Ten Things of Thankful 155 (Virtuously done) #10Thankful

A moment for my poor, long-suffering friends and family, who have to deal with the Grump and the Grouch and the Crotchetty, Curmugeonly Toad I sometimes turn into when I make bad choices and allow myself to vent all my frustrations within their earshot. Those poor, poor things! Dear oh me oh my!

I know everyone needs to let off steam, and I know it’s alright to get the grumpiness out, rather than letting it fester and brew, but some days it feels as though I’ve unburdened myself at their expense, and that doesn’t seem right nor kind. I’m careless and all-too-frequently rely on the indulgence of those who care about me, to pour out my poison into their gentle ears, and rain on their parade, whilst they generously listen and offer wonderful encouragement.

As such, and given the kind of week it was, my thankfuls for Real Life (were I to list them), would range from the mundane-but-important (kind dentists, the ability to get prescription medication with relative ease, not being burned down at work) to the common-but-decidedly-glorious (being able to walk and talk with a friend, getting back to the gym and feeling somewhat capable, SUNSHINE). Consequently, I’l spare you.

Gonna focus instead on virtues*, those being the kind of ‘good, right, noble’ stuff to talk of and mull over in one’s heart (yaknow, as one types, and all the thoughts fall out of the brain through the fingertips, sometimes with great purpose and intent, sometimes skidding out sideways and landing on the page skewed, through lack of proper attention), and I know for a fact I am surrounded with oodles of people who simply embody** characteristics very much worth celebrating.

Beautiful Virtues - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

Knowledge – Kristi, who is immensely knowledgeable in all sorts of areas, and whose new joint project, Break the Parenting Mold, is providing education, support, and understanding to those in the special needs community, and the world at large.

Determination – Beth and Kerry, both of whom are amidst personal creative projects which are entrenched in the roots of their personalities, and are showing huge perseverence and measured application in their pursuit of bringing their goals to fruition.

Loyalty – Abbie, who cares so much for her friends, she will put them in touch that they might support one another, if she feels unable to do so – she knows her friends so well, understands and fulfils their needs where possible, and is just absolutely committed to being a good friend. And she succeeds most wonderfully.

Humanity – Hasty, whose #BeReal series, and her own repeated examples of honesty, love, kindness, and social intelligence, provide the opportunity for people to be vulnerable, respected, and engage with deep resonance and heart, to what they read.

Persistence – Erin and Jesi and Jen and Ivy and Scott all of whom have shown remarkable fortitude under a variety of extremely challenging, life-changing circumstances…all of whom still get on with the business of LIVING, and embettering the world for those around them as they go.

Honour – Byron, who seems constantly geared towards advocating for those in vulnerable positions, and encouraging people to step up and do the right thing, to take charge of their challenges and be the best person they can be, for the love and sake of those around them.

Sacrifice – Samara, who in spite of her (at times) sharp and satirical tongue, would and will (and has) moved mountains and faced down monsters for the sake of her wonderful son, Little Dude.

Bravery – Ken, who is BACK, writing again, sharing tales of everyone’s favourite Dilettante, whilst wrestling with the dark angel of Depression, and supporting those nearest and dearest to him.

Generosity – Michelle who seems to have time, and space in her heart, for absolutely EVERYONE, and who is just a sheer delight to know; and Robert, who is a constant source of encouragement and endorsement, to me and many others.

Satisfaction – So, SO many people I know, who haven’t got it all, or got it all right, but nonetheless recognise the value of being satisfied with (and rejoicing for) what they DO have. Lisa, Val, Denise, Christine, Dyanne Chris and Mandi all jump immediately to mind, but there are MANY more, and I’m grateful for the presence of each in my life.

And, as ever, looking at the wonderful people I have in my world, and remembering too, the virtues which I can attribute to my family and friends here, has made me think of the lovely and the sparkly and the GOOD in my week, and I’m smiling around the corners of my mouth as I recall lovely conversations, laughter, poetry, and shared experiences of nature’s beauty.

HOORAY for the consistency of the effect of this exercise in thankfulness.

If you don’t share your thankfuls for the week, at least THINK about them. It’s worth it. Promise.


Ten Things of Thankful
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*Good grief, when I looked up ‘the virtues’ I realised there are SO many I’m lacking, and so many of the ‘deadly’ sins I’m really rather good at, it made me feel HUGELY better to be able to celebrate those I KNOW are getting it right.

**with the proviso that we’re all a mixture, and the understanding that everyone’s capable of behaving in good and bad ways, and we none of us are ALL good.

73 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 155 (Virtuously done) #10Thankful

  1. OH what a LOVELY beautiful fantastic Lizzi-esque post to read! I just so loved reading about the many incredible people in your life and many who are also in mine- and some who I need to KNOW!

    I just adore you, and this grateful tradition is and always will be making a difference in lives EVERYWHERE around the globe.

    I absolutely have an ongoing gratitude list every single day- even when I want to drop kick my kids or just dive into my bed and nap for 8 hours straight and can’t… lol

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    • I love that you have an ongoing list. I’ve tried (and failed repeatedly) to do those. Once a week works for me now 🙂

      I LOVE that you share some of these amazing people, and honestly, I can’t wait til you get to meet them in person. I hope HOPE you might come to the Welcome Home party in November…they’ll be there!


    • Good-busy is a good thing and YAY! I hope to read a thankful from you soon, and catch up to all the goodness going on in your world. Miss you xo


  2. To be surrounded by so many people with such a variety of talents and abilities and challenges is a blessing beyond measure. To give us different perspectives, so we can learn and improve and just know things we didn’t know before.

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  3. Isn’t it wonderful that we can have such great examples of virtues all around us? Individually, they are impressive. Collectively, they are overwhelming. 🙂

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  4. You are forever thinking of others, Honeybee. Even when you’re thinking about yourself – your mind goes to how others feel. That’s a frickin’ GIFT!! 🙂 xoxo

    When I feel cranky and moody I actually tell my family. I’ll just say, “Don’t mind me, I am cranky today, nothing personal. I’m just going to sit here and do my own thing for a while.” I do it especially to teach my kiddos that it’s okay to feel cranky but it’s not okay to take it out on everyone else (even though we all do). It’s hard to remember that at the time! xoxoxo

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    • I wish, then, that I could learn that. I’m so bad at taking it out on people – snapping and then wishing I could un-say or undo the thing I just did. The way I messed up, again. Again. Again. I’ve just written about this but it’s SO very something I need to master in myself – a behaviour I need to get under control.

      Thank you ALWAYS for your friendship and support, and your wonderful example for living, my Honeybee. You’re awesome 😀


  5. This wonderful post on virtue, ties nicely into your awesome Millennial post which I have been thinking about since I read it. I found myself in a conversation with a Millennial who was giving me advice on stress reduction and management. (Two things: stand barefoot in the grass, and put up a barrier of positivity when someone tries to steal your joy) It occurred to me that I of older (shouldn’t I be wiser?) years might be in a position to give advice to someone younger, and yet I learn and soak up the perceptions of youth as truth. I fit into the generation of pre-X and post BabyBoom – otherwise known as the Hippie years. (I think). Anyway, I loved both your posts.

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    • Heheh well, my OceanHeart – you and I BOTH know how to de-stress – it has shoreline in the middle and sea all the way to the horizon.

      We’re an earnest, meddling bunch, thinking our rights are right for EVERYONE, and certainly I and my egocentric blog are good samples of such, and yet, and yet…we can all learn from each other in different ways.

      HOWEVER…barriers of positivity? Ignoring the negatives can be dangerous so I advise acknowledgement, acceptance, and then finding a way to a work-around once that’s a possibility.


  6. What a wonderful, sweet post and happy way to start my weekend.
    I seriously feel like I always fall short in the friendship department. You make me want to be the type of person and friend you are every day.
    Thank you, dear Lizzi for always sprinkling your rose petals on my path ❤️

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    • Not every day, my sweet. Not every day. I’ve been absent and selfish and awful, and I’m only now beginning to return.

      We all have our ups and downs, and I see what a wonderful encourager you are, and what a wonderful ‘every role you have (that I see)’ you are…and I think I’d like to be like you when I grow up.


  7. I think maybe you fail to see some of these things in yourself. We all fall short. I do…all the time. I think you show incredible grace under the pressures of the past little while. Keep doing that and keep being you. Because you are loved, curmudgeon or not. 🙂

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    • I love that I’m loved, even whilst curmudgeonly (or falling apart into little pieces, as you had the dubious pleasure of doing (still SO thankful you were there)).

      I might fail to see quite a lot about myself, but I’ve been very blinded recently, and very absent.


  8. I hope that some day I make it on one of your lists. Not because I look for or need praise but to be within your circle of sunshine and thankfulness is such a beautiful realm of existence. Honestly, I look forward to your ten things of thankful posts. It makes me want to do them. And who knows, I may at that.

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    • My dear, to my shame, I had your name in the ‘satisfaction’ section, and then took it out because I didn’t know how best to link you – whether to facebook or your blog, and I was going to ask you and then I DIDN’T! I feel awful, because YOU WERE THERE! The pics of you and your family are so joyful and beautiful, and I so appreciate seeing them sparkling up my newsfeed…and so sorry I removed! 😥


  9. Persistence or stubbornness? Bless your boots, darling. I don’t even know what to say. Most of the time I feel like I’m juggling 10 things while five of them lay on the ground. Sometimes I take a break. Other times I take it straight on. Then other times, I have a drink.

    I noticed someone missing from your list, though. It’s a glaring error, methinks. Do you want to know who it is? I’ll TELL you who it is. It’s YOU! You embody all those qualities at one time or another, and that is why I love you.

    Stay amazing, my friend. You are the sunlight beyond the dark clouds.

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    • Persistence. Stubbornness. Perseverance. Any of them. You got it, and you make it work. You are absolutely determined and I know a lot of that is in the face of stuff the rest of us would really struggle with, but you do it all for your boys, if not for you 🙂

      You might be juggling, you might be dropping, stopping, or drinking, but all the time you’re TRYING, and that’s what counts (Yoda really DID get that bit wrong).

      And, I’m somewhere in there…lynchpin or catalyst, or lucky person sandwiched in the middle of all the wonderful people in a big mooshy squishy hug 😀 But thank you ❤ I love that you think I'm worthy of some of those, and of being called sunlight. SUPER love that ❤ And you ❤

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  10. “HOORAY” indeed Lizzi. Thank you for starting this blog hop. In the last year (could it be more) as my writing has gradually disappeared like the picture Marty carried around in Back to the Future, it has been the exercise of contemplating “thankfuls”, posting my “thankfuls”, that has kept my keyboard limber 😀
    You are lovely for including me in you post Lizzi. And look at all these links, all in one spot! I can click and read, click and read….:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I done well with the links, right? 😀 I love sharing people. And you. And even if it’s only the thankfuls you’ve been writing, they have been glorious, wonderous things, documenting one helluva year… 😀


    • Awwwwwh LISAAAAA ❤ Well, I love this, and you, and them, and ALL OF US, and our community here, and how much inspiration and wonder I find in the amazing people around me. THANK YOU for being one of them 🙂

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  11. As you have so often said to me, bless your boots my sweet friend!!! Thank you for all that YOU do, you certainly don’t give yourself enough credit! I love you dearly, as you know, and am so pleased you think of me in these ways 🙂 You have been such an amazing friend and support to me and all of the other people you mentioned above, you’re the BEST!! ❤

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    • Ohhh but I DO! I think you’re absolutely marvellous, and I’m so lucky to have your friendship 😀 I’m definitely a people person, and there are lots of people I *loveadore* but quite honestly, you’re one of the ones who honours me on a daily basis and sticks with me through thick and thin. It’s a presence thing. And this week I realised how present you are for others, too, and how generous and wonderful that is ❤

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  12. Wtf happened to my comment???i will try to reproduce it.
    Thank you ,Lizzi. Persistence of late has been a bit too much survival and not enough living…been a bit distant…thank you for being one of those who reminds me to remain connected…
    And if you get the other comment too…choose whichever you like best.

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    • So far only Kristi’s and Abbie’s comments have come through the filters unscathed and I have NO IDEA WHY WORDPRESS IS BEING SUCH A DOUCHECANOE BUT IT’S ANNOYYYYINNNGGG MEEEEE!


  13. Aw thank you Lizzi…i often feel persistence is a little too much survival not enough living…ie…been distant lately but thanks for being one of those who gently reminds me to stay attached…<3

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  14. I get knowledge? Wow. Guess I’ll just say thank you rather than jumping to my norm of telling a blonde joke or other. As far as your other choices – perfect perfect ones and what a glorious thankful this is. xo Thank you for including me. Truly.

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    • You do. You’re smart and you want to educate the world to sing a better song. Or something. To just be better. You’re changing it and making it happen by meeting people where they are, and encouraging them to expand their views. That’s HUGE 🙂

      And YUH! You’re Our Land. You’re Wonderful. A World-Changer. One of mine. You always get in 🙂


  15. Thanks for the shoutout on determination. I really do attribute a lot of that to this TToT exercise. This past year I’ve read about the things people from different backgrounds are thankful for, and it makes my week better and has showed me that perhaps there still could be something good waiting out there for me.
    So thank you to you and everyone here, that you list, who are a part of this linkup.

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    • Awwwh well it’s wonderful to know that the TToT has played such a part in your shift in attitude, but quite honestly, you are doing SO MUCH to further your own cause – violin, podcast – taking life by the THROAT and making it work 😀 Such awesome determination to make it happen how you want it 🙂

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  16. I am thankful for you who see all those wonderful qualities in all these people, and for the mention. As for encouraging and endorsing people, it ain’t work, its huge happy fun, so thanks to you and many others for providing the worthy targets. 😀

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    • Awh well you do it so, SO well – it’s definitely a gift of yours. I’m so glad to have come to your attention, and I’m very thankful for your input and feedback and participation 🙂

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  17. I thought I just typed FRIST, but now I don’t see it. Ugh. WordPress gremlins!

    You’re always so humble. You don’t lack any of those qualities!
    As for the deadly sins, it’s okay to be good at some of them, some of the time. Balance, you know?
    Thanks for taking the time to write this lovely tribute, and including me with all these inspiring folks. By the way, Hasty really DOES embody humanity, I think. That’s a great one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • WordPress has SEVERE gremlin issues. It logged me out earlier, and I thought I’d lost everything, which made me very cross for a few moments. HOORAY for Hasty, and you, and all the virtues and people who show them so consistently.

      My particular struggles at the moment are gluttony and sloth *sigh* Maybe it’s perspective or maybe it’s me…


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