Ten Things of Thankful 126 (Cheating) #10Thankful


Conjures up a particular image in the mind of a certain sort of person, doesn’t it? Someone a bit despicable; a sore loser; someone so horribly entitled they can’t bear to play by the rules (of whatever social convention) in order to achieve the Thing that others gain/obtain/achieve by following the proper channels.

In any walk of life, cheating seems to be something which most people take a dim view on. Perhaps there are varying degrees of ‘badness’ and a motley collection of viable justifications. Perhaps it’s always and everywhere wrong. But show me someone who hasn’t skewed the odds in their favour when the chance arose, and I’ll show you someone who can cast the first Starbucks Christmas Cup.

With no further ado, let the cheating begin!

I’m not ready – I’m hideously behind and also tired, and also want to get this hop on the road. So I banged on the Elvis Costello, whacked up the volume and ‘pumped it up’, dancing until the Seven GuardVirgins pretty much GAVE me the Book of Secret Rules (or, Secret Book of Rules) and carried me out on their shoulders, cheering. I’m using the grab’n’go rule which got stuck into the back of the book with masking tape – yaknow, the whole ‘call this number if you’re short of time and you can grab a TimeZoned Time-Out’ – THAT one.

I’m gonna keep updating as I go. SO CHECK BACK FOR THANKFULS!

What if she's a cheater

We’ll see now long I can get away with this without being called out (though I can see that Darla has already rumbled me!!! So has Kristi! Goshdarnit!)

ANYWAY! SO here’s the thing. I’m so sick and tired of myself, I needed some kind of life-hack to get around the fact that my Friday evenings have become less and less about the nose-to-the-grindstone of getting this hop hopping on time, than they have about chilling out after netball and watching a coupla episodes of Big Bang Theory with maybe or maybe not a glass of wine, but certainly at some point a cup of tea and some kind of fruit. All of which is lovely. None of which gets the writing done by 10pm GMT.

So tonight I’m life-hacking it. Or blog-hacking it. Or just plain cheating, with a list which will grow as time goes by, and people can check in and catch the beginning, middle or end of it, and see at what point they catch me. Feel free to call out what number I was up to when you arrived (and I shall be VERY thankful if anyone pays attention and I don’t get all the way to 10 Things with NO-ONE JOINING IN (thus making me feel like a total prat (you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?)))

Ack. Ned caught me too! *waves hello*


#1 is that I’ve almost managed to convince myself that sleep is a GOOD THING, and that it helped me to beat off a cold (would have been called Anthony), as I took a kindasorta earlyish night (still not quite the right side of midnight, but close) in order to try to avoid the full-blown maelstrom of epizooticality. And I did. I also ate a tonne of fresh fruit and veg, which can only have helped. So I’m vitamined to heck, and I’ve slept a bunch. I’m thankful for the advice and ootzing which made me go. Always ootz me, people. I’ll complain and whine (because I’m TIRED) but it does help.

Now Pattie’s caught me out hehehe I’m kinda liking the fun of building my list AND chatting to my readers at the same time! It’s really REAL – we’re all behind our screens, building this one together. Me likey.

#2 I’m on the sunshiney side of a horrid depressive episode. Call it what you may (don’t call it tiredness though, it was beyond that (though YES, it was probably exacerbated by lack of sleep)), I WISH there was a way to kick that monster to the curb or life-hack my way around the dark spots. They’re just so horrible, and in them, I feel massively disconnected and all the bads and sads. Some days I couldn’t even find a Silver Lining, except that day I made one and sent it to Rara, so in a way I kinda did. Anyway, I think the thankful here is being back in the light and brightness for as long as it lasts.

Keep Rainbowing

#3 Here’s a HUGE GREAT BIG SHINY THANKFUL, which is that sometimes, seeking work in unlikely places online, just pays off, and you get something really great, which helps loads, JUST in the nick of time. And maybe this is me, and maybe it’s also someone else, but I think it’s SUCH a great thing and I want to celebrate abstrusely without stealing any thunder.

#4 Words like ‘abstruse’ make me happy. I’m glad they exist, and I’m glad I have a fair-to-middling command over the English language. Something I always and often appreciate is the chance to convey nuance and tone in a manner that something less succinct would struggle with. I’m also given to neologising, and that often has hilarious results. Spoonerisms are less my thing, but sometimes they happen, too. Regardless. Language. Love it. The whole lot of it. I learned this week that it’s important to have a favourite ‘V’ word. I was gonna go with ‘Victory’ but then changed my mind because it seemed unattainable. I can’t remember what I switched to. Do YOU have a favourite word?

#5 TEA! I’m so very thankful for tea, I’m about to go and get a cup. Want one? I have Earl Grey (for daytime) and Rooibos or Chamomile for nighttime. Have you tried Rooibos? It has a gorgeous kind of earthy honeyness to it. And Chamomile is like being in a hayfield in high summer. I kind of love drinking a something which evokes an image or a situation. Which makes me sound a bit trippy but whatevs. I’m *really* tired. There are also FAR more important things to be thankful for than TEA, ffs, but until I get that cup in my hand, my brain won’t let me think of them…bear with me!

*10 minutes pass* (ahhhhhhhhh s’better!) And HIIIIIII Michelle, darling! ❤

#6 In all seriousness, the very, VERY first world luxury of being able to go to my kitchen, put on a kettle, grab a teabag and cup from the cupboard, and just…make tea. When I think of the numerous people who haven’t the resources to do that, or who are incapable, or prevented somehow from doing that simple little ritual…it aches my heart. That there are people out there who don’t have a particular, special cup. Or a kettle in front of which to stand, transferring weight from foot to foot, wondering whether if you watch the kettle, it’s the same as a pot which won’t boil. Or who don’t have the delight of hearing that water pour out into the cup, and the funny hiss as the teabag fills with air and floats (sounds at least equal to the ‘glug-glug-glug’ of wine being poured). It worries me. Makes me think about the fairness (or lack thereof) in this world. Introspection and tea. Life comes to that, sometimes.

We Sometimes Need to Stand and Stare

#7 I’m thankful for art and ink and tattoos. I’m getting one tomorrow to commemorate half my life as Vince’s friend. We met in college, and very rapidly decided we hated each other. Time and circumstance brought us together, and we decided we’d make the best of it, and ended up for many years as the best of friends (ergo the nicknames Soulie and Bezzie) and we saw each other through some pretty damn tough stuff. So we’re each marking the occasion of our half-our-lives point, with ink, making this absolutely and indisputably permanently a done deal. which I rather love. Cos you KNOW how the ink is important to me.

#8 I’m thankful I got to go to work on a ferry one day this week. Even though it was an atrociously early start, and I was up before the world was. I got to sit on the dock o’ the dock, watching the ships begin to wake up and chug out into water still tinged with daybreak, which was pretty awesome. And then I got to nap, cradled and soothed by the motion of the sea. And then I got to work a morning and see my dad for the afternoon. Which was all well and good and we had a nice time together.

Dock o the dock

#9 Thankful for YOU, for reading this and putting up with the aftermath (or still-continuing-ath) of a pretty weird kind of post. If it helps, I have more music, and I’m dancing for the 7GV again, to keep them appeased. You can pick the tune if you don’t like this one, but it’s pretty toe-tappy, and I love it…

#10 The Wakefield Doctrine VidChat had a sudden reoccurrence tonight. And I’m in it. WHOOT!

Thankfuls pending:…

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93 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 126 (Cheating) #10Thankful

  1. Catching a nap while being soothed by the rocking from the waves against the ferry sounds very relaxing. I love discovering new words too. What is amazing to me is that often when I read or hear a word I’m not familiar with, the very next day I either hear it spoken or read it in the paper! There must be a word for that kind of happening. I hope you have a good week and get some restful sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! That’s pretty cool! I’ve never had that experience but it’s awesome that you have. And yes, I’m sure there’s a word for it somewhere 🙂

      The nap on the ferry was beautiful. I love being near the sea, or on it, or in sight or sound of it 🙂

      Hope you have a good week too.


  2. That opening quite simply, ROCKED. I’m glad you got (and earned) the plaudits of the the SGV. And yay for tea (I mean, for you) and that you SLEPT. Good girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What in the world did I miss or not figure out about you cheating and people calling you out?
    Loved the vidchat – it positively made my night and I’m just so bummed that if there’s one on Friday I won’t be able to pop in – but for such good reason because Zilla is graduating to her next belt (assuming she passes the test which I’m sure she will because she’s such a little beastie in karate).
    I managed to link up sometime Saturday which for me lately is early – but getting around to read only just now.
    Saw the tatts – very cool. And that lifelong friendship, well…that’s amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m NOWHERE on reading yet! That’s my tomorrow night. It’s been a manic weekend and I’ve just been bonkers busy.

      BUT, I loved the vidchat. It made my night too, and it was SO nice to see you and Kristi and Clark, and I SO miss the days where the Friday Night VidChat was a routine. I hope we get that back somehow.

      I dunno where you missed the cheating bit. I know I cheated at writing my TToT, but I cheat at other stuff, too. lol.

      GOOD LUCK ZILLA! I hope she does really well 🙂 She’s fierce 😀

      Half-life friendship, so it is. And first of several others, I’m sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yup, she is. She often makes me think of that line from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream – “Thought she be but little, she be fierce.” Or something close to that – I’m sick and I’m sleepy so that’s the best I’ve got.
        I would be very up for a routine Friday vidchat.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Let’s bring it BACK then! I miss it so much. It used to be a wonderful thing – all kinds of people would pitch up, and we used to have such FUN! And it’s a lovely way to connect.

          I hope you feel better by morning, dear heart. And YES – that was about Hermia, wasn’t it? I love the Dream. It’s my favourite.


  4. Pingback: * Days of déjà vécu | Teachezwell Blog

    • I went to bed at 10.30 last night, and clearly am feeling very proud of myself, as you’re the third person I’ve told. lol.

      I tend to go for caffeinated tea earlier in the day, and then a decaf variety after dinnertime. I don’t sleep ANYWAY, but it probably still makes a difference.


  5. #3…very cool… Relief…happy dancing all around… Whatever number earl grey was at… Also quite goodly….ok…truth i could probably chime in on most of these… I missed the chat…was…wasnt…was…gonna happen then i wasnt available… Bummer…next time i guess…sorry i missed ya…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you’re there next time. And I LOVE that there’s gonna be a next time. Earl Grey is awesome. I have another cup right now, and YUM. It does start the day nicely for me.

      *HUGS* (gentle ones)


    • I know but I just so very miss my Muricans. Another so SO good reason to move – when I was there, I was FOR THE FIRST TIME in the right TimeZone, and I got more sleep because I was going to bed synchronously with them, and waking up and they were THERE! It was so wonderful.

      But I went to bed at 10.30 last night, utterly conked out. So there’s that 🙂


  6. Sorry I couldn’t make the vidcat. The menopausal women I call Book Club were together discussing a book I had read long ago. So I cheated. I didn’t read it again and enjoyed the periphery of the discussion.
    Abstruse is a wonderful word, which not is not difficult to understand at all since I looked it up in the dictionary, as well as the epizootically. My cold is named Meredith. Have a good week, let there be sunshine.


    • I hope Meredith has left you alone now! Anthony has gone and left me in quite reasonable spirits, but I did go to bed EARLY last night (10.30) which helps. *hugs*

      Is epizootic in the dictionary? It’s a word I got from Dyanne, while I was in Murica. I love it. And abstruse is just marvellous 🙂

      GOOD FOR YOU FOR CHEATING! YAAAY! See? It’s HELPFUL and NICE sometimes, right? *grinning huge*

      I want another vidchat soon. I miss them.


  7. Well, I’m late to the party and there is SO MUCH thankful here now. I’m so glad to hear you had a nice time with your Dad, and it’s super cool you get to go to work by ferry sometimes. I want so badly to like tea, but I’ve always hated it. I haven’t even found an herbal tea that I like. It seems like it would be so comforting and I do feel like I’m missing out on that. I do, however, LOVE me some Elvis Costello and I got a great visual of you crowd surfing on the SGV’s hands to Pump It Up. Thanks for that 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe oh they LOVED IT! Gosh, crowd-surfing on a group of GuardVirgin’s hands would be hysterical and I really love that image. Thank YOU for that *grinning*

      Here’s the thing though, not everything is to everyone’s taste, so I guess it’s ok you don’t much like tea. It’s literally NOT your cup of tea. But if you like coffee, I’ve also been REALLY enjoying some flavoured (instant) coffees I found, which I have at home in amaretto, and at work in cinder toffee flavour, and they are DELISH!

      (totally had eggs yesterday and then worried and wondered about it…I may yet become vegan-er than I think, at least for diet!)


  8. yeah vidchat!! (gots to thank zoe and kristi… one for encouraging the idea and the other for totally guilting me into rising above my own routines and clicking that little button

    as to that place (once again, and clarks will know what I mean and that, finally! is enough) glad you are on your way out…. and not that I’m inclined to propose the end of the cold dark place, but the simple fact that, there are times when it gets crowded in there… totally ruins the ultimate hopeless vibe


    Liked by 1 person

    • Is this because you can be whoever you want to be on any given day, far better than any of the other types? You’re gonna have to explain this one 😉

      But YES! It was so so so SO good to revitalise it – and I hope that maybe Zoe could make it to the next one (and Kristi kinda told me I was coming to this one, just as I was finishing this, so I GET IT, with the guilt lol).

      And no – not an end, just a rise above the waves for as long as it lasts, but I will TAKE IT! 😀

      Good to see you, Rob xo


  9. Love this post…and the conversations throughout in the comments… Everyone should write their blogs in this way…how cool would that be…brings up imagery of a living room full of bloggers tapping away together over coffee (or wine)…with cake, hugs and giggles… there should always be cake, hugs and giggles 🙂

    Well done, bean…fab TTOT x


    • Now that sounds FABULOUS, Kimmie, and I would dearly love to make that a ‘thing’. #10 was KINDA that, though, because we all were hanging out in our own houses but also on vidchat together and it was great fun. Not a lot of chance for writing though, at that point 😉

      Hugs and giggles are wonderful. And cake, if you go for that kind of thing 🙂 ❤


  10. Oooohhh…tea? I love tea. There used to be a tea place across the street. I’d have a different tea every day. They closed because not everybody likes tea and I couldn’t go every day…and even if I could I couldn’t keep the place open on my own. And all that to say that this week I am (as always) thankful for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A tea place? That sounds rather darling. Did they do the whole shebang with pretty china teacups, and teapots and silver spoons? I once went to a very memorable tea shop, where their entire ceiling was covered with hooks, and on each hook hung a different teacup.

      I’d like the chance to try all the different teas. There’s a brand here called Teapigs, which does some pretty awesome blends/flavours. I especially like their Jasmine Pearl tea, which is like drinking that first, exquisite, exotic lungful of air and heat and perfume, when you step into a botanical hot-house.

      Thankful for you, too, sweetie 🙂 ❤


    • Hehehe WELCOME! I hope you’re joining your post in. I still have it to read, in tabs, once I’ve stopped writing my list (I’m down to the last one now, so NEARLY there), and yes – I’m glad that Slacker *ahem* Kristi, told you about this hop 🙂


  11. Oh, Love, I needed this today.
    Would it be cheating if I borrowed your sunshine and made myself happy for a while? Okay, thanks!
    Borrowing your smile and your big, beautiful heart and applying to this Friday night that comes at the end of four very long days. Sigh….I feel better already. xo


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