Dunnit help to WATCH though

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Tom stood silently, firm in the knowledge that no-one would need to use the telephone, for anyone who was anyone was already busy – ensconced in his Grandma’s living-room, for heaven-only-knows what reason, but surely not a good one.

His mind wandered aimlessly through the morass of recent events, tripping over too-neat coincidences, sinking in despair at conclusions to which all the signs pointed, though his intellect feigned illiteracy in the face of those signs. He leaned his head against the cool pane of glass, loth to leave his post until he’d seen something more conclusive than which members seemed to be partaking of the collective agreement to cover-up (or entirely fuck-up) this impossibly complicated portion of all their lives.

A movement flickered in the far periphery of his vision, and a shadow flitted ghost-like across a crooked wall, a night-time spirit cast in lamp-light and (now) suspicion.

Who the hell else was watching the house?

He opened the door and stepped outside the telephone box.

Six Sentence Stories

This chapter brought to you by the lovely Ivy Walker, of Uncharted, and this week’s prompt POST

Here’s to the continuation, and finding out WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! One more prompt to fulfil soon, and I’ll be asking more people to GIVE ME A CUE! Keep your eyes peeled…

…meantime, catch up with chapters you’ve missed over at Murder, We Wrote.

32 thoughts on “Dunnit help to WATCH though

    • I sometimes used to worry (cycling or walking at night) that there might be ‘someone in the shadows’, until I realised the ‘person in the shadows’ might as easily be ME…

      Sometimes a little perspective goes a long way πŸ™‚ We’ll find out soon, with regard to this story πŸ™‚


  1. nice job of creating a story story (both Six Sentence Story and serial story)… I kinda enjoy the idea of segment (making up a serial story), the need to be self-sufficient and still be a part of a larger thing… cool

    Liked by 1 person

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