Lovelies, Merry Christmas


My wish for you this Christmas is that you spend time surrounded by love – whether with people next to you, or held close in your hearts – and that you get to hold onto the knowledge that there is perhaps no better thing in the world to cherish and be cherished by people who matter.

My Christmas Wish for YOU

My wish is that you find beauty, peace, and hope in your day; in all your days. That you spend time in wonder and gratitude for all that you have. That you find ways to act with kindness, and take opportunities to make a difference. May you be useful, gentle souls, who leave each situation improved for having had your presence in it.

My wish is that you come to know, deep in your heart, a sense of who you are, and where you’re meant to be in life. Even if it’s chaotic and messy, RightNow, it’s okay, because our only certainty is change, and the future holds untold chances for New, for Awesome, for Redemption.

My wish is that throughout the holidays and onwards into 2016, you gain a healthy sense of the inescapable fact that YOU MATTER. You are important and have HUGE potential for Good.

My wish is that you build communities and make connections and know that you are accepted, acknowledged, and affirmed.

My wish is that you will seek, and find that YOU are the gold.

Keep sparkling, my wonderful friends ❀

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