By his side

I’m lying absolutely still next to my sleeping son, adrift in my thoughts when I notice his silhouette appearing around the corner, shrouded in darkness and nighttime haze.

“I missed you – I woke up without you again and I thought you’d be here with him but I just had to check…”

His voice is sleep-roughened and thick with shadows as he tucks a blanket around me. He always brings a blanket because he knows how cold I get.

I reach for him, wordlessly, beseeching him to stay, and he folds his tall form down to lie with us, tucking his arm around my waist and nestling his face into the back of my neck before I feel his body start to shake in what has become a familiar movement.

We stay that way until dawn, bound together in love and grief atop the tear-dewed gravestone.

Six Sentence Stories

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85 thoughts on “By his side

  1. Holy crap. 😦 I love your writing but NO FAIR. I’m doing the “lalalalalala” over my heart because I just. can’t.

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  2. When I read above, all I can think, recall, is Nick Cave and To Be By Your Side, as you paint your tale in six intricate sentences, a world all in one telling set of moments, as they grip, grasp life’s presences in each of us, what we share, where it takes us in those moments of approaching each morning…

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  3. So beautifully and tenderly written, I could so easily identify with both the feelings and the actions of both of them. What a touching picture of mourning loss and love continuing on. Well done, my friend, very well done!

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  5. Would you like to ACTUALLY just shoot me through the heart next time?

    *sniffs, wipes eyes*

    Beautiful. Poignant, expressive and paints a bigger picture than a thousand words ever could.

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