Ten Things of Thankful 105 #10Thankful

Been staring at this for about an hour, in between zapping through tabs of other things because I’m tired and can’t focus.

I can’t write right, right? So I’m gonna shorthand this, because it’s STILL a TToT weekend, even if 1000Speak is happening, and my brain is utterly full of ALL THE THINGS.

So full I’m even gonna recycle a picture, because I just cannot even…

What the hell goes on in her brain

People died this week in another senseless attack. You know this, unless the rock you live under is bigger than the one I try to stay underneath. It’s senseless bigotry gone violent and it’s never, ever okay. Bigotry is never okay. Violence is never okay. And the one, tiny silver lining I can see in this situation (and believe me I had to look hard) is how united so many people are coming, to stand up and say that they are NOT cool with this – that togetherness as HUMANITY, without the distinctions of race or gender or age or sex or any of the other silly things some people get worked up about – and that we should all be part of addressing the problems.

All of us. Together.

Right. Gonna let the brain lead the hands, cos I’m late-late for this, and also have yet to go to the store to pick up cardboard boxes for my Sis, who’s moving house soon. Ergh. NO – I’m young and strong and a midnight trip to the shops is FUN. Right? Right?

Thankful for…friends who scoop me up (figuratively) and hold me when I’m a quivering mess on the floor. When you have a particular kind of past, there are things which trigger, and sometimes they can be utterly innocuous, and the situation which sets you off bears no responsibility for the crying ball of pain, misery and self-doubt you become. Maybe for hours. So yeah, that people stuck with me through the darkness and held my hand and brought me out to the other side…that’s HUGE.

My mum, her perspective, her wisdom and understanding, her clarity of memory and her ability to help me identify the areas of my past which still impact me, and to talk me through gently whilst still acknowledging how dreadful I sometimes feel. She is the wisest person I know, and I’m truly, truly blessed to have her friendship and constant support.

Thankful that I learned how to make accidental cookie balls which aren’t cookies at all but rather like choc-chip, pecan, oat and banana breadlets. They’re yum though, and they made tonight’s movie night and our celebration earlier this week of our One Monthaversary of Flatmatiness, very tasty affairs.

Poetry. I sometimes think my heart beats in poetry, and whatever else I write or don’t, the thing which grabs me back and holds me every time, striking deep into my core and taking up residence, is poetry. The good stuff though. Like this, which just…happened (poetry often seems to happen around Hasty – she’s rapidly turned into the person who most inspires me to poetry, and I loveLOVElove her way with words, and the incredible way she weaves truths, fantasies and nightmares with rhyme, rhythm and (often) a wry humour), and is so, so beautiful (I also read it out loud, if you want to go and hear me).

Friends who have the gumption and kindness to call me out when I go off the rails. It makes me feel cared-about and genuinely important to someone to know that they are prepared to take the step of telling me they think I’m acting out in a manner which is other than I purport to prefer. I am often too willful or too distracted to notice anything beyond what I’m thinking at the time. I’m so grateful for an alternative perspective now and again, even if it’s one which makes me see the plank in my eye. Christine is one such friend, and if she’s one of yours, YOU ARE LUCKY! Hold onto her. She’s a gem.

I’m having a teeny-tiny piece published next week in a national homeless magazine called The Big Issue. It’s a professional reminder for people with diabetes to get their eyes screened. I also sent a ‘healthcare’ piece to HuffPo UK, and they want me to be a regular blogger for them, which is exciting, and a HUGE platform for things which I want seen by a different audience, so I’m VERY excited about that.

I got Mandi’s book Dear Stephanie in the post, with the sweetest note in the front. It’s going to go on my ‘signed first editions’ shelf once I’ve finished sleeping with it (I have lots of space on my bed and I like sleeping with books next to me – they all get to take turns. It’s cool – I don’t mind you knowing I’m a book hussy).

I had a GLORIOUS afternoon this week, on my phone intermittently, as Samara sent me update after update as her son (Little Dude) graduated elementary school, and was lauded and honoured, standing time after time on the podium to receive accolades for his outstanding involvement and contribution within his school community, as well as for his intelligence (he came first in the science fair with a glorious project about how colour can affect people’s moods) and his care of others (he was part of a safety club looking after other children). I got a video of him singing ‘The Best Day of My Life’ with his whole class, and him shaking hands to receive his diploma (COOL AS A CUCUMBER, that kiddo) and I got a little teary-eyed at how wonderful he is, and how utterly, completely beautiful it was to be included in such incredible, milestone moments in his life. I’m so, so thrilled to be able to call him one of ‘my’ kids, and I completely adore him, and can’t wait to meet him IN REAL in September.

Soulie made Frittatah, and wrote a recipe which made me nearly die laughing. His promise that this would be like a sleepover which never has to end, has been pretty much spot-on so far.


…and too many of my friends are sad because Bad Things are happening in their lives. If you have a friend, let them know you care – send them a quick email or something, just be in touch, ‘kay? We all need to know that we’re held in the thoughts of others, sometimes.


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99 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 105 #10Thankful

  1. Despite the sad undertone, you did still have me smiling, if ever so gently. I’m so sorry to hear that you have demons in your past that yank you to the floor, but your mother sounds like an angel, and I know you know, but I’m going to say it again, you are truly blessed because not all mothers get “it.” And CONGRATS on being a regular blogger on Huffpost!!! That is awesome and you are a brilliant writer so I couldn’t disagree even if I was trying (which I wasn’t!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m really, really lucky with my mum – she’s absolutely amazing.I’m so glad this post made you smile. It continued to be a variously crappy week, but things today are better and sunshinier. Thanks for the HuffPo congrats – I really appreciate it.


  2. I sleep with books sometimes; mostly when I fall asleep while reading. Maybe having them next to me when hubby’s not there will allow me to sleep better. Will try that next time 🙂 My absolute pride is a signed special edition if Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere *crooked fan-girl smile*. Hope you have a better new week, Lizzi!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh cool! I have a shelf which is slowly filling with signed editions of books by people I adore. So there’s that, and it’s rather wonderful.

      I rarely fall asleep reading, though I have fallen asleep writing before now 🙂

      Hope you have a good week 🙂


  3. I recently gave a friend some advice: if you have to ask for help, you don’t really need it. It is when you are incapable of asking because the shit has hit the fan and your friends check in on you that the magic happens. It is when you know for sure you are not alone and are cared for. It seems to me that you are slowly surrounding yourself with those important people who are there when you cannot ask. Which makes me thankful.

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    • That’s a really powerful thought, and one I’m very grateful you shared with me. Thank you. That’s actually precisely what I needed to hear right now, and confirms I’m doing the right thing 🙂

      Yes. I’m very intentionally surrounding myself with wonderful people and working hard at my friendships…I’ve spent so much of life isolated – I’m done with that, now. I need people 🙂


  4. i love u’r attitude of gratitude, thanks for sharing such an uplifting post during these strifeful times. Now more than ever it’s important to surround with dear friends who love and support one another. Found you via Hasty! 🙂


  5. Friends are gifts from above. I live in the state where the violence took place, and am so inspired by the out pouring of love from all over. Thanks for continuing to offer a place on the blogosphere to be thankful and kind to one another.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad it’s turned into an outpouring of love and that people are uniting over this, and determined to show more love, not less. That’s awesome. I hope your community recovers soon.


  6. You pulled off a fantastic list, my dear. HuffPo UK!!!!!???? AWESOME. There’s actually a lot of awesome in this post. I’m so glad to read it, always. It fills my heart, to know that you are being taken care of, loved, and tended to. With this summer blurring all my lines together, I makes me smile to know these things about you.

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  8. Published, yay! Please share when it is up, I’d love to read it! Cookie balls? I need that recipe, post haste! I’m sorry you have had a tough week, but true friends that will pick you up is such a gift. When everything else sucks, at least revel in that because so many do not get that wonderful experience ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not going to be online, but in an In Real magazine, which is very exciting.

      I’ll put the recipe up soon, just for you, though it won’t be as funny as Vince’s recipe. IN FACT maybe I should get HIM to write it. He’d be far more entertaining of a read.

      True friends are absolutely of immeasurable worth and I’m so so fortunate to have such good ones. I’m very very aware of just how lucky I am. Thank you for reminding me.


  9. This book hussy is late to a date with her library book and late with her TToT (really? Saturday at 11PM?) and so extraordinarily late with the 1000Speak post I think I may just opt out and run only the linky this time. It just ins’t coming together this time. The idea is there…it’s a wonderful one…and I feel like it comes across as bragging so I can’t even.
    So happy for the writing opportunities you’ve found – huzzah! And your Mum and your wonderful friends and that you have your Soulie Vince there with you. It comforts me to know you’re there together in all your happy flatmatiness. 😀 I do think perhaps he should not be allowed to be Frist on the comments, though – home court advantage and all. 😉
    Sorry for the valleys in your week, but yes good to the friends who held you up and called you out – all because they love you.
    OK, I’m off. We’ve got a busy one again tomorrow, but by Monday I’ll be sitting here catching up on things.

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  10. Congrats on your new writing opportunities. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together regarding the no-sugar challenge. One word of advice: If/when you eat sugar again, go slowly! 2 Disneyland desserts in one day is not a good idea! I’m happily back on the no-sugar bandwagon. It’s amazing how much better I feel without sugar.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t been missing it lately. I did have more of those tiny cookie things though, with just a handful of dark choc chips. They were SUBLIME.

      But yeah…it’s still going and I CAN’T REMEMBER HOW MUCH LONGER IT IS. And I’m annoyed cos I don’t think I’ve changed shape 😦


  11. Lizzi! Most excellent on the Huff blogging gig as well as the article in The Bigg Issue. Very, very 😀
    I know exactly what you mean about “triggers”. There are times when there’s no ignoring the emotion your body insists on spewing. Can’t keep it in check forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Congratulations on the HuffPost piece! AND the magazine post. Yowza!
    I think “flatmatiness” is THE word of 2015, and I only wish I had a reason to use it.
    Your mom passed some pretty awesome traits right on down to you.
    September is only THREE MONTHS AWAY.

    Liked by 1 person


      And thanks – if I get the HuffPost blog (need clearance from work) it will be SO cool.

      Awwwwh thanks for thinking I have some nice traits of mum’s – she’s such an amazing lady. I’d be lost without her.

      And *grins* you liked my neologism 😉


    • Dear Stephanie is AMAZING and you should definitely give it a try. I’ve written an endorsement somewhere last month, and it’s GLORIOUS. Really captivating.

      And yes – for me, it’s a determined effort to find thankfulness whatever the emotional/cultural mood at the time. It matters.


  13. ok… I was all kinds of proud of getting the post out early today and even was getting started on the post reading…naturally starting here…. but (and I will try to have a normal comment later in the day)…but but!! what do you people have against articles!!?!?!*
    Here was reading, reading your Post…ok, I know… easy as can be ’cause you’re a clark and you write good… and I came across:

    …who’s moving house soon” again with the lost articles ( “sorry mum, she went to hospital”) You people are named after the language we’re all agreed that we’re speaking… English… (Pulp Fiction reference “Do you speak it?”**)
    I will stop typeshouting… I understand now. You don’t like articles and feel that they are optional.

    …I better get on with reading the early posts…. might even be able to stay current.

    btw: you’re leading the votes in the ‘what would make you join us next Saturday on the TTohLive!

    *An article (abbreviated art) is a word (or prefix or suffix) that is used with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun
    ** this being a gp kind of post I’ll refrain from posting video of Samuel Jackson’s scene… but it’s totally worth looking up!

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  14. congrats to Huff Post – awesome work… frittatas are yummy, the poem is beautiful . I’m still trying to wrap my head around the violence…..has it always been this bad or is it more out there because of technology… regardless did something change to us?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think we just know about it more. I reckon it’s always been there. The next generation of teens is the most enlightened and caring there’s ever been. Don’t give up hope yet 🙂


  15. Pheww! What a roller coaster of a week. Congrats on the writing opportunities, you are a superb writer and that is wonderful news. Sometimes the Village needs you and sometimes you need the Village. Vince’s frittata post was hilarious.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Vince’s frittatah post had me in stitches.

      This week I DEFINITELY needed the Village, and thank goodness for it! It really has been a roller coaster! I’m glad it’s the weekend.


  16. Me too, I am a total book hussy too! Got one beside me right now as I am snuggled in for the night.
    Lovely words about your relationship with your mother. Hope my grown kids feel this way about my love for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t imagine they’ll feel any other way, really – everything I’ve read of you indicates that you’re a very loving, caring, involved mom, and it reads as though your children have deep, trusting relationships with you 🙂

      *high-fives* YES to finding another book hussy 😀 What are you reading now?


  17. I sleep with books all the time. Sometimes so many books that the other half of the bed is filled. Have fun with the moving – something tells my you bring a lot of fun to those types of chores.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I hope so. I’ve arranged a day off work to help her, and it’s going to be a BLAST – I’m determined.

      SO GLAD someone else sleeps with books. I kinda like it 😀


  18. *fights back tears*
    Ahhh, it was like you were right there with us! It was so lovely to include you in the celebration. That’s one of the upsides of technology. Auntie Lizzi, so far away, can actually be right there *with us*

    I need to hear all about your HuffPo blog! I don’t think I knew it was healthcare-based. It sounds like a topic you’d have lots to say about. Congrats to you!!

    Thank you for considering your inclusion in LD’s graduation something to be thankful for. We feel EXACKHERLY the same way about you (why doesn’t that look right other than its a made up word?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a HUGE, beautiful part of my week. Time with any of ‘my’ kids is so precious and so wonderful to me…and LD is just such an awe-inspiring young man…I feel delighted and very privileged that you guys include me, and I LOVE being his Auntie, even if geography doesn’t let me be as present as I’d prefer, in that role.

      I was thanking EVERYTHING for technology that day. I loved, loved, loved that you brought me with you, and felt immensely honoured that you shared such a precious event with me ❤ ❤ ❤

      It's healthcare related because I want to spread awareness of diabetes and its impact, but my frame of reference will be fairly limited, so I might at times spill over into other soapbox topics, I think. It won't be as rambly or *twinklysprakly* as this place.

      You got it EXACKHERLY right, my Precious ❤

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  19. I just love you, Lizzi! I truly do. I look forward to your TToT and always find a gem that is relevant to the rock I try to stay hidden under.
    Congrats on your publications!! Yay!
    Did you know that part of my day job is to help set up quality improvement programs with diabetes at its core? Eyes, feet, kidney, blood pressure – the works! Please send me those when they are published, mmkay?
    I hope you have an awesome weekend, my friend!! Xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knew you were a dietician, but I didn’t know that! I’ll send you all I’ve got 🙂 I just need to get them from the work computer to mine 🙂 That’s very cool. I like sharing a field with you, kinda 🙂 Yours is VERY important. So’s mine, but in a lesser way.

      I love that you look forward to the TToT – that warms my heart to know ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  20. I think I made a version of your banana breadlets (I like that name) for our plane ride tomorrow. No nuts, though.
    You have good friends. We both do.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Congratulations on your writing gigs!! That’s fantastic news!
    I am so sorry that you even have triggers which send you into such turmoil. I’m glad you have friends and family to help you through.
    Love your mum. 🙂
    Perhaps when you are in town (woohoo) you can make your throw-it-all-in-a-bowl cookie things. Who knows. I may end up liking them.
    You are such a kind, generous person, loved by so many people. Never, ever forget that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I hope it’s going to be a slightly new arena for me, to be a responsible healthcare blogger/article writer. I hope it works and does some good.
      Thanks for caring, always – you so help me, and I truly appreciate your input and your thoughts. I’m so glad I have friends and family to help, too, otherwise I’d be lost.
      Mum’s awesome 🙂 I’ll tell her you said hi. Can you imagine, it will be a year ago this weekend that we met *happysighs* Such lovely memories 😀 SO glad you made it happen 😀 😀 And YES I will make the not-cookies for you all. They’re really yummy and VERY simple. You’ll like them 🙂
      I’m really lucky to be loved by so many people, and I do my best to be kind and generous – to be worthy of their affection and friendship, and I’m so grateful for all my friends 🙂 Thank you ❤


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