HOW did they dunnit?

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

“What do you mean, they all tested positive for blood spatter? Every single one…even the children? Why are the patterns inconsistent with the murder…and where the HELL is whatever weapon was used to cut him in two?”

With the phone held tight between his ear and shoulder, Detective Chief Inspector Lucas closed his eyes and massaged his temples with the fingertips of his spare hand as he made barely-legible notes on an already-full notepad. The voice wittered on the other end for a few more moments, transcribed at speed into further layers of complexity in a case so nightmarishly complex his grey hairs were getting the collywobbles and thinking of quitting for an easier life.

“Look, unless there’s been a change in the law which allows me to prosecute an entire village, we need EVIDENCE, so keep looking until you find something I can use.”

Six Sentence Stories

This has been part of Ivy’s Six Sentence Stories, and the prompt was CHANGE.

To catch up on preceding episodes, here they are, in order:

A Whodunnit

So who DID dunnit?

No WAY did YOU dunnit!

Maybe they ALL dunnit

We know who DIDN’T dunnit

37 thoughts on “HOW did they dunnit?

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  2. I love the way this twisting tale continues to tease and surprise us! You can bet I’ll be back next week to see if any substantial clues have yet come to light! I hope you are having as much fun writing each chapter of this story as we are reading it and waiting… waiting… to see how it all comes out in the wash! 🙂

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