Ten Things of Thankful 128 #10Thankful

Last time I wrote, I told you I was on the move, and so I am. Things are changing around here, and whilst I’m astonished at the propensity of ‘achievement’ to look like ‘mess’, I am very pleased that there *is* movement, and things are getting done. Because often, lately, it’s felt like I’ve made minimal inroads into the mountain of Stuff Which Needs To Be Done.

Except I think if I stop and look properly, I can tell that differences HAVE been made, and they’ll be clearer after this weekend. So there’s that.

I think my biggest, most beautiful thankful this week is how incredibly encouraging and supportive everyone’s being of my plan to move. Whilst people have widened their eyes and whistled under their breath at my intentions, it’s usually with an expression of admiration for courage or bravery. I think they don’t comprehend how very supported I am in this. Even though I’m anxious and have misgivings (who wouldn’t?!), I have been shored up, supported, encouraged, ootzed, cheered on, and absolutelycompletely let to understand that those around me are FOR me. In every aspect of life. Which is WONDERFUL and incredible, and when people ask if I’m going by myself, alone, to America, the answer is “Yes”, but also, resoundingly, NO!

My hands are being held at every step. My sidelines are filled with encouragers. My ears are attuned to the soothing flow of confidence, which wends its way from all corners, calming my nerves. I feel wrapped in care and stalwart hopes for my success. And this is just the beginning.

Change is

I have plans for establishing work roots early in the new year, and my people are rallying. Decisions are getting decided, and possibilities firmed. On Sunday at the crack of dawn, Vince and I will be making our way to a car-boot sale to SELL (I hope) a bunch of stuff and get it GONE! Which will be good, cos plane tickets ain’t cheap!

Jenny got a lease on a flat this week, and whilst there are complexities I cannot begin to fathom (and which would be unreasonable of me to try, in public), I am just HUGELY enormously grateful that she has a place to be – her own space – before the weather has turned too nasty. Which it’s meant to.

On which note, I’m thankful that the sudden and impending arrival of a gentleman to check the boiler, meant that I needed to move a mountain of Things To Be Sold, in order that he had access. In so doing, I found a dress I wanted, a pair of boots I needed to go with the dress, and was able to turn the heating on for an hour one particularly cold night.

The Tigger Onesie came back. It’s as awesome as ever (and made me the envy of a small, delightful girl in Oklahoma, who wished me Happy Thanksgiving and showed me her Penguin gown, as I Skyped with a friend. (Sub-thankfuls: Skype, WhatsApp, and people not too busy on turkey-day to have a few moments to spare for me (Sub-sub-thankfuls: that I was unbusy ALL day and managed to have some glorious connecting times anyway))

The freshly rediscovered dress and boots will be worn OUT on Friday evening for a Christmas ‘do’ (so that the netball team gets it all out of the way and can focus on doing December without added stress. In spite of not having any ‘girl’ opinions on the subject, I found sufficient input to convince me that the outfit will suffice.

Thankful for gym membership with complete flexibility, and that it’s a holiday weekend in Murica and probably most people will be too busy to write and almost certainly too busy to be bothered reading a long post, so I can recycle a generic image, keep this short and sweet, and bugger off out for the evening, returning (probably inebriated) to join the vidchat later.


Happy, happy weekend, y’all!

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58 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 128 #10Thankful

  1. I want a onesie, but I think I’m just too tall for one. Drats. I have high hopes of purging after the first of the year. I will have to be sneaky about it, though.
    While it was nowhere near the same as what you’re planning, I did something slightly similar once upon a time ago. When I was 24, I decided I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore and would rather live in Nashville. So I moved. I knew one girl, and we got an apartment together (that ended up being a mistake but it was nice right at first). My parents helped me load everything in a trailer and off we went. I didn’t have a job or anything, but I had one within a week, and it was the best, if not craziest, decision of my life.

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    • Well, that’s AWESOME to know that you did the same kinda thing and made a success of it 🙂 I like that. I’ll keep thinking that to myself now – that I KNOW someone who’s succeeded at upping sticks and leaving for somewhere else.

      I’m lucky, because there are about five people I know where I’m going, so I’ll be able to keep up with them, *and* make new friends 🙂

      WTG you with the purge plan. And…I can’t imagine you’re too tall for a onesie – but you might need to get a mens one…


  2. So glad to hear Jenny has a place to live. I know that takes a weight of worry off of your shoulders.
    Yay for getting rid of unnecessary things! I am so enjoying the idea of a boot sale. I’ve never heard of such a thing! It is a great idea, though. I refuse to do a garage sale. Too much work. But a boot sale?! I’d be all over that.
    Bigger Yay for a working boiler!
    Finding a dress and the footwear to go with it isn’t a thankful to sneeze at. Dressing for a “do” can get me all verklempt.
    I’m happy to hear Operation Move Lizzi to ‘Murica plans are going well. It’s all so very exciting!

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    • Ha! I remember some of the shenanigans of trying to find The Dress for you to wear over here! It’s always nice when these irritating wardrobe-y things just WORK (even after multiple tries on of outfits and a bit of drama).

      I’m HUGELY glad about Jenny. And the car boot sale was brilliant. I bet you could institute one in a school parking lot or something – far easier than people trying to operate out of their garage, and you can charge entry and raise funds for the school (common practice here).

      HUGE yay for the working boiler. We’ve even used it a few times because it’s GownBear weather now, well and truly.


  3. I think it’s great that you’ve received so much support on your move.
    Moving can be so exciting and scary at the same time. It’s always nice to have people cheering you on and sending you positive energy.

    Best of luck 🙂

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    • Hi Dana,

      Welcome, and thank you 🙂

      The thing about this move which is both wonderful and scary, is that it’s pretty reliant on other people supporting me – there’s no way I could do it without help. I’m very, very fortunate to have such generous people surrounding me 🙂


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  5. I’m glad Virginia is the place to which you are going to begin life in America. It’s not that very far from me and close to the place at the beach as well. Love the Change Meme.

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  7. I can’t believe you will be coming to “Murica” Lizzi. We will no doubt be in much more frequent contact 🙂 I hope! since you are moving to Virginia! Keep me in the loop on your plans and let me know of any way in which I can assist you in this, a most courageous and adventuresome act!
    I used to wonder what it would be like to move to another country. My country of choice back then was, of course, France. lol
    Hopefully, I will see you on next week’s vidchat and I will no longer be suffering from (as my mother would say) the galluping crud lol

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    • I shall respond with a best wish via Dyanne’s grandmother, that you’re no longer ‘epizootic’ by next week, when I see you again. It was good to see you (and sporadically hear you) this week.

      YES! We shall be in much more frequent contact, I hope. I was explaining to Vince this morning about the people I have in VA and MA, so close, and he smiled that I have ‘insta-friends’, and so I DO! I will most definitely keep you in the loop, and if there’s any assistance needed, I will definitely come to you in hopes that you might be able to offer it – you’re a solid part of my (just this instance imagined) local ‘landing team’ 🙂

      France, huh? Which bit? I’ve been to France a few times, and the South was the best for me, though I did rather love standing on the pont Japonais, looking at the lilypads in Monet’s garden in Giverny…


      • Me too. As I write, I have no voice. Friday night was my last of it lol

        You do have “insta-friends” 😀

        I was never specific. When I was there (only 1x!) it was to Paris, some of the countryside/wine country, Mont St. Michel (so magical!) and some other amazing parts of the country… but I imagine I might have lived in Montmartre, ‘cuz, ya know, the obvious!

        I would love to visit the South of France indeed. Oh! Monet’s garden! I am jealous 🙂


    • I don’t mind at all! If you click the blue button on my post, at the bottom, it will take you to another page where you can add your link and the TToT gang can come over and read yours, too 🙂


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  9. your moving here in murica???!!!! YAY< that is so wonderful (apparently i live under a rock) where in the US, should I ask … wishing you all the best! I'm here to help if you need it…:)

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    • They’re doing really well. I’m so glad, and I hope that things continue to go smoothly!

      A car-boot sale is kind of like a garage sale, but from the trunk of your car, with lots of people bringing their cars and all their saleable stuff to one lot/field.

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  10. So glad to hear about the jenny situation…a flat … whew! just in time! also for the Lizzi situation… exciting news! very cool! Congratulations! So nice seeing you again tonight… dont get to see you and havent talked much lately… life gets in the way… sigh… rrrrrrrrrrrr……schnookered I tells ya…schnookered….

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    • I’m schnookered. I think I need to sleep later. I’m meant to be packing the car for tomorrow and it’s RAINING 😦 Boooooo

      So nice to see you. And thanks – yes – good things for me and Jenny, and all things coming together quite nicely 🙂


  11. Wow. Congratulations on your friend hopefully acquiring a flat. Hopefully better days ahead for her.
    Speaking of the words that are different from one country to another, I love ones like loo, snogging, and flat for apartment or house. Is that right?
    Sorry for just disappearing from the chat. I don’t know what happened. My phone just cut out on me and that worries me. It has been acting oddly lately and now I think the worst, that it is done for. currently trying to diagnose the probme and hope it turns back on.
    Hope to return next week. Nice to talk to you all and hear your voices. It helps me put voice to the name for everyone, but I may take a little longer to figure out who is who. Of course, you and Clark are the easy ones, but I will manage it.
    Congratulations on the big news. Enjoy your weekend.

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    • It was SO nice to meet you. We wondered where you went! Does it tell you when your battery#s low? Be great to have you there again next week. And yes – you’ll get the hang of us all 😀

      Snogging is a great word. I like that you like our weird Englishisms. And yes – a flat is an apartment. I can’t think of any other obvious ones right now. OH or, I can – pavement (for sidewalk) and parcel (for package).

      SUCH good news about Jenny, and thanks for the congrats. Hope your weekend is beautiful xo

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      • I adore “Englishisms” – they are such a part of the historical romances that are my secret-joy to read when I need to escape my own life. Snogging, gutted, and especially all of those terms that mean a catastrophic event but to my Canadian ears are delivered in a positive voice.

        Am I reading this right – are you emigrating to ‘Murica? My gosh, your bravery is amazing! And please don’t shrug it off – it is a very brave and admirable thing even just to travel so far for a month long visit with people you’ve only met on the internet (yes I know this TToT only attracts the very best people but they are still ‘new’ people) and you’ve already done that!

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        • Ahhh some of these hearken back even to before the days of the TToT…they are people of my heart and soul, and I’m very blessed with their friendship.

          I’m not shrugging off any ‘bravery’…but I dunno…I don’t see it as particularly courageous because I’m being so baby-stepped through the whole thing. I love that I have such enormous levels of support though.

          Snogging really *shouldn’t* be a catastrophic event, or someone’s doing it really wrong 😉

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          • Well I agree and I really do hope there isn’t anyone out there experiencing “catastrophic” snogging, but I could not think of a single other word that had captured my attention lately. I need to learn to write them down as I come across them.

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            • Hehehe my friend Sandy keeps a book of all the stuff I say that she wants to remember. It’s funny cos I’ll just be talking and then I’ll say something like ‘fortnight’ and she gets all excited.


      • car-boot sale in English, that might be translated as ‘yard sale’ (or if more than one Seller) ‘flea market’…. lol (the problem is the double language inversion… ‘boot’ as in ‘trunk’ as opposed to ‘stiletto heels’*

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      • Pavement here is anything, Road, or parking lot, but not specifically the sidewalk. I have a friend who lived in Britain for a few years and came back here and my favorite thing that she says is she’s going to get her mail, it came in the post.
        Yes, usually my phone will tell me when the battery is dying, bud silly me I turned the voice on my phone off when I wanted to hear you all. Well, I had it plugged into my laptop which I thought was also plugged in. So I assumed all was well, but it was the battery and I had no idea.
        Feeling silly.

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