And what had the VICTIM dunnit?

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

If I were a crayon? What the actual…it *really* says that?!”

DCI Lucas rolled his eyes to the heavens as the voice at the other end of the phone answered with a long affirmative.

A letter, found buried in the bottom of the paper recycling bin at one of the older residents’ houses suggested the victim had tried to reach out (albeit in an odd manner) to explain how, in spite of his brown skin and unusual ways, like a crayon that didn’t fit in with the colours surrounding it in the box, he could nonetheless bring depth of tone, contrast, exciting change, and bright new harmonies to the village, improving all their lives.

The chap had waxed beautifully lyrically, even if his spoutings were a bit on the trippy side, the detective mused. Such a shame he was so awfully dead, but perhaps this might shed new light on the motives for his murder – it had to be race, didn’t it…unless…no…this couldn’t have been interpreted as a slight, could it?

Six Sentence Stories

This was the latest episode of Six Sentence Stories, as hosted by Ivy, and the cue was TRIP.

Finish the Sentence Friday

It also blends into Finish the Sentence Friday, with the starter “If I were a crayon…” hosted by Kristi Campbell. Fancy your hand at either? Come and join in 🙂

Preceding episodes (from the beginning)

A Whodunnit

So who DID dunnit?

No WAY did YOU dunnit!

Maybe they ALL dunnit.

We know who DIDN’T dunnit.

HOW did they dunnit?


38 thoughts on “And what had the VICTIM dunnit?

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    • I’m beginning to have an inkling, and I THINK I even know what they dunnit WITH, and how they disposed of the thing…but I’m still floundering a bit around the WHY (can you tell?). And who KNOWS what Tom’s up to at the moment…

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    • Thank you Janine 🙂 It’s the latest installment of a murder mystery I’ve been working on for the last…gosh, couple of months now! It’s great fun. I look forward to seeing what you did with the prompt 🙂


  2. I always thought multitasking was overrated, but this works. Beautiful words: “in spite of his brown skin and unusual ways, like a crayon that didn’t fit in with the colours surrounding it in the box, he could nonetheless bring depth of tone, contrast, exciting change, and bright new harmonies to the village, improving all their lives.” I’m glad Lucas appreciates his depth.

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    • Thank you so much, OceanHeart! I know I sometimes over-stretch, but I thought this was good, because it kind of enabled me to write (ish) what I *would* have written if I’d been responding to the FTSF prompt in a straightforward manner 🙂


  3. Ok – so I just walked into the room mid conversation and don’t really know what is going on. See my quizzical face? Intriguing though – and was it a slight? Great way to write – I may start limiting myself to six sentences a day in real life. Would save a lot of babble!

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    • Heheheh Gilly, that would be perhaps one of the most difficult things EVER! As humans, we’re allllll about language. We build it, invent it, re-use it, repurpose it, it is absolutely CONSTANT and we need it – studies have even shown we die without it!

      I linked the rest of the ‘conversation’ at the bottom of the post, just in case 😉

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  4. Well how clever is that putting the SSS and the FTSF together. That crayon one eluded me…I passed off to Zilla.
    Definitely cool continuing your story. I WAS doing that with my Lie but decided to pull it to work on as short story for later use. Or more. Not sure yet.

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    • OOoooooh that sounds like an exciting emergent plan for the Lie 😀 GOODY! I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do with this one (probably nothing) when it finishes (if we ever get there, which surely WE MUST!)

      The crayon one eluded me too, which is why it ended up like this 😉

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    • 😉 I hoped you wouldn’t mind too much – the prompt was TOO FUNNY not to do something a bit subversive with, and actually it meant I could kindasorta write what I mightawoulda wrote if I’d going to be (trying to) write it properly, and also very gently take the piss *blows kisses*

      BUT yay! It worked out great this way, I think. I had a lot of fun with it (and actually wrote this before I remembered I needed to ALSO include the SSS prompt, so retrofilled it!)

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  5. (I’m with zoe), like… damn! I know from experience that writing a serial story, a chapter at a time, is tough. My hat is not only doffed, it is burning and turning to ash on the ground in front of me, as I bow to your ability to write a serial with a single word revealed each week, and….and! in six sentences!
    I repeat, ‘damn!’

    I especially liked the line, “…he was so awfully dead

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  6. {giggles} Oh, my, was the victim reaching out to make friends, or pleading for mercy? Poor DCI Lucas, he has the puzzling evidence stacking up around him. Will he solve the mystery or suffer a breakdown in frustration and confusion and retire to the South of France? And, what of Tom? Is he still in the pokey or running for his life? Will we ever know? — Hey, that’s 6 – stoping

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    • Tom is in suspended animation, I think, while we figure out this bit of the story. But perhaps if Ivy makes good on her promise of haemorrhoids or ostrich, I’ll have an ‘in’ for retirement in France, or the product of his stress. Or something hehhe WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN *cue mystery cliffhanger music*

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