We all dunnit TOGETHER

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Mrs McAlister rose, taking every eye with her as she did so. The uppermost wisps of her iron-grey hair were only level with the Baron’s shoulder, but she nonetheless presented a formidable countenance as she addressed him, nary a quaver in her voice.

“Your Lordship, I find it regrettable that you feel so badly about this meeting – it wasn’t arranged in order to be clandestine, and certainly not to ire you, though quite how you found out about it, I don’t know,” her eye cast around the room, noting whose gaze no longer met hers “but suffice it to say, you have our word that there is no conspiring, no regret whatsoever in our actions, and absolutely NO need for you to go to the police with the truth.”

A murmur of rapid agreement made its way around the room and the Baron’s hackles seemed to lower.

He passed his hand across his brow and looked at the gathered faces of his villagers as Miriam gently closed the door, before walking towards him and putting her hand on his arm in a gesture of reassurance “It’s alright, your Lordship, really – we’re not plotting anything behind your back, just worried about the attention we all seem to be getting, and wondering how to manage these two kids now they’ve come back and are poking around, and anyway,” she added wistfully “even if things were better before all this happened, it’s still a bit like old times.”

Murder We Wrote

Today’s prompt was WISTFULLY, and was given (after I shouted out for people to ‘give me a cue’) by Paul, of Redneck Latte Ravings

I have two more prompts for this week, so watch out for the next chapters as they arise, and if you want to read me being interviewed on being an author, click HERE to go through to Jeri’s site, Word Bank…and if you want to catch up on the previous chapters of THIS story, click to visit ‘Murder, We Wrote

Want to get your cue into the story? Just look out for the next time I give a shout-out for prompts, and good luck! There’s plenty more story to go.

19 thoughts on “We all dunnit TOGETHER

  1. bonus points for using “Baron”! Awwww well done, my brilliant blog wife! I’ve been wanting to sit and read this from the beginning since I’ve missed so much. I absolutely love how you’re tying in words from other people. You are magnificent. xoxo

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    • Heheh I had to RESEARCH for that, but I’ll take the bonus points. Apparently Barons (in English aristocracy) are more likely to be landed gentry than mere lords. I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 That’s awesome.


  2. Haha. Damn kids. Now I’m getting a Scooby Doo vibe (do they have Scooby out there)? I’m sure it wasn’t intentional – I’m a bit warped. In fact I was just thinking that I was glad I hadn’t been tapped for the word of the day. You might end up with fart or burp. Or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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  3. With smart women like Mrs. McAlister and Miriam in charge, I’m sure His Lordship will be no trouble at all. One begins to wonder just what sort of shenanigans those two kids used to get up to in the old times about which Miriam is so wistful. HeHeHe

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