I burn for you

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
xcept you’re not, cos you’re here with me in the smoky dark,
At this uncharted turn, and what comes next, we can never know
All of the things I thought I knew, were never so
Very complicated as this, which maybe goes to show
This fiery life and how we live is ever so
Tangled, yet all the love we give is a way to win
I’m grinning, love the sinner hate the sin
And yet I keep sinning; gotta make a new way
Straight away, won’t beg your forgiveness; I replay
The way that I’m feeling, and so instead I beg
Your indulgence, let’s just keep winning
For as long as the bottom don’t drop out of the world.

That’s alright because I like the way it hurts
Exquisite, because the pleasure is greater
So I’ll find the pleasure in pain, I’m the creator
And the pain is just fine, as long as the fire burns
Alright, I’ll let it shine
Let it shine high, let it twinkle my eye
Let it turn me to passion never questioning why
In the now or the then or the here or the nexts
Whatever’s between us is here til the end
And always more than just…

Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
Though you won’t, because I’ve made up my mind
Not to give the satisfaction, because I knew, I knew,
I knew from the offset the beginning was the end
Of the end and the end isn’t ready yet –
Or I’m not ready for it, not a bit,
And what remains here will stay I recommend
We do not squander it; ponder it
Every day I wonder it, wonder if
I’m luckier than most or
Unluckier than some
But there’s a fire in my heart
And I’m not ready to run.

That’s alright because I love the way you lie
xcept when I don’t, for truth has made liars of us both,
And in reassurance, assurance, insurance in troth
Flagrance, in flagrante, so, so delicious, this delicto
Dereliction of duty; I just want your romance
But I can’t sing and can’t dance
About it so I’ll take a chance on keeping silent
Take a chance on the lies
I’ll take a chance on your kiss
And the light in your eyes.

I love the way you lie, I so very do,
Cos each untruth that’s told begets a ‘continue’
And in truth (or lies) I want that more
Than I want the world to know the truth that I’m not true,
Though I won’t mind if they do, but I’ll mind for you,
So I’ll bind my mouth and double-blind and burn it through
Whatever jeopardy I know I’m in, is doubled for you
And even if I win, there’s somewhere loss for you
So with the lie in mind I’ll stand here and wait
And burn, and lie, and burn for you.

I burn for you.

I Burn For You

THANK YOU IVY, for the fabulous cue for Six Sentence Stories this week. I love it. I was listening to the Eminem and Rhianna song ‘Love The Way You Lie‘ (which I’ve always loved, by the way) and my imagination got hooked somewhere between the lie and the flames of the fire, and turned out into something akin to a poem, yet still in six sentences, even though each is rather ‘hardwired’ and larger than you might really allow, but I’m gonna hope you don’t mind somehow…

Honestly? Writing this turned my whole evening to poetry, and I ended up leaving snippets ALL OVER THE PLACE, which is ridiculous, but also incredibly fun. And hey, I WROTE, which is something I felt I hadn’t done for too long.


49 thoughts on “I burn for you

  1. This is one amazing SSS! It reminds me of some of the very old English writings, although I can’t tell you which ones. I’m only familiar with the lyrics of a few of the songs mentioned in the comments, so I can’t compare much there. I think you really needed to write this, for whatever reason, so that in itself is good.

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    • Hey THANK YOU Pat – that’s an awesome kind of compliment, and I love the idea that some of the rhythm or rhyme might hearken back to old English! Very cool indeed.

      It was certainly a piece which appeared within me to get out πŸ™‚


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  3. I must say, I’ve never been a fan of poetry, but I love the song, so I made myself read it a couple times (talk about a run on sentence lol). It’s great Lizzy. I “got it”. It really digs deeper into the song. So, thank you for broadening my horizons ☺

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    • Diana, that’s such fabulous feedback – THANK YOU! I’m so glad you took a couple of tries at it, and found that it worked for you as an extension. And yes…the run-on sentences…unavoidable in this endeavour.


  4. You won’t get any criticism from me on your loose interpretation of the “six sentence rule”. I’m the queen of run-on sentences. And a lousy poet. Beautifully executed, Lizzi!

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    • Thank you! I’m relieved that Ivy also accepted the epic sentences. I do like yours though – they’re awesome πŸ™‚ And LOL cos I remember your reaction to me suggesting you ‘poem’ something…


  5. how the hell do you do that? (the poetry thing)… I recall you saying that you enjoyed JS Bach, this poem has very similar…. something to it (an internal interdependency that, as whole, reveals more than the parts (both dynamic and static)

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    • Why thank you! And the answer is I don’t know – it’s been something a little innate since I was small. And it’s not about reading nursery rhymes or poems as a kid cos I expect lots of people did that and haven’t ended up poets…I have NO idea, but I’m very thankful I can do it, because it’s something I love to do.


  6. Youre right… I dont mind… but for your own sake you either gotta learn punctuation or to count! hahahahha! I AM just yanking your chain… I really DONT care… its a spectacular poem and Im so glad you felt like it freed you up to write! I am so out of the song loop I gotta go listen to it now!

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    • *giggling* I DID learn punctuation – each verse is a run-on sentence. I promise there are only six of them!

      (WHAT! You never called it six LINE stories!!!)

      But thank you. And the song is AWESOME. I think you might like it. It’s very powerful.


  7. Gorgeous set of words, Lizzi! You caught the essence of that beautiful song. I also loved how you described the method behind it, too. It’s magic when the poem tickles and tugs at you all day…begging to be written. Amazing!

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    • This one happened as I was going along – I got caught in the fires of creativity and it all just erupted! But yes – the poems which trickle in through the day are also delightful.

      I’m so glad you liked it, and thank you for sharing it πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! I’m so glad it came across. I wanted to create something which was as powerful as I could, because the song (for all it’s so beautiful) is a sucker-punch to the head, and I love it, but it floors me when I stop to think about the lyrics, and…that’s what I want. To floor you πŸ™‚


  8. “So I’ll bind my mouth and double-blind and burn it through
    Whatever jeopardy I know I’m in, is doubled for you
    And even if I win, there’s somewhere loss for you”

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  9. Impression connections tumble out – Leonard Cohen, “Joan of Arc” – another song or poem that I can’t quite get hold of – an almost but so intense and joyfully-painfully complicated romance long ago – Yes, there’s that kind that you know is going to end badly and burn you to a crisp and you go anyway where angels fear to tread. Well, that’s what happens when poetry works. Thanks

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    • I just looked up the lyrics, and yes – spot on with the same kind of feel – it’s that conflagration of attraction and destruction, taking the writer up in a giant fireball they always knew was coming.

      I love that you get this, that it reads so clearly…and on a technical level, I’m very relieved, so thank you πŸ™‚

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      • I thought of that other song I had tickling at me – Johnny Cash, “Ring of Fire” – Then there’s The Doors – “Light My Fire” – Or, we have Brunhild sleeping in the ring of magic fire which the hero must pass through to claim her. Now it comes to me – Robbie Robertson – “Sweet Fire of Love” – Love and Fire – an archetype worthy of Carl Jung – It must show up somewhere in Shakespeare. Such fun!

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