My Red Letter Day

Outwardly I maintain a measured scowl, but inside my heart thuds faster in my chest and I wonder whether I’ll be able to do this.

My ears remain steadfastly closed to the cries of the prisoner in front of me, enjoying the show (as ever) as the guards take their positions on either side, spread-eagling the struggling form, as the crowds shout their ebullient derision, eagerly awaiting the spectacle to follow.

I curl fingers around the rod and find that sweet spot where I can hold firm without harm (to myself) and I stoke the embers, watching sparks fly as the end glows a vivid, throbbing orange. I know intimately what will happen next – the screaming and bucking and me trying to keep moving alongside the prisoner’s body as they writhe, desperate to escape that pain, so that I don’t fuck up the crisp edges of the brand.

My eyes flick to the terrified, whimpering convict before me, and a lazy grin escapes me as I remember with glee the last time I saw this one; heard those gasping breaths and felt that body jerking beneath mine – every nerve on fire, but for such a different reason…then I know I can do this.

She’s earned her ‘A’, and I’m going to enjoy giving it to her.

Six Sentence StoriesToday’s post was brought to you by Six Sentence Stories, and the prompt ‘Letter’


50 thoughts on “My Red Letter Day

  1. I wonder what we should do with you sadists? I suppose the important thing in writing is to grab the attention of the reader and make them think and feel what you have written. Now the next piece I see from you should be about tender gentle love or fairies in the forest perhaps?

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  2. I love this! Creepy… And it doesn’t pull the punch at the end. So many times in flash horror the writers does a twist at the end that leaves me feeling tricked or let down. This time the trick at the end made it all the more horrifying! Love it! Love it! Love it!

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      • It is. The two are clearly caught up in a system that forces them to compromise. At the beginning the brander isn’t sure he(?) can do it. He has doubts about his ability to perform – probably, I’m inferring, based on either his tender feelings for the victim or his guilt at being involved or fear of getting caught or some melange of all of that – but at the end, because he is compromised by the system he finds himself in, he pushes forward.

        Is it a he? I wonder if I would read it differently if the brander was a woman.

        Anyway, I have a post running today that I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on. It’s scheduled to post right around now but the WP scheduler has failed on me at times. So swing by in a few minutes if you want!

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        • I haven’t been online today til now (apart from in my phone, and I struggle to blog from that) so I will swing by soon 🙂 I think you’re in my reader, so I’ll get to you 🙂

          Hm. I like to leave things ambiguous sometimes, on purpose…just to see what people think.

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  3. OK, now I feel like a philistine because I read this before it was published and didn’t get it. I think I have come to expect a twist in the tale, and it didn’t happen and that confused me.

    I agree that you have been in the horror mindset for too long. More poetical smut, please!

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