Birthdays are like buses

You know that old story about how you wait ages for a bus and then two come at once?

Sometimes birthdays are a bit like that – there’s a long, dry spell with no parties, no cake, no presents – and then BAM! there’s a whole BUNCH of them all at once! Today I’m VERY excited (you’ll see just HOW excited in a few moments) to invite you to celebrate RIGHT HERE, for a number of very, very special people.

Five, to be precise. In chronological order. Happy Birthday, Lovelies ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

First and foremost, my baby sister, Sarah, who has been a constant source of love, light, and aggravation, ever since she was born. In all seriousness though, she is my first memory – I can still feel the stretch of being held up to peer over the edge of the brown/translucent plastic cot she was in, the first time I met her. She was swaddled in a white blanket, fast asleep – completely unremarkable, and utterly life-changing.

We’ve been through the childhood tantrums and spats. We’ve been through the older-kid vehement hatred. We’ve been through the grudging teenage alliances. We’ve been through the rebellions and outrages of young adulthood. We’ve been through several kinds of relative hell, but somehow we’ve always been together. And now we’re good, good friends, we will remain together, come what may. We know that in each other, we have found the best kind of sister, and the most loyal of bonds. Happy Birthday, my dearest of all beans. I love you ❤

Happy Birthday Lovelies

Second, but tied date-wise to both my sister and me, I feel as though darling A is someone who just ‘fits’. I already can’t remember how we met, because it just feels as though she’s always been there. For those who don’t know her yet, A has a brightshiny soul and more dark clouds than she can shake a stick at, yet she writes in silver linings (sometimes her words glow, because they are steeped in intent and life) and she perseveres. She’s shone light for me in some very dark moments, and I am DELIGHTED that her chronology (my sister’s date, my year) makes it feel like she a little bit belongs. Happy birthday, dear one. I love you ❤

Third, and a true delight of my heart, LITTLE DUUUUUDE! One of MY kids – Samara’s boy –  who I got to meet in Real for the first time this autumn, who is as delightful in person as I ever knew him to be online and through video. He has brought such joy and happiness to my heart, and I will never forget the time I spent with him. We talked, we played Lego, we bounced on the trampoline, we discussed books and science, and the way colours make you feel – he is SO on my level! He gave me one of his cars (which I kept in my handbag, the entire rest of my journey) and he let me help name his goldfish. He’s smart, he loves reading, he’s a sweet, kind, caring young man, and I absolutely adore him. Happy Birthday, you wonderful chap. I love you ❤

Fourth of all is a lady who I have known for one of the longest out of everyone in this World Between the Wires – Christine of the Coop. I have had the pleasure of calling her my friend for probably close to three years now, and we’ve met TWICE in real, once in each of our countries, and THAT is truly wonderful. Of all the people I met in their Real, she’s my only Murican to meet me in *mine*. She’s funny, she’s practical, she’s a hoot-and-a-half, and absolutely forthright. She writes so that her kids will know what she went through, raising them (or maybe just to remember) and she absolutely gives me hope because she gets it SO right. And even when things go wrong, she has an awesome attitude. Happy Birthday, my very dear and wonderful friend. I love you ❤


Last but by no means least, my wonderful, amazing, Other Bard, Ivy. Her Facebook information confidently tells me that she will be turning 110, and I’m thrilled to pieces, because that makes her the oldest person I know. Age aside, she’s one of the wisest I know, and has a delightfully dry sense of humour, marvellous outlook and writes wonderful poetry. She also has more tenacity per square inch of personality than I think I’ve ever known in anyone EVER. And believe me, she has one helluva personality. When I’ve talked about her to people who’ve met her, the overwhelming feeling that we all have for knowing her, is PRIVILEGED, and too right! Happy Birthday, my wonderous and most lovely Bard. I love you ❤

I am so, so thankful and overjoyed to have these wonderful people in my life, even in a mostly geographically-challenged manner. I am the better for each of them, and I am ever more cognisant that the thing which is going to make life possible in these ever-scarier times, is LOVE. Unabashed, unashamed, great, generous, wastefully glorious DOLLOPS of it.

Because in the end (and perhaps most especially when it’s your birthday) Love WINS.

So in honour of these wonderful birthday darlings, I want YOU to leave a dollop of love, either here, for one of them, or elsewhere, for someone who would benefit from receiving it. THIS is how I want us to celebrate each other from now on – by not only loving the people in the spotlight, but by taking the mirrors of our hearts and refracting that spotlight outwards, into the darknesses, and glittering them with bright light and LOVE.

That’s your Birthday Fairy Mission, so GET TO IT!


P.S. Yes, in case you were wondering, it’s an orange, in that picture. With sprinkles and a candle. Because there is no cake in my house, but I wanted to make a proper celebration for my Lovelies. So I improvised with fruit, because a birthday candle in sprinkle-covered celery was too austere, and the carrots were uncooperative. Fortunately the orange was beautifully compliant, and I think made a rather good stand-in!


38 thoughts on “Birthdays are like buses

  1. I was thinking about spending birthdays, these days on buses and trams, streetcars going nowhere and somewhere, a small party with friends on a day spent in motion, perhaps from the far south to the distant north, or from the near east to many leagues west, birthdays chasing seasons and sunsets, these days…

    Just being random here in the future, post five o’clock on a Saturday. Happy Birthday to All!! Cheers!

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  2. Oh Lizzi,
    You have been a light in my darkness since the moment we met (however that was lol). This is my least favorite of days, but you have most definitely made it more sparkly than I expected it would be! I love and appreciate your friendship SO MUCH!!! Thank you for this, for your guidance, your friendship, and for simply being YOU! Love you!!!

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  3. You decorated an orange just for me (and the four other people who have birthdays coming up)! The image of you going through your fridge, trying to force a candle into each piece of fruit or veggie you found, cracks me up. Thank you, thank you, Darling Friend!
    I am so the luckiest of your friends, seeing as how I was able to visit you at your home. I often think back to that lovely trip, and how fun it was to see you in your element. You were a most marvelous hostess. In fact, I was talking with the little boys about my trip just yesterday!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, song, and orange. You are such a good friend. I love you, too. ❤

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    • I *did*! And…well…the orange seemed to be the best bet. I ended up celebrating Sarah’s birthday today with a toasted bagel because I can’t have the cake (dairy…*sigh*) so…all kinds of weird ways of doing it, but I GOT IT DONE 🙂

      I’m so glad you came to see me. I loved our time at the beach, and I still have the photo of us, just on my mantelpiece where I can see it as I type.

      I love that you enjoyed your time here. I scrolled back through old photos the other day, and found the ones of you at the Pig in the Wall. I smiled a lot 🙂


  4. OMG!!! SO NOT MY BIRTHDAY!!! BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY!!!HAHAHA!!! DAMMIT i forgot i posted a fake facebook birthday!!! Its Dougs later this week!!! You are so sweet!!! Im sorry to be such a dope!!! I was frustrated with FB AND JUST WROTE CRAP DOWN!!! OYYYYYYY!!!!!

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