Ten Things of Thankful 131 (On the move) #10Thankful

So here we have what will likely be my quickest EVER Thankful post, because…I’m moving house tonight (Friday) and as I write, I am snuggled in bed, surrounded by boxes, bags, half-not-done-yet stuff, and an absolute JUMBLE of things to sort out, organise, and consider. I’m also due to go play netball (in Christmas hats) in 20 minutes, so…OUF! DEADLINES!

We all need reminders that we're loved

  1. I am HUGELY SO VERY ENORMOUSLY thankful for a very supportive Mum and WonderAunty, who are letting me move back in with them so that I can save for my move to Murica.
  2. I love that I’m going to get to spend time with Niece and Neff while I’m there.
  3. Vince is being super-supportive and helpful, too.
  4. I get to spend Saturday on a jolly to Oxford with my Sis.
  5. I have SO too much stuff – such abundance!
  6. I still have the next couple of months to access the flat and pack properly and put things in storage – I just need to ‘airdrop’ in tonight, with all the things I need for the immediate.
  7. I have some wonderful, wonderful people in my life, including those who are willing to talk me down off ledges and keep me going through dark times when even the reminders seem insubstantial.
  8. Going to be helping to decorate the Christmas tree on Sunday.
  9. The hope of precious lost things found…maybe, if I’m lucky and retrace footsteps (and cycle paths). I’m not giving up yet.
  10. The Next Phase of Life!
Ten Things of Thankful
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46 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 131 (On the move) #10Thankful

  1. Hope all the moving went well! I’m glad I asked a little birdie about your new address, so that Santa can deliver a little something for you – should be there on Christmas Eve. xoxo

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  2. We so have to catch up! I’ve been out of circulation for quite a long time. Didn’t even know you had bumped up your move until a couple of vid chats ago!!
    How exciting, challenging, scary and…..all of it. But you are doing it. Amazing 😀
    Enjoy decorating the tree today 🙂

    P.S. I’m looking forward to having that cup of tea together 🙂

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  4. So exciting!!! Moving is no fun, BUT knowing the reason why you are moving has to help.
    I’m glad you are getting to spend more time with your family.
    I really hope you find what you lost. When I lose something precious, I know in my head that it’s just a thing that won’t change my life, but that doesn’t take the illness in my belly I feel.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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    • It’s still lost. It wasn’t in any of the places and I’m sad. I think it’s gone. I was cycling, so it could be ANYWHERE. Gonna check at work on Monday but I think I lost it after work but before home 😦

      Knowing the reason is ALL the reason that helps me keep going. I have so much still to do! It WILL get done, though, and I WILL succeed in achieving Phase Two. Spending time with family is an added bonus, and I hope it creates a ‘credit’ of me-ness with them, and of them-ness with me.


  5. You are truly loved and your short list of thankfuls is full of loving things. Enjoy the weekend, your new digs, and sorting your abundance. The post is full of joy and positivity.

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