NONE of you dunnit

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

The door opened violently as the man strode into the room, ignoring Miriam’s plaintive cry of distress, and scanned the faces of the gathered crowd, bristling with rage.

“How jolly DARE you,” he shouted “you utter cads! Clandestine meetings behind my back? It’s bad enough I know the TRUTH of the matter, and you ALL are here, conspiring behind my back to…to…goodness-knows-what! I should just go to the police and have done with it!”

Baron Aldrich Ellington, self-professed ‘Lord of the Manor’ and all-round nice-guy, had long established himself as the sort of chap people cleaved unto, yet standing in the middle of Miriam’s little sitting room, apoplectic, he wondered for how much longer he could really rely on the people of (what he always consideredΒ his) village, especially now…

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22 thoughts on “NONE of you dunnit

  1. Ah, the “Lord of the Manor” — Of course, what little British village would be complete without one of those? And, to have excluded him from the community deliberations – SHOCKING! Shocking I say. And still no big answers – So, on we go, waiting for the next chapter. Love it!

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