No WAY did YOU dunnit!

A whodunnit of Hercule-Poirot-ean proportions

Tom staggered backwards, reeling in shock as he registered that the one person he had never considered capable of treachery was embroiled, perhaps even up to her neck, in this grisly tale.


“Tom, dear, you have to understand – he was a threat to the whole village. He had such ways about him as I never saw, and he *watched* us…oh, he was always watching, always peeping in at us. Downright awful it was, until we all feared for our lives – it just came to the point where none of us felt safe and action had to be taken!”

Murmurs of consent and approval reverberated around the hall, enveloping Tom in a suffocating sound-storm which echoed and thundered as snow fell before his eyes and his knees buckled; his fall broken by the gentle, loving, murderous hands of the woman who had raised him.

Six Sentence Stories

This was part of Six Sentence Stories, with this week’s prompt ‘SNOW’. Many thanks to Ivy for the continued inspiration and challenge. 

Have you thought of joining in?


26 thoughts on “No WAY did YOU dunnit!

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    • Awwwwh THANK YOU! And…I still don’t know myself how it’s going to play out! I’m so excited but also in a quandry because there are so many directions it could take, and it all depends on what happens with the prompt. For once in my life I’m trying not to overthink it!


  3. * lol… this ‘damn’ is both in respect and admiration for a tale sextologically told and… and! for your clarklike ability to track an idea and then take it to the next level! (to wit: my approach to Blogdominion is to write chapter by chapter… which can be nerve wracking and intimidating… but to write a whole story ‘by prompt….and in Six Sentences each!….’nous sommes tellement indigne de l’attention de la jeune femme!‘)

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