Ready to FIND OUT whodunnit

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Harriet P. Hercules, intrepid reporter (because there always is one), notebook and pens at the ready, camera to hand (well, iPhone), on the brink of a piece of masterful investigative journalism, reporting for business to uncover a story so sensational, her career would skyrocket – absolute dead cert!

She got out of her tiny red car and stood firm, her feet proudly on the familiar pathways of childhood, but herself reinvented. The bespectacled, gawky girl was long gone, and the kids (well, and adults) who had thought she’d never amount to anything, should be so lucky to witness her soon-to-be meteoric rise to success on the back of this story, for the nationals would be interested in a murder story where an entire village might get charged…

Locking her tiny red car, with its embarrassingly loud BEEPshe set out for the place where she could be guaranteed a warm welcome and a friendly face, and hopefully a way into the background of a tale so incredulous it had set tongues wagging for miles around. The Post Office Cafe (a handy combination of watering-hole and village hub) would be bound to have someone inside who knew what was going on, and could be persuaded to impart information in exchange for a cup of Earl Grey, a slice of Mrs McAlister’s home-made Victoria Sponge, and the promise of their name in the papers.

Harriet strode forward, relishing her altered role within the tapestry of the village – a returning success; a no-more-no-hoper; a girl made good – and turning smartly on her heel in front of the old, blue-painted door with the hand-lettered sign still taped behind the little roundy-glass windows, saw the blond man sat at the table inside, faltered and promptly dropped her phone.

Six Sentence Stories

This Six Sentence Story brought to you by the prompt, CHARGE, and the beautifully wonderful Ivy Walker.

I KNOWWWW, I promised an important and exciting update to this, and so there shall be, but this week has been more jammed than I ever imagined (watch out for the FTSF/TToT mash-up this weekend for more info and explanation) and I’ve had to let it slide. BUT, it’s still in the offing, and STILL very exciting.

So join your stories, talk amongst yourselves, and if you want to catch up on the last chapter, click here to see WHAT have you gone and dunnit?

25 thoughts on “Ready to FIND OUT whodunnit

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  2. there is something familiar about Harriet… no, don’t hold me to it, but….

    lol dude! we (all collectively as friends and correspondents) exist in a virtual (and therefore, arguably, imaginary) world, then there is this fiction (within a fiction does that make it real someplace in the mutliverse? like double negatives in grammar) compounded by the need (and enjoyment) of creating characters! (who I might be inclined to argue have as much basis for arguing for realness as any bunch of people ‘liking’ and commenting on the Facebook)

    I totally like it!

    (I just thought to re-read your Comment at the Doctrine… did not last night, suspect I will see a confirmation of this above)

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  3. Cmon!!!! No, i was wondering last week how you could possibly get that story twist you promised when so much was happening this week….i did manage to refrain then…from asking if you were f****** schnookered or something!!!

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  4. FIRST!?!?!? (giggle snort) Who is the blond man, and what is her history with him (betting on major school years crush)? Did her phone break? Will anybody tell her anything? Oh, my, the suspense, the deepening and multiplying mysteries! And the delayed big announcement. More anticipation – Oh, there’s a song about that – making us wait.

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