Ten Things of Thankful 110 #10Thankful

Going to trans pride in Brighton this weekend, so gonna be totally AWOL (or AWL, seeing as I don’t need your permission to go) and for tradition’s sake rather than anything else, will leave this here to give the opportunity for you to link up.And as per new and not-awesome-at-all tradition, sorry in advance for not visiting around the hop as much as I’d like. See above for latest excuse.

Have a flower to make it all better.

Nothing Better to GiveAnd ten. I guess.

Trans pride, friends, WhatsApp, wine, naps, helpful people, poetry, truths coming out, music, ;


Your turn. And spend time on the people who bothered.


Ten Things of Thankful
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37 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 110 #10Thankful

  1. I’m thankful for my blog. I’ve been to hundreds of plays, listened to countless albums, seen scores of movies and concerts and read thousands of books. I sit in Carnegie Hall a couple times a year. It’s a privilege and a thrill that never gets old. But my blog is the only, and I mean the ONLY, artistic endeavor I get to be an active participant in. Everything else is just me sitting on the sidelines watching a great parade march by. Even though its impact is miniscule in the grand scheme of things, blogging makes me feel like I’m in the mix.

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  2. I like the last line. “Spend time on the people who bothered.” That applies to so many things! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I don’t know how anyone could be down when they’re attending a trans pride parade in Brighton!

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    • It was absolutely entirely wonderful.

      I wonder at you spending time on me, sometimes, I really do. But I’m very grateful. I sang your song today several times in my head, cos I had high hopes which got squished. Onwards, though.


  3. I hope you have fun at the event. I am busy today too: so I am going to try to write 10 Things Thankful in a poem in five minutes. Later. 😛 Right now though, shower, baby shower, Katie Rose spend a night friend pickup and finishing Literacy Musing Monday linkup . … Thanks for hosting a wonderful linkup each week. My goal is to join. I hope I can. I am going to do my best. 🙂

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  4. you have a phone!! dial in, from time-to-time, for us….’but but! It’s always done a certain way! If you change it, it will be different…types’

    (have fun)

    actually, I think you mean, instead of AWOL (away without leave) A
    nah… that just looks silly

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  5. I tried to comment but don’t think it worked. Going to give this a go as feeling very negative tonight. Ten good things might level me out a bit.

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  6. Going to give this a go, if I can ever work out why WordPress and my domain, which were quite happily talking to each other the other day, have now fallen out. Had a horribly emotional day and feeling very negative tonight, so this might help

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