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Mes amies, let me whisk you away to a land where wine flows in gorgeous rivers from the sun-soaked hills; where la pont Japonais spans a languid, flower-dappled pool; where the architecture will take your breath away, and if la cuisine doesn’t kill you from wonder and richness, the maniac driving will finish you off…we’re headed for FRANCE!

Here, nestled in a sleepy ville dans la campagne, a writer worked diligently, crafting her story whilst slaking her thirst for fantaisie on glasses of full-bodied wine, and tiny cups of cafe au lait. She poured the contents of her imagination into ink, allowing her thoughts to simmer and percolate, imbuing them with the bouquet of her thoughts. Honing their shape in her mind’s eye until she had cooked up un histoire magnifique!

Madames et monsieurs, c’est ma plaisir de vous presenter, Natacha Guyot!


Natacha, I’ll stop with the atrocious French accent now, and focus on you.

I’m sure the manner in which you wrote newly released ‘Clairvoyance Chronicles’ was vastly different than the way I imagine it in my head, but you’ve DONE IT! A real labour of love, and many congratulations on publication – I know you’ve been working towards this for a very long time.

But all of that passion must have such deep roots, and I assume was part of your own history – what’s your earliest memory of writing or storytelling?

I remember loving short writing assignment when in primary school. When I was eight, I wrote my first piece of fanfiction (years before I knew the word), which was about Star Wars. I was amused when a few years later, I found some elements in official novels from the franchise. I used to dab into poetry when I was a child, and I remember a small notebook in which I put my poetry.

I love that you had a notebook you wrote poems in (I do that still!), and I think there’s something to be said for writing with ink on paper, especially in the early stages of a project. I know there are some writers who will even craft their entire first draft with a pen, and though I admire it, I don’t think that would be something I would consider. But writers are so many and varied in their methods, and in their creations. Which writers do you find inspirational?

Many of them! It is difficult to just pick up a few. One of my earliest inspirations was C.J. Cherryh. ‘Serpent’s Reach’ was one of the first books that made me want to seriously write my own story, and there is a tribute to the main character in the first novella I wrote when fifteen.

Anne McCaffrey, Joan D. Vinge, Timothy Zahn, Philippa Ballantine, J. K. Rowling are amongst those I admire a lot. I like compelling characters and storytelling and these writers have blown my mind away on several occasions.

I hope one day that some new author lists your name amongst their inspirations. What was the best thing about writing Clairvoyance Chronicles?

The diversity of characters. I didn’t expect to turn it into a collection of short stories when I first thought about the project, but as several characters came to life, I realized that I wanted to tell their personal story and point of view. I am already looking forward the new narrators for the second volume.

I think that being able to work with relationships of all kinds, some brand new, some going back to centuries ago, has given me so much to work with and reflect on as I brought the stories to life.

Relationships are wonderful to write about, because they can appeal on so many levels, but who specifically will enjoy Clairvoyance Chronicles? Why does it stand apart?

I would say that lovers of the genre Fantasy/Supernatural would enjoy it a lot, but beyond this, I would say that anyone who appreciates complex relationships and characters should give it a try. While I write in a specific genre, the character-focused approach is really at the heart of my storytelling and this is how I hope to touch my readers too.

The cast of main and supporting characters is very diverse in many aspects and helps this book stand apart, as well as how all the points of view presented in the stories give a specific insight in a more or less distant way to the main narrative arc. Everything is connected, but not everything is revealed right away and not all characters know how important their part in the story will be. This gives good balance between some matters that be considered purely casual, and some that have an obvious epic vibe.

Enchant us – will you write something RightNow to Make Us Feel?

This short piece is told from Irina’s point of view, a character you meet during the second half of Clairvoyance Chronicles.

“My life as Qiao’s pupil has brought its lot of hellish trials and traumatic scars. Ironically, taking a plane for the first time feels more draining than anything I have gone through until now. It embarrasses me as a Fae assassin but it isn’t as if I could change the way I feel right now as I have to restrain myself not to strangle or crush any of the chattering and complaining passengers around me.

I spare a glance at the man I was told to accompany to fight some longtime foe. His power is almost palpable for a Renegade Fae like me; but I don’t trust him nor has he yet earned my respect. I will do my best to assist him, because I will honor my Qiao’s decision, nothing more.

My fists clench as the amount of ambient noise continues to skyrocket. Retreating in the silence of my mind doesn’t help to calm me as it normally does. I can’t wait for this flight to be over and my feet to touch solid ground again.

Focusing on my breathing, I feel my heart quiet as my body releases the unrequited tension. Sharp focus returns to me as I rely on my training.

Whatever this trip will bring, I know deep in my bones that it will be life-altering.”

Oh, you’ve left us on a cliffhanger! I want to know more! I suppose this is a good reason to get my butt in gear and buy the book, but are there other ways we can best support you as an author?

As an indie author, every bit of support I can get makes me happy, whether it is buying my books (which I most often have available in both Kindle and print versions so everyone can pick their preferred format), leaving reviews (a review means it’s Christmas, no matter what the calendar says!), sharing links about my writing, ask me questions, connect with me and fellow readers.

Well, my lovelies – you heard the lady! Clairvoyance Chronicles is available to buy TODAY, and if you leave Natacha a review once you’re done, you can make Christmas happen whichever day it is! Let’s get sleigh-belling (or something) and do our best.

Book Cover Clairvoyance

Old enemies never truly disappear. When they return, peace becomes fragile and clans are on the brink of destruction.

Were Saber-toothed Cat Neyla relives her real-life nightmares upon Keno’s reappearance. Her longtime nemesis is scheming to overthrow the supernatural society. With Keno’s followers growing each day, Fae, Weres, Shifters and others with special gifts, are at risk.

In these dark times, everyone must join ranks and keep faith in a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the price may be high.


Goodreads page, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia.


Natacha Guyot is a French author, scholar and public speaker. She is passionate about Science Fiction, Fantasy, Transmedia, Gender Studies, Children Media and Fan Studies.

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  3. Oh my GOD. You wrote this before I met the French Lizzi Rogers. IN FRENCH. Talk about Clairvoyance. How did I miss it? Weird. Weird. And did I mention SUPER WEIRD? Great post – sounds like a wonderful book, and I lurve your dorkily sexy self. Especially in French.

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