We know who DIDN’T dunnit

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Head in hands, heart in mouth, and the sensation of bile rising in stomach and brain, Tom sat in the back of the police car, watching his colleagues leave in the ambulance. He should have been with them.His unceremonious and very public eviction from the village hall (upon discovery) had resulted in an unanticipated half-day off work, and not the good kind! The boss was spitting kittens at his now-confirmed involvement, even sideways, tangentially, and by accident, and his pay was bound to be docked, even though the policeman had been apologetic about requiring his time.

Had been apologetic.

Now the officer looked at him sternly in the rear-view mirror of the car and revealed the reason for his detention “Sir, I need you to explain your connection with this place, those people, and that murder…take your time, and do, please, be exact”

Six Sentence Stories

Linking once more with the lovely Ivy for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt this week is ‘Exact’.


33 thoughts on “We know who DIDN’T dunnit

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  4. Now that I’ve scrolled through the comments, mine is repetitive…but I adore the phrase “spitting kittens!” I need to backtrack now, though – I missed the first parts of this story.

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  5. Now he’s in for it, and if he didn’t do it, i feel for him, as he will probably be accused and tried anyway. “Spitting kittens” is a great descriptor.

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  6. I’m going to add spitting kittens to my vocab, as in “I almost spit a kitten”. It’s nicer than some other similar expressions. Sort of. Love the story. Hope Tom doesn’t get in too much trouble at his job. I know how important, from watching cop shows, it is to be exact. Lots of twisted truth, but then maybe that’s what makes the shows exciting.

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    • I don’t think Tom’s dishonest, but I’m not sure he knows what’s going on, really, poor chap! He’s been very much parachuted into the middle of this mess, and now I have to try to get him out!

      Spitting kittens is GREAT for anger or frustration…it’s really ‘what it says on the tin’.


  7. “spitting kittens” I love that – Poor Tom’s ordeal just keeps getting more complicated. Will we ever learn what happened? Will Tom go to jail, have to leave town, be forced to solve the mystery himself? Tune in next week fans, or the next if the prompt doesn’t work out. HeHeHeHeHe

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    • Heheh I’m glad you like it. “Spitting kittens” is such a succinct way of putting it, yet with such intense imagery. One I don’t get to use often enough.

      Still LOVING how this is developing. I hope I get to find out the answers right alongside you!

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