We ARE The Village (a #1000Speak post)

I’m amazed and delighted at how much has changed in the year since I first wrote about how We ALL need The Village, and serendipitously inspired Yvonne to found 1000 Voices for Compassion.

Last January, I wrote about the atrocities I’d noticed in the world, and the way people seemed to hide behind corporate blank looks and fear of raising their heads above the parapet, rather than deciding as individuals, to stand up for right, for good, for love. I had been brought to tears by soul-deep pain at tragic events in the world around me, had reached out to friends, and had been comforted by them and brought gently back into the light.

We need each other We ARE The Village - summat2thinkon.wordpress.com a #1000Speak post

Love won, that day, confirming to me that I absolutely, most definitely needed a Village around me. My opinion hasn’t changed. The Village provides a wealth of experience, knowledge, and modelled behaviours, which would be impossible to garner alone in one lifetime. The Village provides stability, friendship, a secure base, encouragement, suggested boundaries, inherited wisdom, and unlimited opportunities for learning the most important lessons – how to DO life, and how to LOVE.

I hope the people in my Village have seen increases in my self-confidence, compassion, capacity to encourage, and my determination to include others. I was recently asked what I thought people liked about me, and in spite of an initial ‘rabbit in the headlights’ moment, those were some of the characteristics I was able to suggest, which I thought other people might value in me, or recognise as important.

I equally hope that there have been noticeable reductions in my destructive behaviours over the year; decreases in self-pity, in anger and tantrums, and *fingers crossed* in neediness. That said, I *know* I’m a bit needy, as can often be the way with the chronically insecure (though getting secure-er, thanks to all the positive changes and reassurance of true friendships).

On the evening I began writing this post, in a mirror of the night I first wrote, I called out for support and encouragement, as I was feeling low. My Village crowded around me and buoyed my spirits, telling me wonderful things of love and hope and care, and their actions and kindness were just right – just what I needed, and I’m SO grateful to each and every person who helped.

Despite the mirrored situation, the changes in myself are almost tangible. I’ve become stronger, more resilient, and less apt to panic. I still get upset and feel sadness about the distance from my goals, or some of the people I love, or the state of humanity, but I rarely fall off the edge into the abyss of depression any more. It’s wonderful, because it’s freed me to focus much more on the positives of life – on giving back with encouragement, support, and friendship, where before I was in a receiving role. I like being a giver.

Givers or takers, though, we all need the Village, because there are days when we just can’t do it alone (whatever ‘it’ is). We all need the comfort and encouragement of people around us, to boost us and remind us they have faith in our ability to at least try. Even on days when things aren’t falling apart, we benefit from the delight of warm reciprocal connections, and the opportunity to cheer others on. I am convinced we are designed for relationships of myriad variety as we go through life. I think our hearts and souls grow to the size of our connected world, and allow us to engage meaningfully with a vast number of others.


In the past year, I have seen bonds forged between people in the furthest corners of the globe, as they’ve aligned their intentions and written their worlds in terms of compassion in thought, in word, and in deed. I’ve seen action taken to promote justice, mercy, peacemaking efforts, and above everything, LOVE.

I’ve borne witness to championed causes, brave revelations, new trends in kindness, and a wonderful, growing excitement about promoting the 1000Speak movement. It has winnowed its way into many, many corners of the internet, drawing people together with threads of silver and gold as each person has added their efforts to the whole, working together to weave a glorious, bright, messy tapestry, declaring compassion, connection, and togetherness as some of the very best ways to do life.

We’ve done it – we’ve been stronger together, and every effort and intention has been shared, appreciated, and furthered by other members of our Village.

We’ve spent a year building the Village, and whilst I don’t think there has been a distinct reduction in heartbreak headlines as a result, but there HAS been evidence to suggest an increase in people looking out for one another, stories championing kindness and humanity, and action taken to protect and help those in need.

There have been stories of respect found for people’s own selves, and for others. Tales of people taking responsibility, of making a difference, of being the difference. Epic journeys of self-discovery, which have reiterated time and time again, the revelation that we ALL are worthwhile; we ALL matter.

The times are still stormy, but we’re demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of forces which seek to divide us. We’re meeting the challenges head-on and discovering more and more that #LoveWins. We’re together, we’re stronger.

We need each other: we ARE The Village.

Let’s keep growing us.


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28 thoughts on “We ARE The Village (a #1000Speak post)

  1. I thought i’d commented earlier on this one, Lizzi. I must have meant to come back, and, well, forgot all about you. How very dare I.

    Lovely post, bean. I love your heart. I love your village…and how welcome Iv’e felt in it since day one. (Can I live here forever 🙂 ) And, I love you.

    #1000speak has added so much to my life… Thank you! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • You most certainly, absolutely, completely definitely may live in my Village forever. And I’m SO excited to come and meet you In Real at some point this year. We must arrange that. I rather treasure the thought that we’ll be In Real…even though it’s going to be probably weird at first, but also maybe not…with my Muricans, one of the things that struck all of us, was how rapidly it felt just…normal! It was lovely. And it will be lovely to meet you.

      NO how very dare you, because…no obligation. Ever 🙂 I don’t do that. But I’m glad that you love it, and that you love my heart and my me! I love you and your heart, too, my dear bean 🙂 (and I’m SO glad #1000speak has added so much to your life – I’ve been TERRIBLE at getting to any of the posts yet, and I WILL…the silver lining of being ill – more time on the computer 🙂 ) ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Ohhh I do hope so! I’m still impatient and struggling to wait, but there MUST be good lessons for me to learn while I’m still here, and ways I can strengthen and develop the friendships I have 🙂


    • I don’t think any of us is ever really ‘there’, after all, there’s always room for improvement. It’s nice to see progress though, for sure, and other people joining in and taking up the standard of compassion. That’s very encouraging.

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. This is great and I wasn’t aware of it until reading this post. I have been carried through rough spots by my own village – family, friends, church. And now feel a lot of support for my writing from blog friends/supporters. Does it count if your mission is to make people laugh? That is why I write, but I do like to help people think too in the midst of the humor. There is way too much despair marketed by news agencies with goal of good ratings. Wonderful to see a movement that highlights the positive and love that is emminent in human nature too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it absolutely counts if your mission is to make people laugh – just look at people like Chris Rock and Robin Williams. We NEED entertainers. We NEED people who can lift our spirits and help us find joy and delight in life. It’s fundamental for us, as people, to be able to laugh and enjoy something, to feel free.

      I love that you’ve just seen where your own Village has carried you through. I’m glad you know you have one 🙂 Welcome to this part of mine 🙂

      And YES! Love, compassion, positive actions which benefit the self and others – that’s what 1000Speak is all about. If you have time to look at any of the other posts linking up, I recommend Yvonne’s – it’s brilliant and describes how love is at the core of us, and compassion brings us closer to our most authentic selves.

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  4. So glad to be in the same village as the mighty Lizzi Lewis. So proud to see all of your progress – and always here to chase away the dark with sparkles. But didn’t you know…you had that magic all along?? If you didn’t – I hope you’re starting to figure it out.

    Liked by 2 people

    • *grins* You too, huh? I’m fascinated by the message which seems to be repeating itself to me this week, and it’s one I think I need to pay heed to. It’s about me, and ‘all along’, and it’s fascinating thinking. Thank you ❤

      And I'm HUGELY glad you're part of my Village. BigMegaLots huge. And I'm so thankful for your friendship, your support and encouragement, your sparkliness, and all that you are 🙂 🙂


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  6. Sometimes I pull back and watch the flow from the sidelines. Still, the village feeds me. Then, there are times when I can jump right in and never miss a beat. You always welcome me back. Thank you!!

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  7. You are so right Lizzi. It does indeed take a village, and I, like you, count on my village in so many, many ways. From my own quiet observation deck of all things Lizzi, I have taken note of wonderous, positive change, all the while baffled at how someone so incredible could ever for one nanosecond think of herself as less than, or not enough. Trust me Ms. Lizzi, you are an amazing inspiration to those around you, even those who, like me, watch from afar and shoot lit’l messages here n’ there. There is only one Lizzi in the whole wide world – hopefully you’ll be on this side of the world sooner than later – and this world needs you. Guess that makes us the needy ones, huh? 😉 Keep on keepin’ on Ms. L. I have no doubt what-so-ever that you will reach ever goal you set your mind (and heart) to. – Hugs from Idaho. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I FINALLY got to this! Oy! It’s been a day when jetlag has utterly kicked my ass! I love your perspective though, and thank you for such wonderful encouragement.

      I’ve been in therapy, looking at why I have these deep-seated beliefs about my own lack of ‘enough’ness, and the heritage of my (often) appallingly low self-opinion. It seems to come back to the circumstances in which I grew up, the abuse and undermining to which I was subjected, and the way those negatives were reinforced for years and years and years. I’m working on fighting back against them, and one of the things which has MOST helped has been the input of the people I’ve found in the World Between the Wires, who have no agenda with their friendships, and no obligation to appease me. I have been fortunate enough to find genuine love here, and it’s wonderful, and slowly undoing the impact of the past.

      I’m so glad you think I’m an inspiration – if there’s a legacy I’d love to leave, it’s that people connect with one another more strongly, care about each other more deeply, and are more willing to recognise the humanity and worth in one another. THAT would be amazing.

      As to my dreams…I’m working on them, and I hope SO much that I’ll reach my goal, and your shores. *HUGS* ❤


    • I’m HUGELY glad you wandered into my Village! I think you fit *perfectly* and you seem to be one of the people who’s so good at connecting and linking and encouraging – anyone would be lucky to have you as part of their world 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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