Ten Things of Thankful 158 (Current Affairs) #10Thankful

72% of the UK have had their say. Card in hand, they flocked to polling stations in unprecedented numbers, to exercise their right (and responsibility) to vote. They battled (some of them) through thunderous, flooding, torrents in order to make their opinion known, and speculation was rife as to which side would win.

To the astonishment of all (it seems), by a slender majority, the public voted to leave the European Union; a decision which has sent the nation, the continent, and the world, reeling. Some voters are now wishing they could retract their votes and pick differently. There are lots of sweeping generalisations being flung around social media about ‘most of the country’ being idiots/racists. The teenagers are (allegedly) very upset at their forbears. The older generation (who remember the previous vote about joining Europe, and how narrowly it squinched in) seem to have mostly taken the chance to change what they did way back when. The political parties are trading insults and gloats. The Prime Minister is resigning. The pound plummeted in value, as have stocks. As, perhaps has confidence in the UK as a nation.

The people are reeling, and emotions are running very high on both sides.

This is big. BIG big. The repercussions have already begun and who knows how far the ripples will reach. Or for how long. Or with what effect.

I’m not politically astute enough to form a proper opinion without help. I know there were intelligent, eloquent arguments on both sides. I know there were respectable, well-educated people in both camps. I know there was also a lot of misdirection and some outright lies in both campaigns, particularly in Leave, and I know there were ignorant people who voted in possession of only a hazy and very biased view of the facts. None of that undermines the validity of some of the reasons for leaving. None of that undermines the validity of some of the reasons for staying.

I know that in the run-up to the vote, I switched sides several times, as my opinion was swayed by persuasive arguments from people I knew and respected. Even today, in the aftermath, my outlook has changed from one of shock and mild horror, to something I can only describe as cautiously optimistic. If they go ahead and leave, hopefully the government will put robust policies in place to effect the change, and if they’re smart, we won’t abandon all of the thoroughly GOOD legislation which has arisen from being part of the EU. If, on the way to leaving, it all seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket, perhaps there will be time to sit back, cool our heels, and rethink matters (perchance we’re given the opportunity to say we got it wrong, and please would the EU mind very much if we remained). Whatever happens, whatever government arises to serve its people, I HOPE that there will be a pulling-together, a unification, somehow, of what appears currently very divided. There are #SilverLinings to be found in every situation.

Keep Seeking Those Silver Linings - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

The voting is done. We’ve made our decision. Now it’s time to pull our socks up, wind our necks in, and make the best of it. For all our sakes.

I’m glad for a platform to add my tuppence to the conversation. It’s big conversation, far over my head, but I’m glad it’s being had. I’m extremely glad for the instances I’ve seen where people have approached the news with grace and dignity, whichever side they were on (or whether they were an interested bystander). I’m proud of the people who have responded with compassion, kindness, and understanding towards the people who, in the aftermath of this decision, will be feeling anxious and uncomfortable, their futures now in question. I’m so thankful for every instance where people have spoken out to promote unity and togetherness, and the value of recognising the humanity in others, whatever might be spouted by the ignorant, the fearful, and the prejudiced.

I’m happy to be part of a democracy, and that the struggles of people in bygone years, who stood up and said “NOT OKAY” when women weren’t considered eligible voters, meant I was able to take my polling card to my local polling station and mark my X next to my preference. I’m thankful for the record-breaking 72% of people who also took the opportunity to do likewise. I’m apprehensive about what the future holds, but I think, done right, it has the potential to be a good thing.

I’m also excited because Real, Tangible steps were made towards getting my visa sorted to come to the USA for massage therapy training. I’m SUPER excited because my assignments are going to start soon, beginning the 8 weeks of underpinning theory and history.

I’m also pleased because after a few days of inexplicable physical wipe-out, I was able to get back to the gym.

I’m VERY glad I read a useful e-book on nutrition (free, by dietician Juliet Schaffer), which let me know I wasn’t fuelling my body right, and that I was able to take steps to rectify this. And that one of the crew members at the gym was able to give me further advice. Protein shakes (vegan) and peanut butter will now become staples in my diet, as protein and good fats were severely lacking. I’m even, even gladder my attitude is about health, not self-loathing. A big BIG change for me, and a much more peaceful one.

I’m excited I got to enter a poetry competition. I’m relieved that ‘things slipping through the cracks’ no longer sends me off the deep end.

I’m super-glad for the lovely times I was able to spend with my Sis this week, and that I’ve been around and able to support her when she’s needed it. I’m even gladder I get to go back next week for another dinner-and-a-movie.

I’m MEGA super-glad for the friends with whom I have such sustaining, delightful, daily connections – whose lives are intricately, and hopefully inextricably (!), entwined with mine.

I’m even glad for the busy weekend I have ahead of me; with a work conference all day Saturday, and the pleasure of Niece and Neff’s company on Sunday.

And I’m thankful EVERY weekend for you all, the wonderful TToT community I’ve come to appreciate so much.


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58 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 158 (Current Affairs) #10Thankful

  1. I’ve read your post and all the comments on this. Never have been interested in politics, but this one was big enough to make even me pay attention. That said, there was too much crap information and misleading to pay attention to it all.

    I came to the conclusion that anyone who listened to any of the figures and arguments made by the politicians was silly – obviously they would twizzle the figures to suit their own argument. So, I looked up the opinions of the super rich or bloody amazing business men to see what they thought – Sugar and Dyson and those folks. I remained undecided up to the last minute and still was after the result. . .

    Until, I saw the fall out. At which point I figured that if Europe was going to behave like a big fat bully who had failed to get their own way, sulking and saying ‘you didn’t do what we told you to, so get out now,’ well, then let’s get out.

    It may have repercussions, there may be some loses, but there will be wins too. Neither decision was the perfect choice. But frankly, democracy spoke, no matter who the newspapers find to say ‘oops’. So, let’s go.

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  2. Interesting and balanced take on the EU referendum debacle Lizzi.

    I’m less balanced, was never swayed from voting to stay in. I won’t bore you with all my reasons except to say my instincts are international and I’m old enough to remember the 1980s when being an EU member at times shielded us from the worst of some very right-wing UK government policies. Unfortunately, though there may have been many people who voted to leave for principled reasons, there are many more who either didn’t understand what they were voting for, and many more who now feel free to voice latent racism.

    Also, we aren’t leaving the European common market, just the EU, so will have to abide by the rules without having the benefits. I don’t think many people (including me) fully understood this.

    And in the interests of balance, I’m intrigued by your reply to Kerry – in what ways do you see the EU as stifling member countries?

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    • See, THAT is what worrying me – how many people think it’s an excuse to behave appallingly towards others. That sucks. And…I certainly didn’t understand about what benefits being an EU member gives us regarding the European common market.

      I think something which has been on my mind is the insistence on very specific rules, and following the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it, which contribute to all the countries needing to jump through hoops which they mightn’t suit. Does that make any sense?


    • Lots of reasons tied in red tape and irrelevance. And lots of lies. SO many lies. But there really have been intelligent arguments on both sides, no matter what’s said – I just haven’t been able to tell which side has MOST of the intelligent arguments, and how they stack up against the cons.

      Poetry is ALWAYS good (another has just gone live…it seems to be flowing lately).

      VISA! VISA! VISA! *punches the air* Can’t WAIT! 😀


  3. First off, I’m glad you got some useful info about nutrition. Since you decided to go vegan, I have been worried about your protein intake. It’s why I was asking so many questions about details of would you eat the meat from our pigs or eggs from our chickens and other such rude questions. Protein is super important!

    Secondly, while we in the US aren’t exactly clear on the details of the EU, it is clear that it’s a big deal. Even my kids have heard about it. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out and what changes will occur. I pray it will be for the better.

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    • Well, I’ve changed my mind on that, too, lol (I reserve the right to be ridiculous) and no, I wouldn’t. I also learned that chickens bond with their eggs (which sounds silly at first blush, but given they brood and nest and turn them every day and look after them so well, isn’t as mad as it sounds) and…so now I feel bad eating eggs, which further confirmed my not going even for ‘home grown’ ones.

      Protein is more important than I gave it credit for. I hope I get this thing under control, because I really don’t want to damage myself OR back down on my principles.

      The EU is such an obfuscated, messy, oblique sort of thing, it’s like trying to explain a three-legged, greased elephant on roller-skates. Or something. It needs sorting out but there’s no obvious way how…and I don’t envy the people in charge of trying to make it all come right.


  4. 72% turnout is amazing, and it is interesting to see how national politics affect the world. I’ll be curious to see what happens.

    How exciting about your upcoming classes, and how nice you get to spend time with family before then.

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    • The 72% is absolutely amazing and I hope that same kind of level will continue to be engaged and determined to have their say…perhaps now more than ever!

      I can’t WAIT til classes start! I know I have the brains to do them, but I really hope I have the application to do them well – my pitfall is I tend to get lazy.

      As to spending time with family…I’m soaking it up 🙂


  5. I don’t really understand the whole EU thing, but at least 72% of the voters cared enough to show up at the polls, whether they made the best choice or not, who knows? I fear Donald Trump more than I fear repercussions from the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

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    • My Dyannedillion, I fear that too, very much. I think it could be ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ for me…unless I manage to sneak into that lower-middle arena which doesn’t really seem to suffer the repercussions of anything, much.

      As to the 72%…it’s astounding and amazing and BRILLIANT 😀


  6. It is all the talk around here, at least from one of our daughters. I don’t know anything about the pros or cons of being in the EU in the first place. Hopefully it will work out to the good for everyone involved.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Suzanne – it’s proven to be a mostly good one, though SUPER busy. I hope yours was good.

      I think half the problem is that many of the people who voted didn’t know the pros or cons of being in the EU in the first place. Lies were spouted at campaign level, and ignorance abounded, and THAT seems to be half the problem. We really need some good to come of this…

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      • You’re welcome. Lies and ignorance are pretty common in politics here in the USA as well. It gets to be very frustrating, especially when you vote people in because of their stance and then they change it once in office.

        Thankfully, Heavenly Father has all of this under control. Whatever is meant to be is what will happen. It just might involve a change in perspective along the way and that can be pretty scary.

        Have a blessed day. 🙂

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        • I’ve never believed in ‘everything happens for a reason’…I mean, it DOES, but sometimes it’s because of the absolute OBTUSENESS of people’s actions. That said, there’s the old ‘He works all things for the good of those who love Him’, which isn’t necessarily always something which *feels* good, but I know no situation stops love. So there’s that.

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          • Yes, exactly, sometimes “stupid” is the reason. We pay for our own actions (or inaction) and, unfortunately, we sometimes pay for the actions of others while we’re on this earth. Often things that are good for us (or said to be good for us) are very uncomfortable while they are happening, like a little kid getting a shot of antibiotic from the doctor. I don’t know any child alive that would think a shot is good, but ideally, it makes them better in the long run. I know that both me and the nurse always got our recommended daily allowance of exercise when they wanted to give me a shot. They had to catch me first! haha

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  7. Little Dude asked me what I thought about the EU situation today, and I was too woefully uninformed to give him a solid answer. I need to read a whole lot more before I understand the motivation for, and possible consequences of, such a momentous decision.

    As for rats leaving a sinking ship, it’s more like confirmation that the UK did the right thing, if other countries follow. I would think.

    Well, you’re probably relaxing after a long day at work. Xoxoxoxo

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    • I wish I could tell Little Dude what the situation is, but honestly, the more I look at what’s ‘out there’, the more baffled I feel. I know there have been people in other countries who’ve wanted to have the option to take the leap…and then OTHER people in those other countries who are really worried that those factions might get more clout and cause ructions to follow in our footsteps. It’s turning into a mess, I think, and we all seriously need to calm down a LOT!

      Work went well, thanks, and it was a lot of fun even though it was work on a Saturday and an immensely long one (in which I had to shelter for 20 minutes to wait for a thunderstorm (WITH BIG ASS HAIL) to abate so I could take the van back to work at the end of it – ballache!)


  8. I don’t know enough about the politics in the UK to definitively say one way or another if leaving the EU is good or bad. But, I’m with you: it’s BIG, big. We’re all talking about it over here and I’ve been listening to report after report of this, that and the other and all the speculation that goes with it.
    We all hope it fares well over there and I keep thinking how you all must just have your eyebrows raised at what all is going on. Thinking of you.
    In other news, so glad you’re getting some physical exercise and eating nutritious goodies. I am learning in my not-so-many-but-realizing-I’m-no-spring-chicken years that caring for your body is critical to landing in old age (gawd, I sound like I’m 70 and I’m no where close!) with a semblance of sanity. LOL. That’s not to say I eat my grapes and break a sweat every day, because I don’t. But well…we can only try, right? Hehe.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

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    • Hey there 🙂 Goodness me it’s been such a busy weekend, and such a bloomin’ RAINY one! Thunderstorms and drizzle and grey cloudy skies *sigh* not good for my outlook, certainly. Back to exercising tomorrow and trying to do better. I’m also discovering ways I can’t do what I used to, and that’s very worrying. Also discovering increasing numbers of silver hairs (EEK!). I guess the ageing process is unstoppable, and preferable to the alternative. Immensely preferable.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I think the country’s still reeling, but at ground level we’re just all carrying on as normal and hoping it sorts itself out. The MPs now have a HUGE job on their hands, especially as Europe seem to want us out ASAP, now the decision’s been made. I fear we’ve made ourselves terribly unpopular, so I hope there are some really shiny silver linings for us somewhere…


  9. i requested the book – thank you for sharing

    it is a circus out there; everywhere and i just hope for the best for everyone concerned

    lovely poem

    friends, family where would we be with out them.

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    • Oh I’m glad! It’s a short book, but well put together and I found it very useful. Very enlightening.

      So happy you like the poem 🙂

      And…friends and family are the glue which hold us all together, I think, in so many ways.


  10. You very eloquently, and fairly, described the political dichotomy of the world. As you do, I want us to be more connected, not more isolated. The nutrition thing is good. I’ve been following a plan through my gym which fuels my workouts and is nutritionally sound. I’ve lost weight! Yay!. Apparently it is just as much about the nutrition as the exercise that makes a healthy body. I had it backwards. Glad things are moving along for your return to the USA.

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    • Oh Val, I’ve so mucked it up this weekend. I know it’s been ‘healthy’ food, but I’ve stuffed myself and I’m just feeling SO annoyed at my lack of self-control. I feel like I’m pushing myself to see how awful I can be 😦 I’m glad your plan is working out well – that’s awesome. I hadn’t taken into account how important nutrition was, so I hope that healthier habits will make a difference to me.

      The sooner things can get moved on the USA front, the better. I SO can’t wait.

      And…good grief. The world at the moment. So, so many things to sigh over, yet we need to do our best to overcome the anxiety and forge ahead into uncharted territory, with the aim of building strong, sustaining connections.


  11. I cried about the BREXIT. Not that I even live there, but the BREXIT may make one of my worst fears come to pass, which would be absolutely devastating for me on personal level. But now is the best time to be mindful of the present moment. We can’t be dictated by our fears. I sincerely hope the best for all living over there and the ones affected by this decision all over the world.

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    • Sarina…why would it be so awful for you? I know things are very different where you’re living, but…what are the implications? I feel so ignorant of many of the wider ways this will impact and I hope you’ll let me know what this means (or could mean) for you.

      I know we can’t live in a manner dictated by our fears but we also need to acknowledge them and realise the significance of their impact and what *could* happen…

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      • It is somewhat complicated but the short of it would be that a relative who is currently living on EU visa could get deported back here. Subsequently I’d be forced to care for someone for which I don’t have the financial means to do so. Additionally caring for this person is devastating for my mental health.


  12. Whew, “For such a time as this . . . ” Exciting? Scary? Alarming? Wonderful? Who knows? I’m a Scot but I live in S.Africa so that doesn’t influence my feelings. I’m like a couple of other commenters who said they don’t know enough to know which way is right. I just know we also have a major mess on our political front – and America is not terribly happy right now either. So thanks for saying it in words! This ol’ world’s gotta pull up its socks!

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    • Oh goodness me, and STOP all the sniping and bitching and get ON with it! It’s so frustrating but I hope it will die down. I fear we may have made ourselves horrendously unpopular, and I also read that many ex-pats are really feeling as though they were left out in the cold on this one.

      It’s a mess, an absolute mess, but…Big Change often is. I only hope we can rise gloriously from the ashes somehow.


  13. I’m so glad you wrote about this time in history. I really don’t know enough to form an opinion and I searched for information that left me feeling confused. I remember in our recent political election the voter turn out was the best it’s been in years. Still there were fervent supporters and the opposite not in favour of Canada’s new Prime Minister. I tend to believe that all Government decisions are a wait and see approach. Whatever the outcome I’m glad you have some amazing things to be thankful for. 😊

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    • I have to say, I think I really REALLY like Canada’s new PM. Everything I’ve seen about him has been really positive, which I think is awesome.

      I’m glad Canadians and Brits seem to be taking their responsibility to vote with increasing seriousness. But. I worry about the outcome of this one – so SO many people feel they were misled and confused, and as though they would have chosen differently in full possession of the facts *sigh*


  14. I’ve only recently become interested in the politics of my own country so I have not been reading up on the situation in your county very much. I’m so happy your visa is well under-way, I know how much you are looking forward to taking this next very big step.

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    • I’m so SO looking forward to this next step. Goodness me. More than anything!

      Politics are an absolute MINEFIELD, I think in any country. Except the ones where they’re literally a minefield, and there, they’re a nightmare.

      Well done you for engaging, though – not one of my favourite things to do, but I feel it’s increasingly necessary to remain appraised.


    • Well, as they both might not exist soon…

      Dear Officer Don’s Wife,

      UK = Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland and England

      Great Britain = Scotland, Wales and England

      England = maybe fucked

      EU = European Union (or not)

      One day maybe you’ll teach your husband how to use Google – I know it’s difficult and all, seeing as he’s wasted on Bud Light Lime all the time, but when he’s NOT, he seems like a pretty decent kinda guy. Anyway, you’ve stuck with him, so I’m sure I can trust your judgement.

      Much love ❤

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  16. OH this was such a great read, lovey. I am just not sure what to think of the new change- but I LOVE your take on it all. ❤

    All those thankfuls you shared are beautiful and worth celebrating- although I am not glad you have experienced that physical low. BUT I'm THRILLED about this:

    "I’m even, even gladder my attitude is about health, not self-loathing. A big BIG change for me, and a much more peaceful one." <—- HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE CHANGE FOR YOU!

    Oh, dear sweet beautiful friend… you have come SO FAR. I am just so proud and happy for you and I can't WAIT to see what this journey ahead of you brings.

    I love you.

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    • I’m still behaving destructively but in slightly healthier ways lol. I MISS YOU, my Kitty. I really do *sigh* I shall have to do something to make sure I fix this drift!

      I’m so glad you liked my take on the current affairs. Honestly, I’m still not sure what to think, other than I hope we CAN make a decent go at it, if that’s what’s going to happen. The name-calling and sweeping generalisations which seem to have overtaken so many, just hurt my heart.


  17. I haven’t kept track, but generally, over here 72% turnout in any election would be almost miraculous. Still, yours there was a special occasion and very emotional. I hear in the news that the Scots in particular are not happy, but I’m not sure they were all pleased to see their James VI go South to become James I and create the UK in the first place. At any rate, we (pretty much everybody on the planet) have been visited for some time by the supposed ancient Chinese curse, “My you live in interesting times.” The leaders on both sides of The Channel have a lot of work to do. Glad you are having a good time.

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    • Yes – these times are interesting alright – HUGELY, rivetingly so. I’m just so sad about all the backstabbing and bitching which is now going on. That SO doesn’t help, but I suppose it would have happened whichever way the vote went. THAT makes me kind of upset.

      It was a special occasion and I’m not sure anyone was really ready for this result…I hope for everyone’s sakes they don’t make a hash of it!

      The Scots are overwhelmingly upset by this 😦


  18. I was reading your FB post on the vote this morning, and the comments that follow. I hope that the UK can move forward in a positive way – our countries are living parallel lives in a way, aren’t we?

    Yay to poetry, protein shakes, and peanut butter… and for alliteration. Have a good weekend, Lizzi!

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    • Yes…it worries me, the parallels which seem apparent are ones which give me the shivers. I really REALLY hope there can be Good which comes of this.

      YAY for alliteration and all those P’s (PS I just found out (though it has no influence on my chances of winning) that my poem has most views by about 400% 😀 )

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  19. What a time for your country. So much talk about it everywhere. I try not to judge. I often feel I know little, understand little about economics, world issues, and the stock market. I do know I fear a world moving further and further apart, but I just have to hope for that same world to find its way back together.
    Still so much to be thankful for in the midst of all this global upheaval.

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    • I think there are still ways forwards. I know SO many people are upset and up in arms, but other countries are coming forwards and saying THEY want referendums about their membership in the EU, and I wonder whether we might transpire to be the first rat leaving a sinking ship. The EU was designed to unite us in economy as a method of preventing war. It seems in many ways to be stifling its member countries and there has long been unrest amongst the peoples of those member countries.

      It might have been good once, but if it’s a system which is no longer good, then change SURELY needs to happen. Just…I don’t know if this is the right change. Time will tell, I suppose, depending on how it’s handled.


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