Ten Things of Thankful 134 (Of Big Things and Little Ones) #10Thankful

I’ve already read one speed-written post this evening. My friend Gigi (who assures me she might, perhaps, link up with us) was charged with writing a post in an hour. Would that I had the luxury of an hour! Nay, fair friends – I have but 16 minutes until I’m officially late for keeping up with my schedule.

That said, as the schedule is self-imposed, it hardly matters too much. Except it does, because the other end of the schedule – the reward, endgame, or goal, of being organised (somewhat) this evening – is SLEEP! Which I need. We all need sleep, and to judge by the prevalence of sleep-related articles on the internet, I assume that most of us aren’t getting enough, but I quite chronically aren’t. I stay up late (til 2am or so) most nights, to keep up with my Muricans, who have the temerity to operate in an entirely different timezone, precluding first-thing-in-the-morning contact (unless they’re late-late on their way to bed) and early evening chats which coincide. Instead I am forced to hang on until after lunchtime for them to wake up, and then bid them good evening as I stagger to bed, wishing once again (and so fervently) that I were in the right timeline.

It will happen.

This week, I even have some thankfuls pertaining to The Plan, which is as yet still very much amorphic and unsettled, but results in me living in Murica, having trained as a massage therapist, thus affording me a method of gainful employment and spare time in which to write. That’s one way forward, anyway. Others are still more amorphic and audacious to the point of outrageous, and I’m not willing to share them yet, but BELIEVE ME, if I can pull it off, my Plan B(1) is absobloominlutely FABULOUS.

I’m also going to be away this weekend, visiting Dad and propping up his comfy couch (it’s due to rain. a lot.) so I will be relaxing in a manner quiteΒ in absentia from the normal of my weekend. I’ll catch you all as I can (I’ll still have my phone with me – of COURSE I’ll still have my phone with me).

9 minutes left.

My Thankfuls run thus, in no particular order:

Bruises on my knees to remind me that I’m too big and heavy to clamber out of the swimming pool umpteen-thousand-and-millionty-one times to dive back in with Niece…but that I have a Niece who LOVED going swimming with me, who conquered her fear of The Deep end, and who wanted to dive in with me, holding hands, as “Love Star Jumps” umpteen-thousand-and-millionty-one times.

Strange and unusual switches, which may or may not send us into space, call The Doctor, or set off some mysterious chain of reactions (Rube Goldberg-style) which makes something utterly magical happen. Or something utterly awful. I pondered the switch for a while, and eventually plucked up the courage to ask a nearby Friendly, who informed me (and demonstrated to me) that the Strange and Unusual Switch…

…turned on…

THE LIGHTS! *sigh* (I was a little disappointed, but it’s still a cool switch, and I can dream).

Thankful for the Strange and Unusual


What else. Hm. Four minutes to go, and I feel as though my schedule is NOT going to be kept up with. The beauty of having one’s own schedule and inherently self-centred accountability, is that when you let yourself down in one area, you then find yourself in something of an internal altercation, with the disappointed side rolling their eyes and charging the wayward side to do better, all the while the wayward side thumbs her nose and explains that writing is a most beautiful endeavour, and boxes and showers and piffling things like SLEEP can wait.

Upon which point, NAPS make the list (and the wayward side has just reminded the accountable one that BOTH OR ALL OF US had a forty minute nap earlier, which must surely offset some of the urgency to be getting to bedΒ quite so soon), even though some of my naps might be 6 minutes or 9 minutes, snuck between sets of patients at my clinic…some might be accidental naps on a cold hall floorway (too cold to repeat, even though I got a post out of it), and some might be delicious, totally snuggled naps (on my mum’s bedroom floor, tucked up close to the warmth and whir of her dehumidifier, whilst wrapped in my king-size duvet) for two blissful, much-needed hours. Whichever way they come, as long as they don’t happen at the wheel of a moving vehicle, I love them.

Genius financial advice from the mind which took an accidental nap

I’m now out of time, but the wayward side is folding her arms and demanding to continue, so I will, and will let you know (a la Gigi) how much longer than expected it all took me. That said, I’m probably pretty pleased and perhaps pompous in pronouncing that I’ve produced so much in 16 minutes. That said, 801 words is only as good as their content, and that, my lovelies, is down to YOU to discern, as to whether or not this tickled your fancy or left you spitting kittens*

Plans have been laid and must persist, and in spite of my recalcitrance and heel-dragging (because it’s hard work and boring and omg I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!) I’m getting the packing of boxes done at the flat, and gradually moving them over to Mum and WonderAunty’s house where they’re being schlepped up into the loft to sit there until I’m ready to either jettison the contents and accept they no longer have a place in my life, or to assume them into whatever new format my life takes, as and when it become somewhat settled.

I’m still SO SO SO SO HUGELY VERYMUCH thankful for everyone’s support and encouragement in said doings, and right this second now, for WonderAunty, who expressed her horror at my plan to visit the supermarket and get cardboard boxes soon, and brought me a little bowlful of honey-roasted cashews. She’s also taken on the project-management of my move, and is doing all things most wonderfully, in ways that I wouldn’t even begin to think of.

That said, I did manage to take myself to the Big, In-Town Post Office and get my photo took (feedback on said photo being “It’s not terrible – it just looks as all these types of photo look – they’re all ‘of a kind’, and that’s just how it happens” (I’m just glad I look like a drug smuggler rather than an axe-murderer, which seem to be the only options for these things)), and my International Driver’s Permit OBTAINED (thanks Val, for putting me onto it). So I’m now going to be road-legal in February, when I visit to start establishing work roots and getting sorted out.

Ten minutes over, and I’m reminded to be thankful for Lisa, who did some proof-reading for me, and gave me VERY helpful feedback like “You’ve got a couple of sentences which stop halfway and don’t go anywhere”, because I was suffering from a nearly-cold, and just *couldn’t*. I’m thankful for Galit, who asked for the piece in the first place (watch this space – it’s going to be in a brand-new-for-me place, SOON), and for Yvonne, for keeping things going in 1000Speak (the theme’s forgiveness, this month…start thinking now in preparation for the 20th).

12 minutes, and I’m thankful for Clark’s insistence that the gravity challenge is an exercise in self-vs-self rather than any kind of competition against others (if it were, it would be one I was losing) and that I’m vaguely participating (though I’m not sure that the cashews (or the bowls of sugary cereal I had previous to those) will help my cause). Ah well. Ups and downs happen, and as long as the general trend is POSITIVE (in attitude, not lbs) I should be okay. I will be. I will be okay.

I’m super thankful for the people who check in with me each week, some a few times, some every day, and make my world much, MUCH better with their friendship. Just…you guys are AWESOME and I adore you. A lot. Thank you πŸ™‚

I reckon that’s Ten Things, and a delightfully mirrored 16 minutes the other side of the o’clock, I’m DONE!**

YOUR TURN! What things have you been thankful for lately? Big ones? Small ones? Some as big as your (wait, does that work for thankfuls?)

Happy weekend, my lovelies.


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*Sneaky thankful there, for a turn of phrase I used in this week’s Six Sentence Story, which got everyone talking.

**Okay, I was done writing, but once I’d made the links and the linkie code and the pictures and flung it all together, it was rather later, at 11.35pm. NOW I go to get boxes…

50 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 134 (Of Big Things and Little Ones) #10Thankful

  1. I think I am jealous that WonderAunty is your project manager, because I think I need one in my life.
    So you really are coming to ‘Murica in February? I thought you were kidding about being here for Sarah’s birthday.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your plans!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh I’m very, VERY lucky to have such a wonderous WonderAunty as she is. VERY. Truly.

      And YES I was serious. Am serious. I’m coming over to start putting down work roots and figuring out the college and how I’m going to go about everything.


  2. Oh yep, definitely endorsing your content, and fluency of writing. If only I could bash out so much of quality in 32 minutes … well done! Lots to be thankful for and thanks for helping so many others to do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lady E πŸ™‚ You’re very kind. I’m pleased I managed to turn this post into something which wasn’t just whiney and ridiculous. I think focus on the thankfuls helped, for sure.

      I’m always glad to help others be thankful.


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  4. I started braining again today, totally at random. By which I mean I have the capacity to brain, not that my memory has improved at all.

    What was it you wanted me to research for you again??

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. I’m CHECKING IN NOW!!! Oh, how just love reading and catching up on YOU. I am so proud of ALL those hard and brave steps you are taking to get your plan and your dream in place- because I know when it all comes clear and you are where you NEED to be, you will be SO HAPPY.

    I get so much of this. The sleep- or lack thereof… the naps- which I am getting ready to do because I am STILL sick with this awful bug. And the moving is such hard work- and the process of elimination, which is emotional and glorious and difficult all at once. The swimming made me SMILE BIG- knowing you are grabbing those precious moments hard with all your heart! Just all of it. Are you gonna be on VProud? Oooh- I can’t wait!!!

    I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh NO! Kitty! I’m so sad you’re still ill! That sucks so much 😦 I hope you heal really soon!

      I’m not sure if I’m going to be on vproud or something else, but Galit seemed pleased with what she received, so YAY! Here’s hoping it’s something awesome which comes out of it!

      And yes…moving is relentless and I feel like I’m failing and should be doing so SO much more. I’m letting myself down. I’m letting everyone down by just not getting on with it and being remotely capable about it.

      I can’t wait to be back. I know it’s going to be different each time, because there just won’t be the same…well…anything. But I still just cannot WAIT.


  8. Murica would be lucky to have you! That said, do your homework regarding be able to be a massage therapist here, BEFORE you make any such move. Make sure that where ever you choose to settle down, they will accept your license and training. My neighbor was a licensed massage therapist/ practitioner in her home country, and they would not accept her license or training, forcing her to attend massage school ($$$)all over again (she is NOT from the UK). Best of luck with your goal of getting more sleep. I hear ya on that one. With my son’s school this year being on a different schedule from his elementary school and preschool before that, we are having to get up 2 hours earlier and my body does not want to fall asleep at 9 pm so I can wake up at 5:00 am. Yuck! I know what you’re talking about, trying to maintain conversations across so many time zones. When my brother and his family lived there in the UK for five years, we had an 8 hr. time difference. And we only chatted very infrequently. I can only imagine the challenge if we had been in constant contact!

    That said, I am so very and utterly thankful that my son is finally not having a horrible and terrible time at school for the first time in a very long (1 1/2 yrs?) time. With his learning disability and anxiety and other things, school is not a happy place for him. But this past week, he was actually happy about it. I was thrilled, dazed, and just about cried.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That your son was happy at school after so long is AMAZING! Wow. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for. I’m so happy for him, and for you.

      The time difference is just a nightmare. Truly. Awful. Ergh!

      And getting up at 5am sounds horrendous and NOT like something I would ever appreciate or manage with good grace.

      Thanks for the tip about the massage licencing! I’ll be sure to check it out! That’s really helpful advice. Thank you πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You have to be the best aunt ever. And I would love to live in the UK…you wanna live in Murica? lol. And good for you – embracing change like the phenomenally phenomenal that you are. πŸ™‚ hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would SO VERY SWAP WITH YOU! I need to embrace change. It has to happen. I need to change my stars, my world, my self…so many things.

      And if I were a better person I could be a better aunty. I’m just doing what I can, for now, til I figure it out.



  10. Star jumps?
    I’m picturing a lot of acetaminophen going on and ice packs. hee hee….oh I’m old and arthritic. I think my last “star jump” happened when I did a tumble down the stairs. It was graceful. Kidding.
    The time zone thing must be horrendous — especially with posting and keeping up. I often wonder when you sleep because you always seem like you’re awake. I still think you’re part vampire. A glittery one πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glittery vampires…ergh! That’s the kind of glittery I DON’T like lol. P.S. I think craft herpes (from my other post, about becoming, was from you, in the beginning, so thanks for that).

      No ice-packs needed. We were jumping into water, not downstairs πŸ˜‰ Your last star-jump…ergh….can’t even call it falling with style, or trying to get forever busted by airport security… *HUGS* (gentle ones)

      TimeZones are just dreadful. Dreadful.


  11. That time difference is a big pain in the arse. Your and my schedules match up less frequently than a full moon on Christmas. It will be nice to be in the same time zone someday. Sounds like plans are ticking along. A license and everything!
    I was never able to nap. For years and years. The last few, though, I’ve finally managed to take them, and they are as marvelous as everyone said they’d be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that you nap now. I’m glad you have the chance. Naps are truly wonderful, amazing, life-restoring things.

      And yes…those TimeZones. Confound them! I’m so frustrated with them. I miss you. I’m annoyed we keep missing one another, and frustrated at myself for not being better at making the effort to keep up. Sorry 😦


  12. I can’t imagine what would come out of my head and onto the page in an hour these days! It would be fun to try. You certainly do have many things to be grateful for. I’m amazed at the strides you have taken in my absence. You are making it all happen! I’m proud of you, EG.
    I know how you despise the time zones. Soon enough, love. Soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well….give it a try and see! It’s a fun exercise if nothing else.

      I’m trying so hard to take strides. I feel like I’m taking one baby-step forwards and several giant strides back, at the moment, though that surely can’t be the case. Thanks for being pleased with me and seeing good things and progress where I see frustration and too-slow.

      I do truly hate the time-zones. I’m narrowing down the ‘why’s, and they’re a complex set of tangles. Soon. Soon. Soon.

      I hope I can wait gracefully.


  13. Sweet dreams, Lizzi, Wherever and whenever they happen. Gotta say I like your perspective on Clark’s challenge, positive in attitude, even if not pounds. I think I’ve become a bit more self-accepting through Gravity Challenge. Just realized that as I read those words. The strange and unusual is a great item for the wondering and imagining that goes with it. Glad I could help re: driver’s license. My sister employed au pairs and I remember one of them crashing her car and the issue of the International Driver’s license came up. Glad I could file that away for use at a later time. Looking forward to being in the same time zone with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a wonderful stroke of genius, Val. I’m so SO grateful.

      And re the gravity challenge…I just today got my motivation back. I am determined not to let who I once was, reclaim me. I shall be doing better from now on.


  14. Laughing about the time zone thing. A couple of morning show hosts would call people on the west coast when it was still something like 3am. The sleepy victim would be greeted with, ” wha..it’s 6am here.” I like your thankfuls.

    Liked by 1 person

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  16. So you are back to this side of the Atlantic next month are you?
    I am already thinking of what to write on the topic of forgiveness and should have something prepared for the 20th alright. Can’t believe it’s already one year since you thought up that beautiful idea for spreading compassion.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Oh Boy, FIRST — HeHeHe – OK, down to business – The time (time limit, that is) had me trying to read this as fast as you had to be typing it. That was fun. The other time thing (zones) – I get into a milder form of that because I have FB friends in California, 4 hours different from here. I yawning when they are just finishing supper. Then there are some groups I keep up on with members all the way (as best I can tell) from Finland, through the UK, Merica (all the way across) [BTW, when I first saw your mention of Merica I mis-read it as Mercia, the region of the ancient kingdom bordering Wales] and then on to Australia, Singapore, India, and South Africa, so on FB its a 24 hour day. Damn, I forgot to check what time I started, oh well. Now I’ve lost track of any coherent thread of thought I may have been on. Thankful for your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trying against the clock was a fun exercise and I hope you made it through in the same time – did you? But yeah, the timezones thing is a pain and it bothers me a lot. Being in the right zone with my Muricans was SO wonderful. I can’t wait for it to happen again.

      Hope you re-find your thread, if it mattered πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I wasn’t keep track of the time, but I’m sure I came pretty close. If I have your Murican destination right, around OK City will put you right smack in the middle of our continental time zones. And, the thread? Not sure there really was one, or it just ran out – not worried, had fun. I’ll have to do more rapid writing.

        Liked by 1 person

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