Ten Things of Thankful 127 (On Labels) #10Thankful

I’m not sure how many days or weeks ago it was, but my dear Sparkly One, Ra, wrote about how she likes to get everyone celebrating international label day on the 21st of November. I thought I’d join in, and sent her a pic of me being silly, with a flower in my hair, lots of sparkles added, and the label ‘Glitterbomber’ across it, because one of the things I am DEFINITELY getting a reputation for is glitter…which I think is a WONDERFUL thing.

But it got me thinking about which other labels I’ve been given, or which I assume, and how they impact, and how I’m thankful for them. Well, some of them, at least.

So I’d love to invite you to join in with the conversation and share a label you feel applies to you, and why it matters. Do it NOW, then come back to read the rest (also, bear in mind, if you’re the FRIST here when this publishes, GET DAT STAKED NOW! Cos too many of y’all who get here secund or thrid or umpteenth, have made the rookie mistake of reading the whole post first!).

Glitterbomber – I *love* my reputation as a spreader of craft herpes *twinklysparklygoodness* in the form of glitter. I love that I’ve had people message me weeks/months after receiving a parcel from me to say that they’re STILL finding glitter. I love that I get to bring shine and sparkle to their Real – it’s a tangible way of making my presence felt, and it’s ALWAYS with love (no matter what some might say). Something which has been really fun is that people have begun to tag me in glittery things on Facebook, because of this reputation, and those glittery, sparkly, shiny things are ALWAYS conversation points, and so friendships are strengthened and The Village gets built, and I LOVE that even more.

Lizzi Label Glitterbomber

Daughter/Sister/Aunty – These are some of my favourites. Yes, they’re role labels – familial ones which describe where I fit in the tree, and what relationship I have to each of the others at the opposite end of the branch, but they matter to me. It’s taken a long time for me to get to a place where I feel that I’m a halfway decent any-of-those, and now I think that most of the time I’m a pretty good all-of-them. This week I got a text from my Sis cos Neff got awarded Star of the Day at school, because he’s an awesome dude and he did really well, and he wanted me to know. I assume this means it matters to him what I think of him, and that I know he does well, and to be proud of him. I love that. And I am, SO proud of him.

Retinal Screener – ah, the day job. It’s either that or “screening lady” (though sometimes it’s “love/dear/sweetheart” and on one stomach-churning occasion, “babes”) and it’s a label I wear with pride, even though most of my patients are incredulous that I enjoy my job so much. I do, though. I love that I get to see a new person every ten minutes. I love that I get to drive around the county, seeing different areas (except when it’s raining – I never love that). I love that I get to play an active role in protecting people’s sight. BUT…

…what I REALLY love is that I can describe my job as “driving around in a white van with blacked out windows, flashing people.” *giggles*

Writer – Yes. I am. I love being one. I love that I can express myself through words in a way which untangles the inside of me, and which CONNECTS me to other people. So really, the thing I love most about this label, apart from the inherent creativity and fun of doing the writing, is YOU!

Million Percent Girl – this is what Vince calls me, and I think he’s right. I really enjoy being as girlie as possible (even though I often feel that I don’t succeed, and have been told that my ‘look’ tends more towards the androgynous). It’s something I’ve always aspired to, partly because I’ve always felt as though I was never capable of doing the ‘pretty, feminine, girlie’ thing. So…I give it my best shot. But to be honest, I think the label also pertains to the very *squee*ish drama I’m capable of creating. I get so worked up about things like rain, or not knowing how to do silly things like change the clock on the oven (admittedly, lots of girls probably love rain and know precisely how to change the clock on the oven, but I do NOT do them, in a flouncy kind of way, which is the antithesis of the male ‘get on with it’ attitude), and I park my car like a girl, and just…so, so many things which make me fit the stereotype. Yeah, I embrace that, too.

What's Your Label

LGBT – is this a label? I suppose it kind of is, and it’s the one I’ve been on the run from for the longest time, for many reasons. It’s also one I now rather enjoy having and owning. I’ve found it LOT easier to associate with now I’m not trying to keep it hidden. It sits a bit uncomfortably with other labels like ‘ex-wife’ and ‘invisible mom’, but none of those labels are mutually exclusive, however much like it they seem. I think the thing I like least about the juxtaposition is that the one seems to undermine and depreciate the others, as though hoodwinking or slyness were involved, and that was NEVER the case. To the people who would ever be impacted by this label, full disclosure was made and events occurred rather outside its orbit. To the people who were never going to be impacted, and who found out after the fact, perhaps they will judge or turn up their noses. It’s their right to do so, and my responsibility is to just be the best ME I can be, however that might be taken.

Depression/Eating Disorder – my mental health labels contain REALMS of fun and shenanigans within them, but in all honesty, having them is better than not knowing what’s going on. I also think that they allow me to identify with others who have similar labels, and that they allow those others to identify with me. We’re back to CONNECTIONS and The Village there, and building up community and each other in an effort to all be supportive and encouraging and help each other to win, a little bit, at life.

Trans Ally – I’m kinda proud of this one. I hope that I would be willing to stand up in support of ALL minority groups, but this one’s close to home, and it matters to me to be recognisable as someone who is willing to step up and myth-bust and encourage and engage, on behalf of the trans community. I went to a local Trans Day of Rememberance event on Friday night, and standing in the dark in the city’s only gay nightclub, amongst a small, candlelit group as a HUGE list of names were read out, was profoundly moving. Perhaps I didn’t do anything much, but standing there, being counted, being supportive as the community acknowledged and remembered with respect the names of those trans people who were killed in the last year just for being trans; it mattered.

Trans Ally

Extrovert – hammered home again to me on Friday evening, when I was completely at ease in a room full of strangers, enjoying the chance to make small talk and connect. I get very lonely on my own, and absolutely THRIVE off being with other people. Fortunately for me, I’m (allegedly) easy to get on with and be around, and I have reliable introvert sources who say that I don’t drain them, and for anyone unfamiliar with introverts and being drained even by people they like, that’s NOT a common thing, and it IS a Big Deal. So I’m thrilled to pieces to be an extrovert who can mostly get along with anyone.

Friend this is absolutely my very favourite label of all (see? I save the best til last) and the role I most enjoy filling, out of any other. I cannot express enough how much it means to me to have FRIENDS, because I spent the longest, most lonely time growing up, isolated and without any – thinking I wasn’t worthwhile enough. It astonished me when, at 16, starting with Vince, I discovered that I was, in fact, likeable. Since then, I have gone from strength to strength in terms of numbers of friends. I now have people tell me that I’m the most networked person they know (see? If there’s potential for The Village to grow, I WILL build it) and I can think of no more beautiful litmus test for ‘connected’ than the fact that my people – my friends – let me visit them all across America, let me stay with them, AND road-tripped me to the next person. It was an incredible testament to friendship, and I no longer have any excuse to think I’m not friend material – the feedback suggests I definitely am. Which is wonderful, because being a friend to people I love is just WONDERFUL and I never want to lose it. Ever. Ever.


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Bonus labels – “Awesome” – crowdsourced from a group of ONE: I thought, at the beginning of writing this, that it would help me to see what a friend thought he would label me as, and that, he told me, was his opinion of me as a person. It made me blush. it still does, but I’m smiling and so happy he thinks so. So I’m gonna include it. I have Liv to thank for “dorkily sexy” – it’s new (I only got given it at some point in the week) and I’m just trying it out. I’m flattered but not entirely convinced about it. And I will forever love ‘bean’, which my sister called me first, but also Kimmie tends to call me it, as in ‘human bean’, and I rather love that, too.




73 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 127 (On Labels) #10Thankful

  1. Great post about all the labels for which you are thankful. I think that I am most thankful for those labels given me by my husband, followed by a close second of that of being Mom and daughter.

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    • Heheh you haven’t seen the extreme heebie-jeebies that even the THOUGHT of glitter gives to some of my friends. Naming no names *cough* SandyKristiKim *cough* 😉

      Hope you have a gorgeous week too 😀


  3. interesting….as I cannot say that I remember/recall/otherwise know the labels (applied to me by others or by me to myself)…well that latter is surely the easiest.
    Something makes me think (yeah, I know! knock me over with a feather) that the awareness of labels as applied by others is surely much like writing fiction. It is ‘true’ (because there it is, all written out, standalone (outside, now, of the author’s head), readable by anyone… that makes it true, or at least, makes it ‘real’.
    Classic ‘chicken/egg’ conundrum, no?

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    • I think there are undeniably ‘role’ labels, which aren’t so subjective as some. Then there are the ones we take on to align ourselves with certain factions. Then those which we have in our innermost heart, and those which are a result of other people’s perceptions of us. SO MANY WAYS to label a cat…

      I dunno if their existence makes them real or not – ask Schroedinger…


  4. I love this post. It immediately brought to mind so many negative labels I have had in my life. I was amazed at how well I remember the negative labels and had a very hard time thinking of a good one. The first and most well known, was “pirate”. In first grade I had to wear a patch over my “good” eye, to make my lazy eye work. The kids constantly called me a pirate. Then when the patch came off, I became “four eyes”. I was also called “clown” because of my red hair. That never felt very good either. I don’t think I ever had a really good label after that. After reading the posts, however, I realize the label I love the most, is “mom” and “grandma”. I know that going through the teen years, “mom” wasn’t always thought of nicely, but I am proud of myself as a mom. I am not feeling that I am a good grandma yet, but I am getting use to that title. I will like that label, I think. I wanted to be called a teacher, but have found frustration in people not seeing me in that role, and therefore not giving me the opportunity to try. But that is another long story.

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    • It sounds as though the labels which were forced upon you were quite harmful, and I’m sad about that.

      Having observed my mum, I think that ‘grandma’ and ‘teacher’ are fairly synonymous. I hope you enjoy growing into your new label.

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  5. Here’s a funny one that popped into my head. Haven’t thought about it in years. In high school, there was a thing called Check Day–no idea why–we wore yellow gingham and informal awards were given out–the Most Likely to Succeed type and others like Most Popular or Most Sexy or I don’t know, things like that. I was awarded Miss Out-to-Lunch. Yes, indeed. I got a ribbon and everything. Hmph. I suppose this was a tribute to the fact that I was almost always in a daydream. I didn’t even mind the label, quite honestly. This also makes me think of the high school friend I had (my best friend, I suppose, but I didn’t have any friends that I really loved back then). It made her so mad that she could whisper to me in class, and I’d never hear because I was staring out the window. But what could I do? I didn’t hear her! So, one day she told me that if I didn’t respond the next time she called to me, she would never speak to me again. Well, you can guess what happened. Clearly not a great friend. And I was too stubborn (and recognizing she wasn’t much of a friend) that I refused to ever try to bridge the gap. And our friendship ended just like that. Again, not much of a loss. But we’re friends on the facebook now. Oh, facebook.

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    • You are SO ORNERY, Mizz Summerlin! I kind of love that about you though. You have this beautiful, daydreamy side, which when riled turns directly into bull-in-a-china-shop mode and plows down anything in its path. It’s awesome to see the dichotomy of you.

      NOT impressed with your friend. But whatevs. I guess you didn’t much miss her either? Glad you’re reconnected on the facebook though.

      I zone out when I’m lost in a book – people have had conversations ABOUT ME, in front of me, whilst I’ve been reading, and I’ve been in another world and utterly oblivious.

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  6. Beautiful., brilliant list. The biggest label I wear these days is Mom, and I wear it very proudly. Next would probably be lifelong learner. I am an information whore, and love to learn. One of the most profound labels that applies to me is the Wounded Healer- working on healing myself and in turn sharing and healing as I gain experience.

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    • Heheh I’ve been called a ‘friend whore’ before, but I think I like ‘information whore’ much better. A lifelong love of learning is something I think we share.

      Wounded healer is an interesting and complex one. I like that you’re healing yourself as well as others 🙂

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  7. I love your labels and this post – such a good idea.Dragonlady comes to mind. I adore dragons and my kids got a kick out of introducing me as dragon lady so it was the name of my first business (making and selling pottery – dragons of course). While I’m proud of my mum, grandmum, wife and teacher/writer labels, like you I’m especially proud of friend.

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  8. The first thing that comes into my head for me is “the smart one,” which has followed me my whole life and which I both like and don’t like. My mother said I was eccentric and I kind of like that one. The shortcut way I describe myself on social media probably says it best: “Catholic and Southern, Wife and Mother.” You deserve all the nice labels, Lizzi, and lots more. How about “joy-bringer” because I know you almost always make me smile. 🙂

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    • I think things like ‘eccentric’ can be a bit of a double-edged sword. I’m definitely in that category, I think. Still, it inherently blasts all expectations out of the water, because WHO KNOWS! 😉

      And thanks for thinking I deserve the nice labels. I LOVE the idea of being a joy-bringer, and I’m so glad I make you smile 🙂 That’s awesome.

      P.S. I’m smart too, sometimes. But I don’t try. Never have done.


  9. I LOVE almost all of your labels, dear one!! But- what is LGBT? I’m clueless… ACK.

    You have grown SO much since we met. It just amazes me sometimes- on such a deep and profound level. This post reveals it accurately.

    It brings me so much JOY to see you bloom in all the right places, lovey. ❤

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    • LOL bless your boots, Kitty darling! LGBT is the common contraction for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. The one with all the rainbows and flambuoyance (I refuse to bow to stereotypes but I ADORE the glitter, so…). I’m so glad that I’ve changed for the better since you’ve known me. I do think that I’ve become more myself and am SO happy about it.


  10. Knowing is better, I agree. I remember going thru tests was so stressful not knowing for sure if I had cancer. Then when I learned the result, I was like OK let us treat it . . . It was still hard but the repeated mammograms, biopsies where over (well, put on hold) for a while.

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  11. We do wear so many labels and names, hats if you will. When I read the first couple of paragraphs I thought about lots of negative labels I would put on myself. Then I remembered OceanHeart, and thanks to a Glitterbomber I know, the negative just sort of disappeared and there’s wife, mother, daughter, sister, (in-law), aunt, aspiring writer, etc. Perhaps “timid about sharing personal info” might be another label. ********||||||***&%^&*^^%$$$$^^^^^^

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    • **-,,..,,-**-,,..,,-**-,,..,,-** ^-^ I love your labels. And you don’t have to share anything personal. I thought of negative ones at first, too – I’ve had so many in my life, and there are ones I could wear now, which sit uncomfortably – but as ever, turning the focus to thankfulness is a GOOD thing.

      Hats (for your damn head) are tricksy things sometimes.


    • I think it’s just something she does when she gets excited – somehow the energy ramps up and the clothes come off! I’ve gotten used to her exuberance now, after the whole ‘soapynakedmurican’ saga.

      *nods sagely* She is my BlogWife and I love her dearly ANYWAY…

      But FINE, you read first and I think oppositional could easily also apply to me, alongside ‘stubborn’, ‘pig-headed’, and ‘ornery’.

      EAT SOMETHING 🙂 At the moment I am procrastinating and need to get my ass going to the gym and get my day organised!

      Thanks for liking the labels 🙂

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      • Ah, the soapynakedmurican saga…pretty sure that’s where I came in. 😀
        I have been called all of those things at some point.
        Still haven’t eaten. Now I’m REALLY hungry. Waiting for Zilla to wake up to have a late breakfast. I’m thinking eggs with spinach and mushrooms.
        Labels sometimes make all the difference. Not only do they help us understand and embrace ourselves, but they help others do so as well (this is the hardest part, though) and can help us get the goods or services we need.

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  12. I am “visually impaired/blind”. This one is like it or not. I am “writer”, which I’ve recently adopted and intend to keep. I am “Auntie Kerry” and this one is my favorite. Great theme for your post this week. Love it.

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    • Well, if FRIST was going to go to anyone, then naked Beth is a pretty awesome person to get it…yaknow? 😉

      THRID rhymes with um….not much.

      I like your labels very much. Will you wear maple syrup with them? 😉 lol


  13. I can think of a few labels, most of which I’m very proud of…..GRAMMY (my very bestest label EVER). MOM. SISTER. AUNTIE. FRIEND. CRAZY (I own my mental health issues). FUNNY. KIND. SENSITIVE (not one of my favorites). INTROVERT. Wow. Those came out pretty easily. Thanks for making me think.

    Have a fantastic weekend ☺☺

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    • Oh COOL! I love that your favourite is given to you by your grandchildren. What a beautiful label to have. THANK YOU for sharing your labels, even the ones you’re less keen on (I giggled at you not liking ‘sensitive’ – I think that’s a good thing, no?)

      Have a good weekend yourself 🙂


  14. awwww GORGEOUS TToT, BW. (craft herpes LOL). I adore your labels, each of them, for they make up the crazy-beautiful mosaic that is you.

    I, too, love my WRITER label cuz I didn’t really let myself have it, like for reals, until my book published, and there’s something so fucking validating about “being” something other than a mom and wife, TO ME. That was an identity issue I had, not that other people aren’t enough if they aren’t adding more titles other than mom and wife to their name! xoxoxox

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    • (craft herpes is NOT my original thought – I’m pretty sure I caught it from Kim Morand (the thought, not the…nevermind)) but THANK YOU! I like being a mosaic 😀

      And YAY YOU for giving yourself the writer label. I’m so glad you did. You are so, SO much more than ‘mom’ and ‘wife’ 🙂


  15. Okay, I followed directions and am here to name my label before reading the rest. Ummmm. One that matters. Let’s see. I know. Once someone told me the one word that comes to mind when they think of me is: Uncomplicated. I love that label because I pride myself on the fact that I don’t do drama. I’m laid back, low maintenance, and easy going. Probably to a fault, but fuck it, I don’t care. What you see is what you get.

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