be wonderful 😀 😀 😀


  2. Blackberries are my favorite of all of the berries. I’m in love with them paired with the chile tofu I showed you at Whole Foods. YUM.
    Your mom is amazing and wonderful. I’m glad you had that time together. That it was amazing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you were here, I’d take you where the blackberries grow and we could stand with the (maybe) sun on our backs, quietly wending our hands between the thorns for the sweetest and ripest, whilst the squabble of sparrows and the “Frrrrrrp! Frrrrrp!” of their wings filled the air.

      (Never tried them paired with chili tofu…LOVE them just as they are, in handfuls, fresh off the bush…or in a mix-up with other fruits, once home)


    • Oh I KNOW! It’s infuriating! Today I went past it again on my way home from the gym and someone (or someones) had plundered it entirely, so now I need to wait for the reds to ripen… 🙂 It’s a good blackberry bush, clearly enjoyed by many 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you didn’t cancel your bike ride but went in spite of injury! And glad too that Grandad is Ok 🙂
    Thank you for taking me along through your week of adventures. The sights, sounds, surroundings….you have a lovely way of weaving the words Lizzie Lewis.
    I too am thankful you stumbled into this “wonderful place”.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh how I just LOVE to read “Happy happy happy” and float through your words describing such incredible experiences with your mum at the beach and snuggling in with a book and everything else you shared here! (Except for that bike crash! ACK! But good for YOU for taking that long ride after, anyway…)

    I’m SO excited about your move, and I will be praying for peace and calm before your wisdom teeth surgery, lovely. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just hope it HAPPENS soon! I’m on a cancellation list and as with all things that require me to wait, I’m finding it difficult to remain patient about it.

      So glad you enjoyed reading this and seeing all my happies. I’m glad to share them. Glad they EXIST because there was a time I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate them or see them or even take part 🙂 ❤


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  6. total blog-post envy! to take us on a time-machine ride through your week-ago…very cool.
    “…where the thump and suck of the surf” perfect
    in this world of tales of other people/other worlds, this Post is so well done. (imaginary worlds within minds of people in a virtual reality…nice done, Mz Lewis, nice done.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhhhhh well THAT makes me all *glowy* and happy on the inside. Thank you very very very much indeed.

      (I *may* have found that wording elsewhere, except I think it was ‘thump and hiss’, which also works rather well, but this was a beach with big stones and it wasn’t hissing…it was sucking, so I adapted and hey, words are anyone’s, right? (kinda))


    • LOL! Ohhhh Joulie! She’s a shocker (geddit?!) 😉

      YES! Come to the Pho Fest with us! Book us in for next August. Maybe we could call it a dual celebration for your birthday, too!! And YAY to pending photos of all those intentions zooming around you 🙂 I hope they work ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Hi Lisa! So glad you enjoyed this and YES…I am so lucky. My life is full and I’m able to appreciate it. I’m in SUCH a better place than even just a few months ago, and I love that I’m learning to live in the moment and love the Nows. They matter so much and I was so horrified at how many of them I was missing because of my attitude! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  8. Yayyyyyy 🙂 I had SO so much fun at our dance party last night!!! This is a glorious post of thankfuls that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with *bigsmileygrins* by the end of it! Love you HUGE ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhhh HOORAY! Because that’s what I wanted – for people to feel warm and fuzzy and happy along with me. Our dance party was AWESOME and I loved it, and I totally can’t wait til the next one! I’m glad you had big smiley grins and YAY! Love you too, huge ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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