The Village needs to #BeReal

Acceptance may be absolutely the perfect topic this month, because there’s a new hashtag in town, calling everyone to practice radical acceptance of themselves and others as they embrace the opportunity to #BeReal.

The Village Needs to #BeReal

The movement started when Hasty got sick and tired of false efforts at acceptance, which nonetheless promoted body image in its current media-centric sense, rather than in an inclusive body-positive fashion. The creators hearts may have been in the right place, but the outcome appeared to be that the ‘undesirable’ aspects of physicality were being shamed, whilst the usual ‘positives’ (pretty; flawless makeup; thin/ handsome; well-groomed; buff) were being touted as the best way to be.

As usual.


Or perhaps as ever – until now, because there is an upsurge of people who may or may not fit the traditional model of ‘Body Beautiful’ coming into the fore and staking their claim for acknowledgement; for affirmation; for acceptance from others which embraces them just as they are and recognises them as a whole human being.

The message is this: be YOU – #BeReal

And it doesn’t matter if ‘real’ to you looks like sweat and grime and mess, or flawless make-up and high fashion. It doesn’t matter if ‘real’ to you looks like you haven’t showered or shaved for three days because life took over, or as though you’ve hit the jackpot and are relaxing doing exactly what you love, where you love to be. It doesn’t matter if your ‘real’ is mostly unremarkable and a bit ‘meh’. It doesn’t matter if your ‘real’ has you looking toned or tubby. It doesn’t matter if your ‘real’ is old or young, male or female, black or white or rainbow…

The point is, it’s YOU.

And YOU are worthy of acknowledgement, affirmation, and acceptance.

YOU are worthwhile.

YOU matter.

Because you’re a person, and people count, and people need people, and in this Village where we know we’re stronger together, what you look like or how you choose to dress or how you present yourself, just isn’t relevant – it’s your light; your personality; your determination to be for other people and build them up; your successes and failures; your dreams and challenges; your absolutely unique perspective and the opportunities only YOU have, to make a difference in this world by being counter-cultural and living out radical acceptance, right where you are.

So yes – #BeReal – be YOU, because you are greater and far more valuable than the sum of your physicality.

And yes, you’re beautiful, because every human is wonderfully made.


As of Monday 20th July, Hasty will be running a series of #BeReal posts. I strongly encourage you to read them and learn about what ‘real’ means for different people as they do their best to show their acceptance of their reality, and to hope that you will also accept them.

There’s going to be a HUGE linkie, too, so if you’ve written about #BeReal (or you want to), then you’ll be able to pop over and add your post to the collective.


This month, 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion continues to work toward a better world with a particular focus on ACCEPTANCE, as well as the broader topic of compassion.

Write a post relevant to this month’s focus – ACCEPTANCE – and add it to the link-up right here by clicking the blue button below.

Here’s how to get involved:

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47 thoughts on “The Village needs to #BeReal

  1. Yussssss…be real.
    On facebook the other day my friend wrote a post about “average sized” mannequins. Be Real! Right? I think it’s awesome…however within it was a massive bash against people who were skinny and I was like “Nope”….just nope.
    So I voiced my opinion and well, I was met with Marilyn Monroe is a real woman.
    And I’m so thankful I’m going on vacation.

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    • That’s shit. Absolutely shit. I’ve come across this more than enough times now – like, why should ANYONE have to put up with prejudice because of their size. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST BE FRIENDLY TO EACH OTHER?!?!

      I’m glad you’re going on vacation. I hope it’s wonderful and that your darling boy wraps no more bubblegum around his (or anyone else’s) neck. *HUGS*


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  4. What a beautiful movement to be a part of Lizzi. Mathair and I are all about acceptance. I’ve often wondered if the inability to accept others is due to the fact that a person can’t accept themselves. I was horribly bullied in school because I was a rather large girl. It caused me such bad self esteem issues, but the worst part was when I graduated. I developed a severe eating disorder and nearly got under 100 pounds. With the help of my family and friends, I’m now at a healthier weight and embracing myself more and more each day. I’m a comic nerd and a book worm that prefers dressing like a boy than wearing dresses. I have large nerdy glasses and I’m socially awkward and… I’m cool with that. It’s me and I’m going to be real. 😉 It’s just so sad to see other people especially young girls struggling so hard to not only reach the impossible goals set by the world today but expect others to do the same. I hope this movement takes on and we can all learn to accept each other and ourselves.

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    • Mathair said you and I had more in common than I realised. I’m so sorry, sweet friend, that you had those experiences. I felt very ‘mirror’ish about what you wrote, except I never manged to achieve such a lovely low number. I mean…you know what I mean.

      I’m trying very hard to reinvent myself and get away from the person (or people) I was before. I am determined that somehow I’ll come out of it all alright…

      But YES to this campaign working out well for especially the younger generation. We need to be careful how we role-model to them,

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  5. Ciaooo Sparkle! I love how you wrote this 🙂 I’m slowly making my way back to the Blogging World. I’m a bit late with my #1000speak post, but will definitely joining the #BeReal movement. I’m working on my post for Hasty. Will send it next week as I’ll be in Amsterdam for a few days. xoxo

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    • You’re FABULOUS, Apfel, and I’m so psyched that you said you’d be part of Hasty’s series, and how WONDERFUL that you’re coming back to blogging. Slowly is fine. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your hanami pictures, but I miss YOU, and so I hope this means things are more manageable and that you’re seeing the light behind the clouds.

      Sending you warm, dragony hugs and bottles filled with zephyrs and hope xXx


  6. Loverly post, my friend. I’m baffled, and this may just show my ignorance about life itself, but it seems beyond weird for anything like that to be coming from Hasty. Isn’t she like, drop-dead gorgeous? I’m a little confused. But that’s nothing new!
    I posted a pic as you know, and totally donked up the hashtag bc I’M SPECIAL, but I have a hard time with anything involving selfies. Even a REAL effort on it. I’m one of those annoying people that try really hard not to focus on outer appearance, like at all, it’s what inside that counts and all that. I just feel like past efforts at this didn’t quite make sense to me. Like when a celebrity posts a no-makeup selfie, but they’re still gorgeous. Um, how is that helping anyone? You’re just showing that you’re still pretty without makeup. Who does that help exactly?? I don’t get it. It’s probably just me. I don’t know, I”m probably not making any sense. Just explaining why my dumb self is not participating.
    You’re a wonderful supporter and a great friend. As always!

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    • Hasty IS drop-dead gorgeous. So is Mandi, and Beth, and so many people I know who nonetheless struggle with self-image, but THIS ONE, Joy-to-my-world is about being anti-bullshit by being body positive – whatever your body and however you feel about it – being REAL is more important than conforming to some advertising-led agenda for what’s acceptable. So this is a campaign EVERYONE should involve themselves in – from the drop dead gorgeous to the not-so lovely, because we are ALL more than the sum of our parts, right?

      You’re special-wonderful, ‘kay? Not dumb. Not annoying. Just wonderful. And also under no obligation to join in 🙂


    • I think so. You strike me as someone mostly comfy in her own skin, Andra, or someone unwilling to put up with other people’s expectations for your presentation. I got that from reading your book – you’re absolutely YOU 🙂 And very real, yes. Even seeing your interactions with others, I can see that your tolerance for BS is really low, and you don’t mind calling it out when you see it 🙂 Your real is awesome.


    • Ahhh you’re welcome Carolyn – I think being Real is something we will all find far more achievable, and once we feel accepted for it, we can focus much more on caring about important stuff and other people…which is what the world definitely needs more of.


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  8. I’ll be sure to go have a look as I’ve noticed your – and a few others posting on this. I have to admit, I’ve never been too caught up in “I’m not wearing make-up selfies” and such, though I know there is so much more to unpackaging the insecurities that get us to where we are than that. I look forward to reading more!

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    • Yes – the point of #BeReal which I really like is that it’s not pushing any agenda, other than authenticity – whatever that looks like for YOU. People have to be how they are – it’s how we connect and we need to be able to connect to someone genuine. If I genuinely feel I need makeup, then to suggest otherwise is a falsehood. If I genuinely would rather be wearing overalls and engine grease…then there’s no point trying to suggest I only ever wear heels…it’s about having the strength of mind to buck the trends, I suppose, and just be US, in all our facets, and know that each facet isn’t the whole all.

      I think you DID write, and I’m excited to read it 🙂


    • Hi Anne – I hope I don’t give a wrong impression – I’m THEE FURTHEST from getting there. Not even close – I lampooned myself the other day as ‘The ChickenShit Sisterwife’, because I was trying to write a ‘be real’ post over there, and just…couldn’t post a pic of myself…and cried because I was so sad about what I judged to be on display in that image.

      I’m fighting an uphill battle against years and years and years of entrenched negative self-image. But I am DETERMINED to keep fighting.


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  10. I struggled with body image a lot when I was younger, too. Not in a weight-related way, but I was the token “geek girl” in school: big glasses, braces, pimples… I wanted so badly to look pretty, but I never fit the definition of what I considered “beautiful.” I know differently now, but it took a long time to get from the lows I felt as a teen to the state of happiness and acceptance I’ve reached since then. So… yeah. I like this post a lot. 🙂 Especially this paragraph:

    “Because you’re a person, and people count, and people need people, and in this Village where we know we’re stronger together, what you look like or how you choose to dress or how you present yourself, just isn’t relevant – it’s your light; your personality; your determination to be for other people and build them up; your successes and failures; your dreams and challenges; your absolutely unique perspective and the opportunities only YOU have, to make a difference in this world by being counter-cultural and living out radical acceptance, right where you are.”

    Thanks for sharing, Lizzi!

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    • I’ve always struggled. I was a geek and also fat and not at all pretty. Ever. I was the one the losers picked on and well…whole mess of crap. I’m not entirely past the challenges of 7 onwards, but I’m getting there now. I feel a lot better since April 😉

      HOWEVER. I’m glad that you figured out how to combat the negative self-image, and to focus on yourself in a re-framed light of knowing your worth lies in far more than your physicality 🙂

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  11. Lizzie, reading about body image, I couldn’t help but feel a bit naughty and felt like posting my dog’s photo. He’s very cute but he has quite a problem with facial hair…not to mention a hairy back. Actually, he is hairy all over! My goodness? Off to the salon for him!
    Hope you had a great weekend xx Rowena


  12. I love this concept because it includes everyone in the #bereal movement not just people who are less or more toned. There seems to always be one group that needs and wants to be represented more than the other. I’m checking out Hasty’s blog and posts and look forward to the reads ahead. As usual your writing is superb.

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    • Hasty’s blog is a place of beauty, and one of my favourites. And yes – there are so many drives for acceptance which still marginalise a particular group. We had a great post on Sisterwives this week with one our girls sharing about how she gets aggro for being thin 😦 It needs to be EVERYONE who’s accepted. Truly.


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