Ten Things of Thankful 156 (Frivolyptic) #10Thankful

I shall never be able to be, even if you wanted me to be (though why you ever would, would be beyond me), accused of being uncreative. In point of fact, or case in point, or just in case, I often have been known to stipulate that in a pinch, as a cinch, if a word weren’t available to the active part of my vocabulary, or plumb didn’t exist, I’d make one up. 

Ergo ‘frivolyptic’, which I’m not sure technically counts as neologising, so much as smerging, which is rather a different kettle of fish, and involves scissors and the kind of glue which gets everywhere. Anyway. Ten points and a dip in the mystery prize bag if you figure out the two words I’ve smerged.

Frivolyptic - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

I have come out of the pit of doom and gloom (hooray! (and with HUGE thanks and credit due to the friends who pulled me back into the sunshine)) which is the BIGGEST thankful of all, and counts for pretty much ten-hundred-million-bajillion, with or without dances owed to the 7 Guard Virgins for the use of the Secret Book of Rules (or Book of Secret Rules) and the opportunity to discover, in a footnote on page 137, that the use of three or more neologisms in one post allows the scribe to Get Out Of Jail Free, or otherwise disquandrify themselves of the need to write an Actual, In Fact, Ten.

So whilst I’m tempted to just leave it here, and stick in a pretty picture or two (seriously, INSTAGRAM, y’all!), I feel it would behove me (as self-appointed leader of the Thankfuls) to at least kindasorta try, and persist at a list, even with a brain which is so spidery it is coming out with Vast Wonderings and Bad Poetry, instead of anything useful or listful or… well, I guess it counts as a hypograt item if I’m thankful for the brain and its creativity, even when misplaced.

SO! Onwards and Upwards.

My online family is expanding. The people in this World Between the Wires are taking on roles, and in addition to a BlogWife and a Blog Sister, a Blog Brother, and a 1000mile heart, I learned today I have a Blog Mama. I really rather love that, and I adore all the friends and friends-become-family and friends-made-Real, and just…I love all the love that’s here in this hardwired world 😀

Ten additional points if you know who each of my online fam (as named) is. 5 points for each (unnamed) BlogMistress (YES there’s more than one, and YES, it’s all above-board and in a longstanding, understanding, complete agreement with my BlogWife, who also has several (100 extra points if you *are* one of my BlogMistresses. Just because *blows lascivious kisses*))

POINT! Or rather, NOT-POINT! Because for one who professes to be a writer, I really get quite too often STUCK around the placement of the point, the period, the full-stop, the end (.) when it comes to parentheses. And now I’m thinking that the full-stop in parentheses all alone looks like a sad and lonely boob and I should probably plumpen and give it a twin, and (nested) I’m wondering how many more days before the post-depression case of SpiderBrain disappears.

( . )( . ) <— I may be 12.


And I don’t like how whatsapp now emboldens things in *’s, because it ruins my action points. These ones *points to action points*

Thing is, with this spiderbrain thing (should I remain consistent? Inconsistency bothers me. And can I start and end sentences within parentheses (because they’re utterly tangential) without closing the parentheses or doing anything else than treating it as though a piece of text got ‘airlifted’, or should I do it more properly, with hyphens – like this – and be done with it?) – I have no idea how long it’s going to last, and I’m thankful for things like good presentation evenings where I was able to prove my worth at my job. And ‘No Rain’ is always a good thing. Even the blood test I had, is a good thing for many different reasons…but the brain is leaking out at the sides of my eyes and I am starting to fall asleep, which means you might even get some sleep-typing (always fun to leave in).

Why am I talking about blood tests? I’m glad to leave nightmares behind, and to see the beginnings of summer flowers, and THANK GOODNESS for shorts and air-conditioning, and as for the thing which I remembered then promptly forgot, which I think might be poetry (but still, even if it wasn’t, there’s no reason for it NOT to be poetry, yaknow?), I’m wonderfully thankful and grateful for all the inspirations, even though some of them consist of the spider brain and trying to fit in silly little lines on twitter, I still think there’s something to be said for it, and now I’m nearly asleep, or sleep-writing this, because my eyes are clooed and I no longer have a clue what I’m saying, which is one…might be an advantage…of being able to touch-type – I can write great tracts (such as all the way to here) without opening my eyes more than a couple of times to double-check I’ve not been doing something silly like transposing my fingers across the keys and typing ABSOLUTE tommyrot. [This paragraph, when I went back to it with my eyes open, had a few mistakes, but not as many as I thunk]

I am SO so thankful to the wonderful ladies who brightened my day this week by sending pics of their lovely, gorgeous selves. It can be tough when you don’t get to see a person, to remember how much you miss them, and even treasures make the transition to ‘keepsake’ rather than ‘thing which specifically and purposefully connects me with this person’ and so…there comes a time when maybe you give up, but photographs, and being almost in (or still available in spite of outsideriness) the Time Zone, make the connections strong and beautiful and vibrant. Gotta love some vibrant.

I guess I should be thankful for bedtime but dangit, I wish I could write. Or be consistent in how I write ‘spider brain’. *sigh*

What are YOU writing about these days? Why are you thankful? Are you getting enough sleep?

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29 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 156 (Frivolyptic) #10Thankful

  1. Way too late to the party here to join in the guessing game fun. I have been a day late and a dollar short for everything these last few weeks it seems. Trying to adjust to summer vacation schedule and having Zilla home all day. I’m allowing myself the rest of the week to pull it together and transition and then by Monday we will be in a groove. That’s the plan.
    I’m impressed by your sleep-typing skills. Hub hates when I look at him and type at the same time – he says it creeps him out. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bwahahaha I can imagine that conversation happening. I like being able to multi-task (taken me three attempts to spell ‘multi’, and I was paying attention the whole time) as long as the person I’m interacting with doesn’t mind me continuing to tap-tap-tap.

      And, yaknow what…it’s 1000Speak coming up. Heads up. Warning. That’s happening in four days which is like SUNDAY, which is far far too close for my liking so I have NO idea how I’m gonna do that and TToT and FTSF and all the other stuff like actually getting out there and LIVING and stuff…so. There’s that. Something’s gotta give, and in the long run, no biggie.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • 7 hours would be good. If I was going to get that, I would need to be in bed half an hour ago, and it’s just not going to happen. I hope you get your sleep, and that you have a good Sunday 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. YOU like air conditioning? But you LIKE hot weather! I’m looking forward to the Evolution of Lizzi from Englander to Okie. This is gonna be good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do, I DO like it, because it’s one thing to be in a non-air-con car, whilst moving, and there’s breeze. It’s QUITE another to be in the back of an outfitted van, in a dark room with carpet on the walls, on a hot day, with the door closed, and a camera and laptop running. Ok?

      And I cannot WAIT to become a Wild-Wester! It’s gonna be FAB-U-LOUS!!


  5. Is there an actual book?
    Like a real one?
    Do we make up pages as we go along?
    Do you all go door to door trying to sell this book of secrets? – I hide from those people during the day when they knock. It’s kind of funny.
    I’m glad that you’re out of the dark. It’s an awful space. And that you have wonderful friends that are there for you during the good AND bad. I need me those.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There *IS* an actual book – a real one – and though I forget who it was that said it, “just because it’s imaginary doesn’t make it any less real”, so HOORAY! And no – the 7 Guard Virgins wouldn’t let it out of their sight for that long. Goodness knows we already need to dance for them to borrow it for long enough to find our rule!

      I have a long history of hiding from People At Doors. I also never answer my phone.

      The dark is HORRIBLE and I’m super super glad I’m out. And I’m even more glad for my amazing friends. I hope you have some of those, my dear, and if not, I hope you find some soon soon soon!


  6. of course, (one might ask the time-old question) are you falling asleep or stumbling awake?

    (now if Dodgson and Baum and, (though I have no sense of pomes and poetry) cummings might be given a chance to be in charge of the world, we clarks would surely rise, like hobo Knights Templar, to the forefront and claim our rightful heritage.)

    ya know? )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh geez, do I need to research those? I have no idea who they are at all. I was most definitely falling asleep – stumbling awake tends to happen in the mornings.


  7. I hate to say it but I’m a little grateful you’re sleepy cuz you get a bit o the goober about you! Is frivolyptic part frivolous and part cryptic? GO to bed sweet tigger… purr yourself to sleep… ttfn!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I truly DO(ly) turn into rather a goof when I’m tired, but it’s fun, right?

      And BOO-YAH! Got it in one. I don’t think I was really that mystical about it, but have your Ten Points and we shall see what the prize bag chucks out 😀

      I eventually fell asleep on the sofa before being unceremoniously scooted off to bed (where I woke up a bit and pinged around in my phone, and now I’m TIIIIRED this morning hahahah)


  8. Lizzi, you are quite fun to read when you’re falling asleep, and the neologisms and/or smerges are giggly. As for “Frivolyptic”, I think I have it and it is most fittingish. Anyway, I am sure of the first part at least. I think, perhaps, a wordsmerge process might best have the cutting part done with a Vorpal Sword, and then you go galumphing off to bed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Calloo, Callay, Oh Frabjous day, but thou hast not (unless thou saith the twain and are right) gotten the right to access the prize bag YET, dear man! Cast your guess!

      Hehehe I have a lot of fun writing whilst half asleep, and I like that I have the place and freedom to do so, even if what turns out is a little bit (totally) silly 🙂

      (and with what would you stick the cloven words?)

      Liked by 1 person

      • First word has to be “Frivolous” or “Frivololity” For the second word, all I can come up with is “Apocalyptic”, but there is something else tickling my brain (One of those spiders?) that I can’t get a grip on. [edit, edit – Naa, let the participle dangle]
        As for sticking the cloven words, it would have to be jam, but only every other day.

        Liked by 1 person

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