Ten Things of Thankful 142 (Sick note) #10Thankful

It’s the end of what’s been an *extremely* long week, for one reason and another. As I type, my eyelids keep threatening to slam shut, and there are headachey grey clouds building on the horizon of my mind’s sky. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

I had access to the wonderful NHS, just when I needed it, to get a diagnosis of tonsillitis, and antibiotics to help my body fight it off. I’ve been feeling better and better, and I’m nearly back to my normal self. Nearly. Thank goodness for a country with healthcare and easy access to it.

I’m VERY thankful my boss was so understanding when I needed to take three days off work to get better, because all I could do was…sit. Or sleep. Or eat. Or be in pain, take meds, and try to unswell as much as possible.

My Sis took me out to dinner once I was back at work, and that was a DELIGHTFUL evening spent talking and talking and talking (and eating).

Two friends bought me bunches of flowers to cheer me up and send me their ‘get well soon’ wishes. I was cheered. A lot. And felt cared-about and loved, and that helped.

One of the friends who brought flowers also brought fruit (because vitamins and minerals and…tradition) and was just the right person in the right time at the right place to witness my deed polls, which had arrived. I OFFICIALLY have my new name, which is wonderful and feels *right*.

I had some lovely feedback at work on how I manage my job, and I got promoted to the next level up, which is lovely.

*brain starting to melt and words beginning not to make sense*

I’m glad I have wonderful friends online who checked up on me and cheered me and empathised while I was ill. That also helped.

IT SNOWED THIS WEEK, and more importantly, it did NOT settle and it did NOT last. There was sun, and it made rainbows on the walls and ceiling of my room (when I went for one of my many naps).

Some weeks its just all about the silver linings - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com

I’m glad for family and for the wonderful togetherness of people who are most definitely in one anothers’ corner, and who encourage and support each other, and provide great role models.

I’ve had SO MANY NAPS. I’ve eaten All The Things. I even read whole books and watched a series on DVD. I have relaxed and healed until the sofa near enough bore my bum-print, and whilst I’m glad to be nearly better, and for the chance to have rested and recuperated in comfort and whilst being looked after, I’m glad to think that next week I can get back to the healthier me, who does things like go to the gym, or not eat All The Things.

Sleep. I’m so thankful for sleep, and the chance to have more of it.

I’m thankful I can do a really crappy list of non-beautiful, functional-basic thankfuls, and that it all still counts. Thankful (and hopeful) you won’t hold it against me for not writing my usual flowery whateveriness of twinklysparklywhatnot – I’m just all out.

I’m thankful I’m not mathsy enough to count, too tired to care, and entirely quite delighted to fall back on the ol’ 1.3, and say I’m DONE.

Some weeks it’s just all about the Silver Linings, and I’ve had LOADS AND LOADS OF THEM. Really loads.

Still want YOU to link up though. Consider this – I’m setting the bar really *really* low, and I challenge you to do better.



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34 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 142 (Sick note) #10Thankful

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  2. oh my tonsillitis I hope you fell better soon and back on schedule going to the gym and not eating everything

    Congrats on the promotion – always a win, win when your efforts and work is validated. 🙂

    hang in there!

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  3. I’m glad you are feeling better. While it is nice to take loads of naps and relax on the couch for a few days, it gets old. Getting back to normal is a good thing.
    Congrats on the promotion!
    Also glad you were able to have a night out with your sis. Lovely thing to be able to do that.
    Hope you have a great, healthy, wonderful week.

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    • Thank you 🙂 I’m glad to be back to normal, and I think there’s been enough ill health around for everyone – roll on summer and no germs!

      Nights out with special people are awesome, and I’m glad to have the chance to strengthen my relationship with her – I think I’ve been neglecting it lately, so I feel good about having seen her.

      Hope you have an awesome coming week, too 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 What I WANT to, this week, is lose all of the (probably but not gonna actually MEASURE them) manymanytoomany lbs I added by sitting and sleeping and reading and watching and Eating All The Things.

      Here’s to getting back to a me I’m comfortable with. THAT needs to happen 🙂


  4. and, it just so happens that this last week was the (un)official start of ‘where did the year go’ acceleration of the perception of the passage of time (i.e. APoPoT*)

    hey! promotion! very cool and very good because the more things that happen to us, the more possibilities come into being!**

    *not a ‘real’ acronym… or for that matter not, (yet, at any rate), a real named phenomenon
    ** no, you’re absolutely correct, do not think about that when napping…. no, I don’t think you can disappear, at least not permanently…. I think
    gots to love that SR 1.3

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    • Thank GOODNESS for SR 1.3. I was beyond counting, at that point, and just slapped it in there in hopes it would suffice to book-end the whateveriness of this piece of still-not-really-sure.

      I think the ‘where did the year go’ acceleration tends to speed up around the time SUMMER COMES BACK (end of the month, end of the month, end of the month…) because we’re so willing to jettison the memory of the Dark Days, making it *almost* seem as though there was a quantum jump from Christmas to “Oh, isn’t the weather GLORIOUS”.

      Here’s to more possibilities!


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    • Ohhhmigosh yes, you do NOT want that! It’s been utterly miserable. I lost my sense of humour about it *entirely* by the fourth day. I wither when I’m away from people, and tucked up on the sofa (or in bed), all alone, was horrid!

      But the Silver Linings thing…thank GOODNESS that’s a robust skill. Growing up is optional (I hope) but Silver Linings are always findable 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks May. I’m better now, which is SUCH a relief. And I don’t know whether I was more thankful for the naps or the promotion this week! Probably the naps 😉


  6. Happy you are feeling better. I think you wrote posted tons this week, so that’s another thankful. Tonsilitis AND creativity. I love watching prisms make rainbows in the sunshine. That’s sparklytwinlywonderful.

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    • It was a *twinklysparklybeautiful* moment, which I then napped in, which was DELIGHTFUL. I needed it!

      I DID write tonnes! Goodness knows how – I can’t think I was even AWAKE that much! Goodness me! I must have had a lot brewing 😉


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  8. Sounds like a rotten illness you had, but yes I agree about NHS and all that available access to healthcare. Glad the meds are making you well again, but so great to hear you got flowers and fruit and naps.
    Hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your weekend before the start of yet another week.

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  9. And, in spite of all the sickness and serial napping, you still got your usual blog posts out and up to your usual standard – amazing – probably, you were just being stubborn – it does have its uses. Feel all the way better soon.

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  10. i’m sorry i didn’t catch that you were feeling down!

    i hope that things pull together fast an don’t overwhelm yourself too much, remember you’re beginning to feel better, i would think that you’ve not fully recovered…

    i wish you well!

    With honest love chris

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