Maybe they ALL dunnit

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Tom’s mind span out of control as he tried to process the new information – that his darling Grandma was somehow at least partially (maybe) responsible for a grisly murder – and slowly his sense of vision returned, revealing the face of that beloved lady peering anxiously into his.

“Lovey,don’t try to move and we’ll get you a cup of tea in a trice…I know it’s a nasty shock but it’s really just one of those things which snowballed and…don’t move, darling, look, drink some tea and try to gather your wits about you before you get up.”

Tears sprang unbidden to Tom’s eyes as he tried to piece together his Grandma’s pedestal, now shattered by wickedness.

“Grandma, will you tell me what happened, I mean, WHY it happened…how you could POSSIBLY… I mean, did YOU…just explain to me, please?”

Her sweet, peach-fluff-and-wrinkles face closed like shutters before the winter winds, as she drew herself up; every inch of her 4’2″ bristling with steely resolve.

“Thomas Benjamin Marsden, I absolutely will NOT!”


Six Sentence Stories

Joining up with Ivy again, and taking inspiration from this week’s prompt RESOLVE.

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