Ten Things of Thankful 107 #10Thankful

*hangs head in shame* Actually, no. Not shame. Because if by now you haven’t realised that this is who I am as a person, then COP ON, dammit! I’m late. Perpetually so. Even to my own party. And it’s because I’m an OPTIMIST, okay?


Odd week here, and with an odd ending – I’m super, super tired because of (shocker) not sleeping enough, but it’s caught me bad today, so my head’s all over the place and this is kind of an Anything Could Happen Post. It also may or may not be a ‘filters off’ kind of post, because of all the tired. I make no promises.

#1 HAS to be my new friendship (early days, but yes, this woman is really in my heart now) with Jenny. She’s amazing. And tougher and has more courage than I will ever have. But probably because she has to, rather than because she wants to. And that sucks. I am learning so, so much from her, and she’s bright, funny, and doesn’t seem to be bitter – just very matter of fact and determined to help the other people who are on the streets, as soon as she can.

#2 Life in the hereafter, which is filled with fun and laughter and lightness, to the point where I sometimes forget that so much tough crap is going on in life for me, and sunshine fills my heart entirely and I don’t remember about the bad stuff. Vince and I have SUCH fun together, and honestly, it’s the strength of half our lives knowing each other and having that friend who always has your back, that is making this stage of life seem GOOD, rather than just lonely and miserable. So thank goodness for epic flatmates.

#3 Having good friends to talk through tough situations with (<— I *know* something’s wrong here. I may have dangled a participle but it’s late and I don’t remember. Someone catch it? Or hold me?). My SanFranFriend, notably, has been a fantastic listening ear, and a great source of comfort and validation.

#4 Chats with Mandi. And getting to snatch brief moments of thunder and lightning on the balcony before resuming the conversation about an upcoming post at Sisterwives next week. And other things which will remain conversation under the stars, when anything can be talked about and heard.

#5 Roses and stopping to smell them. Or lavender. Or any flower really. It matters. Try it. Close your eyes and revel in it a bit. REALLY!

Stop and smell the roses

#6 SINGULARITY BEING AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER – you guys, seriously, Helena Hann-Basquiat is one of a handful of people whose brains are so wonderful and lively I want to lick them, just to absorb some of the awesomeness. Helena took a bunch of stories written by the contributing authors (hey, including ME!) and crafted them into a wonderful, mind-blowing tale of horror and…well…GET IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

#7 That I have email for those times when I don’t manage to snail-mail, because at the moment I’m failing at the rest of life, in spite of being mostly quite happy. Things have slid off the edges, and glitterbombs are one.

#8 I’m going to a Princess Party on Saturday night – my first ever – for a friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday. I have a gorgeous dress and awesome shoes and just need a hat for my damn head, or maybe one of those 20’s style bands with a feather in. Will see what I can do.

#9 Poetry. For those times when words aren’t sufficient. I think at heart I am a poet. Maybe. Cos this didn’t rhyme…hahaha!

#10. For now? 1.3 *dances for the 7* Or flirting. But mostly dancing and silliness. Because my brain at this point has detached from its stem and is slowly floating into outer space like a helium balloon the dumb kid let go of, and all you can do is comfort them as you both watch that sparkling, shining wonder get higher and higher into the atmosphere. Time to let it goooooooo!

(and no, there is no new banner because of my odd week and how much I suck – sorry!)

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82 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 107 #10Thankful

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  2. Oh, I love the scent of roses AND lavender! Both make me immediately calm and seem to melt stress away. For Christmas last year, I made my coworkers some body butter in a lavender/vanilla scent. I have a little jar with the leftover on my desk and I often pick it up, pop off the lid, and stick my nose in – inhaling deeply. I’m sure people who may see me think I’m a bit nuts – but it totally works for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Naaaah – you have to do what works, right? I’m kind of in awe that you made the body butter! Wow. What a sweet gift 🙂 And lavender is a very very soothing scent. I’m certain we respond to particular scents in a pretty much universal way 🙂


  3. That photo of you at the princess party was beautiful. I hope you had a good time.

    That rose photo is so pretty. You are getting very good at making…memes(?) Is that what that would be called?

    Having friends to talk things through with is invaluable. (I haven’t had much sleep either these days, so feel free to ignore the bad grammar.) I’m glad you have plenty of people with whom you can do this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you’ve managed to get some sleep! It’s difficult functioning on too little – I do know that at least! I’ve been very intentional for a long time, about building my community of friends who I can rely on to offer candid feedback and support. I’m very very lucky to have so many wonderful friends who are so willing to help me out when I’m stuck.

      I *think* it’s a meme. It’s what I’d probably label it. And thank you 🙂 I decided I needed to get good at them when I decided not to steal pictures from Google any more…

      Thanks for liking princess-me. I had a gorgeous time and didn’t freak out once 🙂


    • Hehehe you did indeed! To be fair, I was the flirty one, and in terms of who flirted back, I had my pick of three cute barmen, two cheeky old men, and one gorgeous older woman. Watch this space (clue – I didn’t pick the cheeky old men) 😉


    • I got pics. Well. One pic, because when I arrived, it was in a dark room and there was no point even trying to get decent photos. But it was an AWESOME party. I reckon you should definitely have a princess party – just cos it’s a Friday night, or whatever!


  4. Dancing and silliness sounds wonderful, fun flatmates and new friends is brilliant, and you do not suck. You are human. And I’m trying to remain convinced that human beings cannot do everything, even though we/I think I should.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I saw! I guess at some point we need to accept that we’re only SO capable, and just learn to treat the rest of life rather lightly. The dancing and silliness was rather awesome 🙂


  5. I adore that you are so lighthearted these days! Not that crap doesn’t still happen in your life, but overall, you seem happier and better able to cope with what’s being dished out. OR you’re better at covering up when you’re unhappy, but I hope it’s for the former and not the latter!
    A princess party sounds fun, especially for an 18 year old! 5 year old princess parties are cute and everything, but….


    • It was MAAAAAAAD! Good fun and…well, quite the eye opener!
      I’m less sad. Not that I don’;t fall into the abyss now and again, but I’m not stuck there like I used to be, so that’s INCREDIBLE.


    • lol Get Some Rest *avoids looking at the clock* I know, I know, I know 😦

      BUT. There has been wine. And amazingness. And tears. But mostly amazingness. so…..worth it.

      And I tried my best to be pretty 🙂

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  7. #10 reminds me of last night – was at the beach to watch the moonrise (fabulous and totally aweinspiring). Not far off there appeared in the sky floating, lighted “orbs”. First 3, then a couple more, then after a bit one more. We suspected they may have been helium balloons with candles attached. It was a pretty sight. I’m not quite getting the same vibe at the thought of your brain detached at the stem being hoisted by like helium balloon! But I get what you’re saying 🙂
    Don’t forget to share pics from the Princess Party!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I posted a pic of me as a Princess on FB, but the party was too dark to take pics of.

      Do you think the orbs were those…chinese lantern things? They look awesome but I always worry about them dropping melting stuff on people (there have been awful incidences of this). I’m glad it was a beautiful night for you and being at the beach is ALWAYS close to perfect.


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  9. A princess party? Do share a photo! I went to one and looked like Cinderella without the help of her Fairy Godmother. So glad that you have wonderful friends! Not surprising, since you come across as so REAL and alive, even in writing, even when your head has floated off a bit. And that made me laugh until I remembered by own sad childhood experience with a German, caterpillar-shaped balloon . Right after leaving Oktoberfest. But I will smell the roses instead of lingering on that memory. Thank you!

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  11. Great list! I am reveling in the scent of flowers this year! For the previous two years I worked from dark to dark, so having the time to appreciate all the lovely and not so lovely (I’m looking at you Fish Flies!) scents of spring and summer is a joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Which flowers are you revelling in? I love lavender, roses, and my favourites – pinks (dianthus). Dark-to-dark working is THE VERY WORST, so I’m glad you’re having time. That’s amazing.


  12. Glad you’re happy, that’s really what it’s all about. Despite the Hokey Pokey song lyrics 😉
    I hope your brain catches in a ceiling fan and you can get it back in your dome.
    Have fun at the Princess party! I’m sure you’ll be ADORABLE no matter what clothes you put on your outter person. Your inner princess is what counts, and yours is the BELLE OF THE BALL!
    I could not TToT, because of what I’m Thankful for this week:
    Vacation!! I ran away two days early with my girls and Alex had to take a train by himself to meet us. He loved it! The train, not us being gone but he was kind enough to play along. I needed a break. Hopefully I will link up next weekend! I’m still reading what I can get to though! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • VACATION?!?!? Ohhhh Joy-to-my-world I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You really need it and HOORAY! I’m super happy for you 😀 BRILLIANT!

      WHOOT *punches the air and dances*

      I have a pretty dress and pretty shoes and pretty hair to wear – I should be okay 😀 😀 😀 I’m getting better. I even went shopping today and bought clothes and was happy 🙂


      • er Joy?
        “I hope your brain catches in a ceiling fan and you can get it back in your dome.” whirling fans am I the only getting the visual of the high-speed twirling effect of a brain balloon?… pretty funny, tho


  13. I call that punch drunk, when lack of sleep makes you so silly. I love it. I recommend a British Fascinator as appropriate headgear for the Princess Party. I didn’t get to ask Vince, but do you laugh hahaha, ho,ho,ho, or he,he,he, or a combination of all? I’d love to hear your laugh. I think I ha,ha more than ho,ho, or he,he, unless I can’t catch my breath, then I wheeze.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! *squeeeeee* I’m so, so, so excited! I never used to get to go to them, because I didn’t have friends who did that kind of thing and so…I missed out. So now, about 28 years too late, I’M GOING TO MY FIRST PRINCESS PARTY! YAAAAAY! *dances*


  14. Bless your heart for #2. 🙂

    The realisation that, thanks to my flirty shenanigans with a certain hot young man, I am now The Gay Best Friend…that actually kinda gives me the warm fuzzies.

    *purses lips and throws hands dramatically up in air* Like, SERIOUSLY, girlfriend. Can I EVEN? I think not!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Zilla smells like lavender – it’s her shampoo. It’s so sweet.
    Anyway, I love the giddiness that runs through this – and I mean that in a great big GOOD way. There is a happiness, a lightness here that is so good to see.
    I’m linking up my post which is READY ON A FRIDAY NIGHT for Pete’s sake. I did not get the code, though, so I’m hoping you or someone else will send that along.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was giddy and SO SPACED OUT on not enough sleep and I’m so sorry about the code – I MADE IT EARLY AND EVERYTHING and then totally forgot to send it around. I’m SO SORRY! 😦 I suck. But…hey…whatevs – we’ll all come out in the wash!

      There IS lightness and giddiness and I’m much more how I used to be, many years ago, before the latest series of sucker-punches took me down. I’m glad to be getting that back.

      LOVE the smell of lavender, and kids shampoo is always lovely on them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Pictures of the princess party, please! (That’s a LOT of p’s)
    This was full of high spirits, despite how tired you say you are. It’s a very “up” post!
    What does this mean – 1.3 *dances for the 7*
    Does that have something to do with the guard virgins? I think they showed up just as I was getting to know you, so I know very little about them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heheh yes. SO MANY Ps and I will surely send you pictures (of some kind or another 😉 )

      The 7 GuardVirgins are responsible for guarding the Book of Secret Rules (or Secret Book of Rules) and if you can’t think of a Thankful, you are at liberty to dance for the 7 and if they give you the book, you can use a rule to justify your lack of actual thankful.

      Rule 1.3 is an old favourite – that having got to item ten on the list is its own thing of thankfulness. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love these stories. The traditions you’ve created with friends. The jokes you share.
        When we’re 90 (well, you’ll be 75, you young whipper snapper) we’ll say, “remember dancing for the 7 GuardVirgins?” and it will be awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. A Princess Party? Foe an 18 yr old? I have never heard of that, but it sounds totally fun. I hope you have a sparkly time!
    I love the smell of lavender. That and cinnamon. Both of those take me to a whole different, relaxing place.

    Liked by 1 person

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