10 Things of Thankful 132 (with or without feeling) #10Thankful

I have everything I need. I have MORE than everything I need. I have all the basics covered, and huge, glorious spadefuls of abundance and plenty. Maslow would look down his nose at me for being so close to the tip of his pyramid and for still feeling…flat.

Thankful with or without feeling

I guess the point is that thankfulness as an attitude is something you live rather than something you necessarily feel…so as generally-recognised ‘leader’ of this little hop (admittedly I feel I sometimes lead from the rear, or from within the happy team-feel of the other co-hosts, all of whom are supportive, encouraging, (forgiving,) and thoroughly wonderful at keeping things going without adequately acknowledging the fundamental part they play in making this happen each weekend – they’re my #1) it behoves me to plow ahead and ensure that I’ve at least got an entry. Silver Linings – I HAVE things to be thankful for, even if I’m not feeling it. That’s huge.

Having the time and space to write…not just time and space, but a game of Scrabble on the go, Mamma Mia on the tv, a pretty Christmas tree ahead of me, and all the basics covered within the context of my lovely and loving family is forsure #2.

Knowing that there are people of my heart ‘out there’, who make huge difference in my life on a daily basis (and here’s the cool thing one of the cool things about this hop – it’s perfectly acceptable to be thankful for the same things week on week (#3) because those vital gratitudinals are just that – vital) is something I’m forever and ever thankful for – #4. The fact that they are actively engaged and care to make a difference; #5. That they’re all currently safe and healthy in spite of adverse weather conditions (physical/emotional/familial) is a HUGE, huge, huge thankful. Definitely #6.

I am in a state of overwhelm, yet I have a newly volunteered project manager (HUGE thanks, WonderAunty) – #7 – and a thoroughly actual-in-fact, concrete and for-real Action Plan (#7), which will get me from where I am now, to where I want to be…incorporating (amongst other things) a name change* and the hopeful realisation of various madcap ideas, any of which might succeed in putting me halfway around the world. #8.

The overwhelm won’t last forever, or (more likely) as time progresses and the things on the ‘to-do’ list become ‘was done’, my confidence will improve and with that (I hope) will come feelings of ‘having a handle on things’ or, at the very least ‘it’s do-able’, so in terms of future feelings, in spite of a current lack, I’m going with an optimistic #9.

Finally, here’s to those madcap ideas. I seem destined to careen through life like an uncoordinated, over-large firework; exploding ideas at intervals without any reference to how or whether they’re even feasible, and creating half-baked plans which may or may not come to fruition. Here’s hoping that some of them are pull-off-able. Big Fat #10 to THAT!

And…watch this space.

NOW I’m feeling excited. And thankful. Totally thankful.

How are YOU feeling this Christmastime?


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34 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful 132 (with or without feeling) #10Thankful

  1. I love reading where you start, and then seeing you progress to a higher plane as the post progresses. Is that what the experts call ‘writing ourselves happy.’ I see you do it, and it makes me want to do it, too.
    I totally agree with the meh – flat- feeling. I’m not very good at it. It usually means I need to change the scenery, change my attitude, and talk myself into happy. Either that, or read Miss Lizzi R – you always make me feel warm and fuzzy. Xoxoxo


  2. Sorry to hear that you were feeling so overwhelmed. Most everyone has probably felt that way at one time or another. I’m especially glad to hear that you have snapped out of those feelings that were pulling you down. You have a lot of friends that are rooting for you.

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    • I’m very, very fortunate to have such wonderful people around me, all willing to bear with me and encourage me, just when I need it most 🙂

      I hope you’ve been having a lovely Christmastime.


  3. The upcoming year will be one of excitement and lots of changes for you. I can’t help but feeling overwhelmed in this season of abundance and eustress (a word Michelle used last week). Keep smiling and keep keep planning. Wishing you peace, love and sand between your toes.

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    • Now THOSE are wishes I like very much. Thank you, OceanHeart. I hope the same things for you, and that as the year unfolds, we stretch our little wings and learn to fly, rather than unravelling as the year does its own thing. <— that *is* meant to be a positive wish for us both, truly.


  4. I know what you are likely saying about knowing it, but having trouble feeling it.
    I get overwhelmed when approaching a whole new year, with the end of this one. I feel afraid that an entire year will go by and I won’t progress in my life at all. I fear stagnation.
    Glad you and the TToT are here, but I am glad you have so many co-hosts people to lean on when a week finds you busy and occupied and they can step in and I am glad this blog hop continues on because it is one of the things that gives me hope.
    Have a fab New Year’s Eve.

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    • Change is the only constant. I promise – things do and will change, regardless of whether we feel them (or feel up to them), but thank goodness for both of us having people around who make our worlds better and more manageable.

      I’m so glad this blog hop gives you hope. That’s glorious to know, and I’ll try not to let you down again!

      Hope your New Year Celebrations go awesomely – was Star Wars good?

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      • I hope you are right.
        You didn’t let me down. We all need help from time to time and that is why you have such a devoted group of bloggers behind you ready to step in.
        I like the movie, despite some bad reviews it has received. I am no Star Wars super fan/expert. Movie review to come.
        Happy 2016

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  5. I’m late in reading ::sigh:: pretty sure I will forever be ‘catching up’ and never will I actually catch up. Also quite sure I’m the worst at commenting because your post was lovely and I can’t think of a damn thing to say :/

    love you

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  7. Loved your expressions 🙂 yes whether one feels it or not thankfulness is an attitude and I am glad to be reading your post today and I chose to come back to work despite all the lethargy I felt post Christmas…. leaving my daughter at home (as her school is closed) and coming to work was a challenge; I am consciously thankful in my mind; even though the heart does not feel it…..loved the pic and thanks for sharing:)

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    • I hope your heart catches up with your mind. Back-to-work after a Christmas break (even if you enjoy your job) is a tough one, especially if you have a child at home. I hope your workday goes quickly and that you get to return home and have a lovely evening with her 🙂


  8. Normally, when someone puts an * in her sentence, it means to check the bottom of the post for the note to go with it. 🙂

    No doubt you are feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot to do, and it’s all a big unknown. With each thing that gets marked off the to do list, the better you’ll feel. And with WonderAunty on the case, those things will get checked off nice and quick. 🙂

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    • Sometimes it just means that she put a * (or it might mean that she intended to add a note and forgot, having written under the influence of said overwhelm 😉 )

      Nice spotting!

      I’m SO thankful for WonderAunty being on the case. She has plans, timescales, strategies…she’s brilliant in ways I can only hope to emulate. I just hope I don’t let her down by NOT getting all the things done which need to be!

      Hope you’ve been having a fabulous Christmas. The internet has been really sketchy here and wouldn’t load a single post yesterday, so how your week has been is a surprise yet to be revealed.


    • Thanks Romi – it’s the photo I took of the flowers Hasty sent me for Christmas. She’s such a beautiful soul, and the flowers were so cheering and bright that I had to use them somehow 🙂

      I’m glad you like this blog hop, thank you. Hope you’ve been having a glorious Christmastime, and I hope you have a fab New Year 🙂


  9. Feelings can be exhausting, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with sometimes feeling a little less intensely. When I have a lot going on in my life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes I just need some solitude (and/or a nap!) before I can feel deeply again.

    The exercise of the TToT always helps, though, and the dark clouds are necessary to contrast with those silver linings!

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    • I think I’d prefer blue skies and bright, golden sunshine, but I suppose if there must be dark clouds, then contrast is good.

      I don’t like not-feeling. It seems so alien. I think there’s a difference between being at peace and finding strength and comfort in solitude and being away from emotive situations, and not being able to muster any kind of feeling at all. I was lacklustre and apathetic and uncaring and it was horrible 😦 I’m glad I snapped out of it.


  10. Well, seriously thankful for this post – it seems you did manage to write your way from just doing thankful to feeling it. Yea! As for Christmas, I don’t relate to a lot of it, but that’s OK. At least I don’t feel obliged to hang out with a bunch of relatives of different political orientation and spend time not starting a fight. One odd part of it is that, being retired, I don’t get the day off. Anyway, I’m glad you’re having such fun and have adventures in store.

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    • I’ve heard from friends that once retired, life gets busier, not more relaxing. I suppose you wouldn’t have a day off, but I hope it was relaxing and spent in a manner which suited you.

      It seems so sad that family get-togethers are the cause of such acrimony in the US. I assume they are here, too, but in large part, family gatherings for me have been times of togetherness and people (on the whole) being FOR one another. I think there are many ways I lucked out with family. I also think we seem to be a mostly apolitical bunch, so it’s not really something which comes up in conversation 🙂

      It’s amazing how focusing on the good stuff can sometimes spark a reason for feeling it, though in this instance, behind the scenes, the difference was made by talking to my friend A, who had logged in while I was composing the post, and our conversation about future plans was what got me riled up and excited for what might be 🙂


    • I DO have a grand list, and it irks me that I don’t feel more thankful but I guess I *know* I’m thankful, and have such wonderful things to be thankful FOR, so…that counts.

      Once the overwhelm goes, it will get better. Hope you have a chance to rest and recover from your Christmas 🙂 Glad you’re feeling thankful in spite of the tiredness.

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