Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful

It hasn’t been a cheerful week I haven’t been cheerful this week.

In spite of many and varied efforts by a number of wonderful people, my low mood (explainable, understandable, still unmanageable) has persisted and I have lacked even the energy to call it an ‘ordeal’* and take notes, thereby redeeming it a little. So I remain, this Good Friday, unredeemed. Yet (I am determined) not unredeemable.

So, as requested (beseechingly) by WonderAunty, and because it will do more good for my soul than anything else I can scrape from a week where it all just ‘was as it was’ and I had to try to make the best of it, and I will try to make better the rest of it. So even though I didn’t do very well at any ‘best’ in the week, here’s hoping this list of cheerful moments will (because one must always try to remain focused on the positives) go some way to realigning the balance. I’d also like if it made you smile or think or ponder or…well, a really lovely thing would be if you shared one of YOUR cheerful moments this week, and then we can all join in a small but glorious melee of happy cheerfulness, whatever else might be going on beyond the bounds of this post.

Shut out the world for a moment, if you will, and let’s get stuck into the Good Stuff.

Unredeemed but not unredeemable - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

You wouldn’t think that the interruption of a fly would cheer me, but it did. It landed on my screen, obscuring my view as I typed my introduction to this post, and sat there, wings out – tiny, transluscences enshrouding a speck of dark black, which wandered on audacious, trespassing legs – without a care in the world. Just doing its little fly ‘thing’. Being entirely and completely a fly. An annoying, in-the-way fly, which I put my fingertip out to…not to squash…but merely to urge back into the air and away from causing a distraction to my oh-so-important piece of writing. It flew, but onto my fingertip, and I lifted it to my eyes to better see it against the back-light of my screen. It was small. Wonderous. Perfect. An exquisitely crafted fly, with more systems, senses and capabilities than my brain could begin to fathom, all held within its minute completeness.

Snuggling up to the hot-rubber scent of a hot water bottle (tucked inside my hoodie, underneath a couple of layers of fleecy blanket wrapped around), filled for me by someone wonderful, who cares enough to fetch it from wherever abouts the house I abandoned it last, and feeling that cosy glow of delicious warmth spreading through my body. Just…really wonderful.

Climbing into bed next to a not-so-small-any-more-but-very-sweetly-asleep boy, listening to his breathing and knowing that he likes me being there and sleeps better with me (well, or whoever) than not. Stroking his head when the breathing turns to irritating snoring, feeling the lovely short, thickness and aliveness of his hair, of his being…and being very pleased when he shifted, re-settled, and the snoring stopped. [And being very impressed with said boy’s care and attention in trying to climb over my legs without waking me up, in the morning. I woke up and moved my legs, because he’s not a ninja, and I’m not an asshole.]

The sinky-in warmth of an old friendship, shared history, and getting to eat ALL THE GOOD THINGS (and some of the junky ones (because it’s astonishing (no, for reals) how much vegan junk-food there is)), and watching episodes and episodes of the wonderful Derek-Jacobi-infused series Cadfael, and getting to stay up late and sleep over and not worry because it was a time-out from my time-out and it was gentle and not too taxing and helped. Thanks Vince.

I’ve really enjoyed, and been helped by, the distraction of seven (or thereabouts) days of nature photography, which (given my limited toddlings) has given rise to some interesting results. I’ve had cause to go and really look at fairly familiar patches of nature (i.e. the garden) and explore new possibilities and angles and ways of showing what grows there, so that a) I like what I share, and b) other people do. Thank goodness for Instagram, really. It’s wonderful to take a peek into other people’s lives, as well as letting them take a peek into mine.

Being able to wake up, NOT tied to a regime of pain meds, and decide to roll over, snuggle down again, and go back to sleep, because it’s good for me and helping me heal.

The way something as simple as eating breakfast in a sunbeam can remind you of good times with a good friend. That those reminders can inspire poetry and the finding of beauty in something as commonplace as a piece of fruit. That I have had the time and inclination to appreciate both/all of these things, and turn them into poetry. There’s something about focus and immersing oneself in the moment and…more…about this, but my brain is foggy and I can’t remember it right now. But the breakfast and the poem were good. The sunbeam was cheering, and the friend and the friendship truly delightful.

Grapefruit Thoughts - welltemperedbards.wordpress

To be checked in on by friends who care, is more wonderful than anything. To know that they make time in their hearts and lives for me is delightful. To know so many of them so closely and so for-real-ly, is even better. To name so many I’ve shared precious moments, excited smiles and great hugs with..and to know there are so many more with whom I hope to share great hugs, excited smiles, and precious moments with – I am very very blessed by friendship and wonderful friends.

More than ever I’m thankful for the kindness and loveliness and gentle encouraging wonderfulness of Living At Home (well, not just any at home, but with Mum and WonderAunty, who might be two of the most amazing people I know – both so full of great wisdom and TLC and just…LOVELINESS), and for the ways I have been very carefully and consistently Looked After whilst I’ve been ill.

Here. This space. To share thoughts and words, and celebrate other people. To introspect and extrospect and wonder about things. To be able to write words to connect. To be able to share what makes my heart sing. To have space. To have time to indulge in that space. To have you here, and all the people in this place.

Am I cheered up? You betcha**

Are you? Share something cheering *happysmiles*


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*Ordeal – more a mindset than anything else, but the pushing through an unpleasant experience (whether internal or external, self-inflicted or forced upon you) whilst being mindful that you can and will be able to grow through it, or that the having had said experience will prove useful to you or to others (once shared), thereby rendering it worthwhile. See The Wakefield Doctrine for more on that.

**Also tired and Going To Bed.

53 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 145 (On Cheerfulness) #10Thankful

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  2. I know you have to be in the for real world sometimes (and maybe just now it’s important to focus on it) – but I miss you here. Feel better. (And this is beautiful. I’ve never thought flies were beautiful until today).

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    • Flies can be stunningly beautiful. I’ve been stuck in the Real World too much. Catatonically stuck and incapable even of opening my laptop because the pressure and the pointlessness of everything seems too much…if that makes any sense at all. I suspect not.

      *HUGS* I miss you though. Have fun at Erma xoxox


  3. This is beautiful. I just adore your heart and the way you are able to peel back all the layers of goodness, identify them so vividly amidst the *other stuff* of life- It blesses us ALL to witness such a transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You seem to make so much extraordinary. I just love that about you. ❤ And I also love that you are cared for and loved by your precious family. That is a comfort to those who love you from afar and worry…

    Liked by 2 people

    • *HUGS* I would be lost without them, really. I shudder to think what would have happened to me without them when I was taken ill, and the thought of being alone during this recovery period is just HORRIFIC! I am so so SO glad for them.

      And…thank you ❤ It wasn't an easy post to write because so much of the other stuff kept getting in the way, crowding my thoughts and clouding my mind, but I'm glad I pushed through 🙂


  4. Wonderful how things work out like they do. During this time of illness and healing, there is no better place for you than in that house with your mom and WonderAunty. It would have been so much more stressful for them and you if you were still living in the apartment. I’m so glad you have them to take such good care of you.

    Something cheerful…Simply listening to my kids chat and laugh together. It is such a marvelous, overwhelming joy to see my kids thoroughly enjoy spending time together. They are actually friends. As teenagers. Who would have thought it was possible? 🙂 It bodes well for the future, when I’ll want nothing more than for them to gather often and share their adult lives together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! I suspect you’ll be the one in the big house they all travel back to and bring their *gulp* families to, to enjoy the space in your yard and hang out with each other and remember ‘back when’…!

      I took Niece and Neff to see some kids they’ve known forever today, and it was nice because they’re now at ages where none of them need constant supervision and they CAN go off and play together without (too many) altercations. THANK GOODNESS!

      And yes…I hadn’t thought of that angle! Much better for everyone that I’m here, really. DEFINITELY for me 🙂 Thanks for your perspective ❤


      • They all had great fun, didn’t they? My two chiddlers are very fond of Niece and Neff, and it was nice to see Younger Chiddler being included and managing to integrate well.

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  5. I’m glad you have friends to bring you some happy times. Laughing is important, as I remembered on Friday. You are strong, you are a survivor, and you are, as always, full of hope and love, and you share it effortlessly through your words. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am the most thankful of all for my friends and family. I would be utterly, utterly lost without them. I need to laugh more, I guess – hopefully tomorrow will bring some funnies. It will bring more people, so perhaps that’s what I need.

      Thanks for the encouragement, dear one. I’m glad my words at least LOOK effortless 😉


  6. Oh, Honeybee. I do hope that this week brings with it good healing ju ju and that you are able to feel more like yourself. 😇. I so enjoyed reading all your thankful moments, each one so special as simple as they may have been. You are quite talented in many things but (as this post reflects), your ability to be in the moment and notice the details that are often overlooked, is incredibly admirable. I love how you allow yourself to sit with a thought, a feeling or an observation, giving it the attention it deserves.

    Thank you for including me in the nature challenge, I loved doing it and am enjoying getting to navigate Instagram, which is new to me.

    I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for this past week! I have been able to truly relax and to spend precious time with my mom. My mom is also incredibly strong, insightful and loving (how lucky are we???)

    Thanks for always caring and for bringing sunshine to my life! 😍❤️🌺🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your mom sounds AMAZING and I loved reading your story about her. I’m SO happy you’re having a lovely time, and that the climate is so much better for you.

      I will always try to bring sunshine to your life, and I enjoyed seeing your bits of springtime on Instagram. I’ve been tagged again by another friend today, so off I go for another 7 days 😉

      And thank you…it’s been a tough week and I’m glad my ability to focus and find the silver linings hasn’t been lost. I really DO want to get back to normal though…I feel lost.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. You make it seem so easy to find goodness, little sparks of light and happiness – even when you say you haven’t been cheerful. It’s inspiring, my dear friend ❤ I love you

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  9. And once again, your writing proves your determination, which I find so inspiring. I hope you have a cheerful week ahead, and that you continue to mend and heal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kristi. Yes – huge determination to at least TRY to be cheerful and encouraging and shine some light and loveliness. Every little helps.

      And thank you – I hope so too, and I hope you have a lovely week as well.


    • Sorry to hear you’ve had a crappy week, Lisa, but so glad this cheered you a bit. I’m glad WonderAunty requested a cheering post because it seems as though more than just me and she really needed it! *hugs* Hope your next week is far far better, and that you find something to make you feel happiness in every day.

      And thanks…I’m glad I was able to write well…took me bloomin AGES though! lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I am very grateful for hot water bottles too, although we hit 22°C today, so I think I may put it away. Or maybe not, don’t want to tempt a cold front to come this way. Hope next week is better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hot water bottles are beautiful, wonderful things…and the weather’s about to turn nasty. Thunderstorms in time for Easter. Here’s hoping the internal weather is better next week!


    • Perspective is HUGE, and I think focussing on things which are positives in your life is a powerful way of realigning your thought processes. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  11. So I remain, this Good Friday, unredeemed. Yet (I am determined) not unredeemable.

    while it is in the nature of (all) effort to self-improve oneself (that we cannot see our eyes), in response to the above, I will cite the proof of efforts your own ‘words’:

    It hasn’t been a cheerful week I haven’t been cheerful this week

    this (your post) is so cool, at least for us clarks out here looking sideways (and surreptitiously) at and for other clarks and, at times like this (post) witnessing an alteration to (a clark’s) worldview that offers (not instruction, not lessons, not even learned information), validation that we, all of us, have within-our-own-damn-selfs the capacity to alter (not change, not improve, not make wholly-different-thank-god-I-can-have-a-normal-life-like-those-I-see)… simply alter it.

    very cool, yo

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much. I did my best to Denise myself up and find good in TODAY because, yaknow. Today led to reminiscing, and I think writing the post was rather an ordeal but very worthwhile 🙂

      The ‘better’ at the end was more intellectual than emotional, but it still made a difference and THAT mattered 🙂

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  12. I’m sorry that you aren’t having such a cheerful week. Me neither. Me neither girl.
    Sometimes it’s the oddest things like a fly landing on your screen or just stopping and standing in a rain puddle in your yard for a god awful long time looking like a freak — and yes I did that — would make you feel kind of fuzzy on the inside.
    I hope that this week turns up better for you. Has to. Hope in that. I’ll hope for you. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw your feet-in-puddle pic and I have to say, it took me a moment to recognise the puddle because it looked like you were standing in dry, and your reflection was a puddle YOU’D made! *giggles*

      ANYWAY I’m sorry to hear you’re having a less than cheerful week. Is there anything I can do? I’m glad the puddle-standing cheered you. I shall be sending every inch and ounce of hope for a better week for you, too, m’dear *HUGS*


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  14. I was feeling a little crappy last night. My sister called and said she needed to laugh, could she come over. So we both cheered up laughing about ourselves and our lives and our memories. You, my friend, always bring smiles and warm fuzzy feelings of love when I think of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwh well GOOD! I’m so glad your sister came over. What good timing. I had to go out today in search of people, and doing something useful, and having a walk, and those things all helped immeasurably. I need to see my sister a bit more though I think. I’ve been neglectful. Thanks for the reminder and YAY to you two having such fun.


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  16. I am thrilled to say that I had countless number of happies this week, most recent of which was going to the Aquarium today with my husband, my DIL and my granddaughter. Watching the joy on my 18 month old granddaughter’s face, while looking at the biggest turtle ever, made my heart overflow with happy. Life is good and I am blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhh those sound like beautiful memories, shared with very loved people, and what a wonderful way to spend a week. I’m so glad you had those moments of delight and happiness. The Biggest Turtle Ever sounds AWESOME 🙂


    • Yes. Thank goodness it’s over and I hope next week is better. If I can get back to work and be well enough…I really REALLY hope.

      I’m glad you found the post magical though – I wasn’t sure at all that I was going to be able to pull it off.

      Vegan junk food? Oreos, Doritos, salsa, guacamole (homemade), certain ‘safe’ brands of things like samosas, pakoras, onion bhajis, falafels, lots of varieties of dark chocolate, popcorn, homemade chocolate brownies, crisps…SO many things.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Sorry you had such a low week.
    Mine had its ups and its downs.
    I like how you started off your post marvelling at the tiny complexity of a pesky fly on your computer screen. It seemed to make you stop and think, just at the right moment, for perspective that you used to help you go forward with the rest of this post.
    Of course, the care your family are giving you currently and the same sort of care friends give freely are all things to be thankful for. Things will only improve from here and that’s a good sign.
    I just enjoyed a group text with my two brothers and we have our own little inside jokes, something nobody else would appreciate, and that made my Friday night.
    I also keep listening to the song my brother put together, spent hours and hours lovingly constructing, which he trusted me to write the lyrics for, and I am lucky.
    We both are.
    Glad to be here, in this space of yours, on this Friday night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing this space, Kerry. It’s funny (funny strange, not funny humorous) how many parallels we share in so many ways, and how many we don’t, but I’m glad you’re here and glad for all the things which have kept you going and enjoying and appreciating your week. I’m still so thrilled you and your bro created a song together – that’s awesome.

      I hope things improve from here. For both of us. In lots of ways.

      Liked by 1 person

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