You’ve ALL dunnit

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Miriam rose from her perch on the arm of the sofa, and walked towards the front door, her movements robotic, and her breathing rapid. Every eye was on her, and every footstep seemed to land unnaturally loudly; the sound of her slippered feet heightening the tension in the room as she neared the door.

The knock came again, louder, and more insistent this time.

As the door opened, and a well-known man’s voice demanded “Let me in this moment, Miriam Marsden,” the air in the room was so taut it could have been shattered by a single blink from any of the still-frozen villagers.

Murder We Wrote

This chapter of my Whodunnit (still six sentences at a time) was brought to you by the prompt ‘robotic’, my good friend James (who doesn’t blog, but *is* completely awesome), and the shout-out for cues last week, which yielded my first week of expanded storylines.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next call for cues!

Whizz over to the Murder, We Wrote page, to catch up on any chapters you’ve missed.

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