Trans Pride Brighton 2015

Not gonna lie – I HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME! (in spite of cold and rain and whining (whaddya mean? my whining is adorable (right?)))

Ups and downs of course, but mostly UPS and lovely, lovely people and SO MUCH FUN!

Vince took us along, and my friend Mike took the vid, and well…y’all know I’m a total goon, so it will come as no surprise to you that in this, I am a total, utter, incredible goon (#BeReal, right?)

ENJOY! Wish you were there xXx

Can’t wait til next year.

Trans Ally

56 thoughts on “Trans Pride Brighton 2015

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  2. Oh my gosh!!! I so wish I could’ve been there. That Vegan chocolate fudge cake…. YUMMMMM. Mathair just doesn’t know the beauty of a vegan cake and how utterly decadent they can be. 😉 You guys looked beautiful and happy and vibrant and perfect.

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    • We had an amazing time, and I think even Mathair would have been impressed by this cake – her mind would have been blown by it. It was utterly amazing, and I’m glad I don’t live closer to that bakery or I am sure I would get fat from being in there so often!

      Come to the one next year – you’d love it 🙂

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  5. I watched this over coffee this morning, with an enormous grin plastered to my face! Looks like a wonderful time of support and positivity. Isn’t vegan cake amazing?? LOVE. It’s amazing what you can make without animal products. DELISH.

    Glad you had fun, Lizzi blog wife of mine. MWA

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    • Ohhhh Lovely, you would have ADORED it if you had been there. Remind me when you’re coming next year, because it’s going to be the last weekend in July and MAYBE YOU WILL BE HERE?!?!! How delish would that be?

      ANYWAY I’m glad you enjoyed this so much and YES it was a beautiful day of gorgeousness 🙂 Especially the cake. And especially other bits later 😉


  6. What fun to see and hear you! Looks like a very fun time, and what a cute outfit. I forget, when I’m reading a blog post, that some of my bloggers do not speak with my American accent, so it’s particularly fun to hear you talk.

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  7. Lizzi! You are totally freaking adorable! Nice ass babe!
    Glad you had fun. You deserve it. 😊

    You must make Beth take you to the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth when you are here. It’s a vegan place and they use agave sweetener. It’s good.

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  8. LOVE this! And can’t wait to meet you! And FYI, I’m totally going to “adopt” a REALLY bad British accent when I’m around you. Just know I’m not making fun at all, it’s just a weird thing my brain does when I’m surrounded by sounds I love and your voice is adorable! ❤

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  9. The most entertaining thing about the weekend for me was the sheer amount of chocolate you ate over the course of it, when normally you’re all “OMG, chocolate is the WORST and people who like chocolate are WEIRD, yo.” 😛

    That and the cute guy in the grey vest doing the signing on stage. 😉

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