Ten Things of Thankful 116 #10Thankful

I can’t quite believe I’m writing these words, but this is my last TToT for a month!!!

For absolutely the VERY BEST of reasons – my trip to Murica is FINALLY HERE! And that’s why I’m writing this well, well in advance (no whips needed this week, Erin) on Wednesday evening; because there is SO MUCH TO DO (and also on Friday when I usually write these (with Erin’s special brand of motivation) I’m going to be at a boozy picnic, and whilst there may be a few drunk WhatsApp messages, I doubt there’d be a coherent TToT in me, so trust me – this is best).

Excuse me while I jump up and down with excitement and run in circles of dizzying happiness.

I think ALL TEN of my Things this week could easily begin and end with ‘MURICA’, for there is SO MUCH encapsulated within that one word, but I’ll try to keep with the spirit of the thing, and do some actual, proper thankfuls. Well. Much as I ever do.

I pledge allegiance
THAT SAID, I do have to pause to celebrate the wonderful, wonderful cementing of friendships which I’ve come to cherish as dearly as any In Real, by the wonder of meeting them IN PERSON. Can’t not say that. I’ll write later in the week to let you know who I’m going to meet, why I love them, and then you can check their blogs as I travel to see if they dish any dirt.

To the flag of friendship
Wait…friendship was the last one…nevermind! This week I received THREE wonderful things in the post, thanks to my friends. One was a gorgeous glitterbomb ‘get well soon’ (it’s called snail mail for a reason, yo!) from Joy-to-my-world and her youngest two kiddos. Another was the all-important SIM for my new phone plan in the US (BOOOO to my UK provider for not having anything which suits the US). A third is a SURPRISE PARCEL which was too big for my letterbox, and which I need to collect tomorrow….NO idea what it is!

And to the community
Ahhhh community. So important. This week I’ve heard some shocking awful things which have happened in the lives of people I care for, and I’m just so glad to know that in *this* community, we support one another, and try to empathise, encourage, and offer what we can in the way of listening ears or comforting words. It matters more than you know, and it strengthens the bonds we share. I love it.

For which it stands
And that’s another glorious thing about this community – they’re not afraid to be a bit activist. Whether that’s standing up against bad government policy; trying to bring about reform; offering others the chance to become educated about certain topics, rather than dismissing the person along with their ignorance – we are FOR each other, but also FOR others.

One determined group
The fund for Jenny’s wedding and housing is still going strong and receiving beautiful support from a giant, global Village of people who CARE. I love that – miles don’t get in the way of compassion, and donation sites can make it possible for practical help (donations or shares) to be offered. It’s wonderful, and it’s making a real difference.

Focussed on Seeking Beauty,
I remember when I first joined Instagram, and how worried I was about getting it wrong, and having to learn the rules for one more social media site. But honestly, the beauty and enjoyment which can be had through seeing photo-updates of people’s varied and incredible lives is just GORGEOUS. I recommend it to everyone. And if you follow me there, you’ll see what I get up to on my trip. It’s free to join, and worth every penny.

Autumn is beautiful

Being Real,
I revealed a rather important part of my own-self this week on Facebook, in an effort to live authentically, and to #BeReal in the best way I know how. I don’t like living half-truths or hiding behind assumptions and that’s what I’ve been doing. So now that I’m no longer married, I decided it was time to gently appraise ‘the world at large’ that I’m not (nor never have I been) a person who can fit neatly into a heteronormative box. I’m a mixture; I always have been, and at the moment (perhaps understandably) I’m leaning far more towards the hitherto closeted aspect. NOT that it should matter to you who I fancy/date/whatever, but in the interests of transparency and just to have it Out There, I did it anyway and outed myself.

And delightfully, other than the number of people who will have noticed and chosen to let their silence speak for them, I received only support and positivity from my friends, so THANK YOU for that. In further interests of transparency (and not because I feel I owe an explanation, but because I’d rather not leave any untidy thoughts which could be speculated upon); YES, Husby knew all along, and NO, it wasn’t a factor in our marriage breakdown. I chose him, and I chose to live in an absolutely committed relationship, which sadly broke down due to multiple other factors.

Living Life in Silver Linings,
I bought some WONDERFUL STUFF, which came recommended to me by Jenny, and having traced the product she gave me back to a beautiful website, I bought a custom-picked, 7-ingredient Bach Remedy, containing within it all good things which should help me to overcome these low moods without the need for pharmaceuticals. I’ve been taking the drops at least twice a day for a week, and have been mostly on an even keel. Whether or not it’s the drops, a placebo effect, or just the fact that I was due some even keel, I’LL SO VERY TAKE IT!

And forever supporting each other
I have had SO MUCH support and input from my people, in planning this Murica trip (yes, okay – back to that…) and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of each and every person who has already helped so, so much, and each who is prepared to bend over backwards to help turn me into a delightful, English pass-the-parcel through the States, so that I get to live my dream and meet IN REAL the people to whom my heart has been hardwired. On those days, when No Wires are Required, I shall be utterly rapturous. I still can’t quite believe it’s really, really happening. BUT IT IS!

Knowing that Together we’re Stronger
We just are. Keep togethering – it matters.

Have a gorgeous weekend, and a glorious upcoming month.

*blows kisses*


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72 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 116 #10Thankful

  1. I love seeing the excitement in your post and from all the bloggers about your trip. You are going to have a great time, I’m sure. I remember the time I went to England and how excited I was to be going there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you had a lovely time when you were here. I’m absolutely convinced that this trip of mine is going to be completely magical, and I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about it 😀 I’m glad it translates so well 😉


  2. Lizzi, I hope this comment comes through in the kind way I intend it. I have another perspective on silence. Silence can be supportive of a friendship. Silence can be a way to avoid contention, to refuse to let an issue become divisive, to choose instead to focus on the commonalities. I do not agree with all of the political, social, religious, etc. view of my friends, but I do value their friendships and recognize that any one view does not a complete person make.

    OK, enough of the serious stuff–I hope you have a wonderful time in ‘Murica! 🙂 I’m a bit jealous of the eastern co-hosts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol yeah – I’d factored that one in, too – the whole ‘taking it under advisement and if nothing nice to say, say nothing’ approach. I assumed there would be those, too.

      Murica is going to be INCREDIBLY SO MUCH FUN! I just hope it all goes well. It’s getting SO close!


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  4. Obviously, I’ve missed something on facebook and will have to go back and read it – didn’t want you to mistake my silence for anything other than I didn’t see it! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN EXACTLY TWO WEEEEEEKS! And you’re going to be textable while you’re here?
    Do you know NOT to double click on Instagram pics? If you do, you will “like” them. Learned that from my daughter. Since I am one to snoop on Instagram accounts that I am not actually following, it’s good advice to know.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t think I can see any IG pics from accounts I’m not following. But yes – VERY good advice.

      I AM going to be textable, and have just appraised you of it.

      TWO TWO WEEEEEEKS! YAAAAAAY! 😀 You’ve not missed much on fb, but I don’t take your silence as anything but algorithms. Promise. To be honest I suspect it’s most ALL-ly algorithms. 🙂 All good.


  5. Reading your post made me smile. Reading the comments? Broke it wide open 😀
    Amazing! Finally! Your dream will become reality in less than a week!. I have a huge amount of….what the hell would clarks call it? for you.

    Don’t think NJ is going to happen for me. I’ll confirm with Kristi, but last she and I FB’d, I’ll be meeting you guys for dinner on Sunday. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t mind how or where as long as we meet…I have confidence that Kristi can fix it 😀 I hope it all works out 😀

      And yes – THAT – I have that for my whole trip, and can’t WAIT. Mutedly so at the moment, from beneath the surface of another slick of whatever it is that capsizes me now and again, but what they hey. We all know which is the REAL reality, don’t we? (Ha!)

      I’m glad it made you smile so much 🙂


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    • Ha! That’s awesome! I love all the excitement being whipped up about this trip – I think there are going to be a lot of people living it vicariously through social media, and honestly, I LOVE THAT – I feel like we’re all in it together 🙂


    • Heheh I’m going to do a separate trip to Canadia at some point – I have people thataways who I love, and who I definitely want to meet someday before I’m old 🙂

      It’s going to be a GLORIOUS trip 🙂


  7. You have a beautiful giving heart… and you live out the motto “What you give you get in return.”

    I love that about you. And I’m SO glad to read ALL of these AMAZING thankfuls!!

    *I need to get on Instagram… I mean like actively get on it. I don’t touch it… now I’m thinking I really should. I’m missing a lot, aren’t I? Sigh…*

    Oh I JUST looked at MIchelle’s comment! OKay… We can DO THIS!! Lizzi, we could also drive a ways to meet them if that helps with the traveling time/distance? We could all meet somewhere for dinner? Just an idea- OR I can host here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • *slightly* scary motto, seeing as I don’t always give out good. But then I guess nor does anyone, all the time.

      And NO ‘SHOULD’! It’s a bully word and I’m going to write about it soon. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

      And re meeting up – have a chat to Scott. It sounds like he and Michelle might carpool. I will just fit in with whatever, so again, do what works for YOU 🙂


  8. Instagram is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It’s just easy and I love seeing all the beautiful photos. I confess it did take me a while into your post as well to figure out what Murica meant. Hope you enjoy your trip over here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait.

      I was told early on (reliably informed, by a ‘murican) that Murica is ‘how you say it’, so it stuck 🙂 I like it. It appeals to my sense of humour 🙂

      And instagram is a trove of untold delights. There are some who I follow there, who take BREATHTAKING photos 🙂


    • Awwwh thanks Dana 😀 ❤ See – what I really *really* like about all my friends is that a) not ONE person has been fazed, and b) they all just want me to be happy, however/whoever that ends up being with 😀



    • BOOM, baby! Except it’s not, because as replies get added to the others below, you get further and further from FRIST BUT…I love your idea of carpooling with Michelle. And kidnapping me. And I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU, MY BTFFFL!


  9. Silence is not necessarily suggestive of non support. Just saying. It could simply mean someone didn’t see or realize or maybe is in Finland for awhile.
    You’ll have to shoot me your US phone contact.
    And this may just be my favorite post of yours ever. Beautiful and so are you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No I know…I heard from Krisit that FB had algorithm’d her and she didn’t even see it in her feed, so…there’s that. BUT it’s done anyway, and now it’s double-done and I’m done with it and people can figure it out as we go along from here 🙂
      I’m going to make sure that all my people have my US phone, though at this stage I’m SO stressed about trying to get my phone unlocked so it will accept the SIM, and the phone company is just being UNHELPFULLLLL.

      And thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can’t even begin to pretend to understand the algorithm thing. I didn’t see it in my feed until it had been in there for a while – and I had to go looking for it at that. No idea.
        YOU’RE COMING TO MURICA SOON!!!!! Don’t stress. You got this.


    • YES! She’s amazing (and that update is why I’ve been so vocally outraged at some of the attitudes you’ve reported from Namibia…). And thanks about the heart 🙂 I try my best. I just have a LOT of people who walk into my heart and take over a corner, and I keep having to make it bigger and bigger to fit them all in, but I LOVE it 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  10. I just laughed myself onto the floor because it wasn’t until your last paragraph that I realized what Murica is. LOL!! I’m so slow sometimes. Have you mentioned your itinerary anywhere (sorry, I’ve been remiss on reading many blogs lately)? We here on Murica’s west coast (north of Seattle to be more specific) welcome you to our widely varied country, and hope you have a most memorable (in all the best ways) trip.

    Liked by 1 person

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