Ten Things of Thankful 103 #10Thankful

Come in, come in – gather yourself and your tambourine around the fire, and please don’t sneeze at the incense I’m burning – it all adds to the atmosphere, along with the plinky-plunky music, because, you see, I’ve turned into a hippie. Apparently!

It’s been quite the revelation. Of course, it was largely Vince’s fault for buying me a beautiful tye-dye-patchwork hippie top likely my own fault, since I decided to go vegetarian and have become increasingly more ‘crunchy’ ever since, now to the point of cutting out cow-products (I promise, though, that’s only to try to get this dadblasted eczema under control, since ‘cow’ stuff used to be a trigger for it when I was a kid…and at this stage I’ll try anything!)

Anyway. Whatevs. I’m a hippie now, albeit very much the ‘bring your own patchouli’ kind. This epiphany hit me while I was in the middle of Sainsbury’s. I’d popped in for another carton of soya milk and some dental floss and (you know how these things escalate) before I knew it, I had some Earl Grey and a carton of tofu in my basket (because apparently it’s a good source of protein and doesn’t taste horrendous and I should try it before I decide I don;t like it *sigh*) and was standing in front of the whole-foods, trying to find chia seeds, because apparently they’re a super-food and contain all sorts of proteins and aminos acids and important vitamins, as well as being a versatile ingredient in everything.

In THIS hair, and THAT top. And a necklace filled with coloured beads. And rainbow canvas sneakers. Ohboy!

I Turned Into A HippieWhen I got home and complained about being a hippie and probably secretly being native of Brighton (where all the hippies live) I asked Vince what else made me a hippie, and aside from the almost-veganism, there’s the allotment, baggy jeans, sparkly phone-case and the fact that I’m love-centric and want the world to be a better place. And the fact that I’m barking mad. And apparently my whole family are kind of hippie-ish…

Fortunately common-sense kicked in before I took off my shoes and started planting alfalfa, and I asserted that I would be having fish and chips for tea (definitely not veggie) and was off out to play a team game first (netball night again – my team were 5 goals down for most of the game and we equalised in the last five minutes due to some very determined play), where I got scratched down my arm and bled for the remainder of the game, and may or may not have wiped some of it on the perpetrator of said scratch.

[She of the long nails was oddly TOTALLY fine about being anointed with my blood, grinned her goodbye at the end and told me “Thanks for the blood-brothers” – I have odd and rather wonderful friends. She’s invited me to a princess party next month!]

Now I’m wrapped in my (stolen (not by me)) British Airways blanket, waiting for the kettle to boil so Vince can make us both some tea. The fact that I alerted him to the fact that I wanted something by batting my eyelids and making sweet annoying little chirrupy whimper whiney noises. He found himself utterly unequal to the size of eye-roll he wanted to perform, and found that he had to physically psyche himself up in order to sigh hard enough in a display of I-don’t-want-to-but-I’m-doing-this-for-YOU-ness to truly convey his meaning. But he did bring me tea.

Onwards, then, to my TEN*.

THREE – I’ve laughed SO MUCH this week with Vince. He said it’s like having the old me back – the one he used to know at 16 – the utterly bonkers, full of beans, riot-of-a-person, and as much as he’s enjoying seeing her again, I’m so very enjoying being her again.

FIVE – I learned today that a stuffed-toy leopard I won at a zoo tombola when Neff was about four, is his favourite toy, which he snuggles for comfort and takes places with him (like the hospital (see below)) and hangs onto to keep the world in the right. He knows that I won it for him at the zoo, and apparently he takes time to introduce the leopard to strangers and tell them its history and how much he loves it. SO CUTE!

ONE – There have been a couple of pretty bad ‘down’ days but they haven’t lasted, and my friends have rallied around me.

NINE – I got an absolutely stunningly GORGEOUS necklace in the package, thanks to the utterly delightful Mama Mick Terry, who somehow knew absolutely THEE prefect thing.

Always had the power

TWO – There was an hour-long ‘waiting for dinner to cook’ kitchen dance-party, which left Vince and I both breathless and in fits of laughter as we indulged in more Erasure than I ever thought possible, but loved every second, and danced LOTS!

SEVEN – An unexpected chance to have a longish chat with Sis, and catch up on how she’s doing. (Sub-thing – SO SO THANKFUL that Neff’s fingers weren’t broken in an accidental playground collision – after x-rays, even the doctors were surprised by how much swelling there was, but the brave little chap wore an elevation sling to school today and his fingers are apparently vastly improved))

TEN – That poetry seems to have helped me get through and move on from what would probably have been a rebound relationship, had I had the chance. As it happened, poetry was much safer and I do NOT feel like the world’s biggest fool for having gone and done it.

SIX – It’s BlogU this weekend, and though there was no way in a million years I could go, I’ve been plotting and planning with the most excellent Jessica D’Pirate, and now we have a Glittership, of which she is commodore, and I am rear admiral (just because)…wait and see what havoc is wrought…

EIGHT – I had a good few minutes of speechless, stunned astonishment when I saw that my friend and fellow poet, Jesi, had written and dedicated a poem to me. I kept returning to it to see if it was really real. It’s really real, so go gentle with it 🙂

FOUR – Sleep. An Epic (it deserves the capitalisation – wait for it….) FOUR HOUR nap on Thursday evening, which I can only conclude I must have really needed, left me awake enough later to begin Andra Watkins’ book ‘Not Without My Father‘. It grabbed me pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was in a ‘sleep vs one-more-chapter’ quandry. Needless to say the book won until sleep took over forcibly.

And finally, with a day full of exercise, good food, wonderful friends, hilarious moments, beautiful songs sung to me through WhatsApp, and a weekend full of sunshine to look forward to, I ALMOST bid you farewell, and linketh thou thy own…but wait. Because even amidst all the happiness of our own lives, often the people we love are really, really struggling. If you notice a person like this, please do what you can to help and support them, even if it’s just to let them know that you’re there when they need you, and that you’ll let them get on with whatever – it counts. It helps. You got in touch and weren’t scared off by whatever Big Bad they’re struggling against.

That matters,

Keep your eyes peeled.


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110 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 103 #10Thankful

  1. AH – now I may be late reading but this is a lovely post, because you sound happy and more light filled than you have in a while. Bearing in mind I dash in and out and don’t get to read everything, so I may have missed other floaty pieces – but in this one you sound good.

    Love it! I am so happy for you.

    How do I vote?

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  2. Sounds like an amazing week and I’m so so glad to read it. Also love the description of how you got Vince to make you tea. Must be a Clark thing because um yeah.

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  3. ” I’m love-centric and want the world to be a better place. And the fact that I’m barking mad.”

    Love and barking-madness go together like… Well, not sure, really. But something pretty awesome.

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  4. That picture slays me!
    So to the person who needs things in order, your list my dear drove me bananas.
    But you get a go pass because you’re a hippie now and I’ve heard that they get confused. Must be that incense that you have burning 🙂
    I’m kidding!!
    When other people can see you, the REAL you, that is a sign —- a good one. Trust that it is a huge step in the right direction my friend.
    My son’s first favourite stuffie was a monkey (thus his nickname on the blog “Chunky Monkey”) and it came from his Aunti TeeTee (Heather) who is a cop that rides a horse. Yes I have to put that in because that’s how he introduces her. She’s an RCMP officer. She got a kick out of it. She had to move 2 provinces over for training and we would send her pictures of him and his monkey 🙂
    Anyways, you’re a doll and I love you ya hippie.

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    • WOW! A cop who rides a horse? SO VERY COOL! That sounds amazing. What a job! And I love that it gave him his nickname, though I don’t think we’ll be calling Neff ‘Lumpy’ any time soon 😉

      Aunties ROCK! So do moms, but really Aunties do 😉

      Sorry your brain couldn’t manage my no particular order but thank you for forgiving me my hippieness. Must be all the pot…


  5. You just can’t help but dance to Erasure, can you? Hearing their songs reminds me of 20 year old me, and that makes me just a tiny bit wistful but mostly happy.

    Hope you had a glittery weekend, Lizzi.

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    • Erasure are AMAZING and I love them completely and we had SO MUCH FUN dancing! I’m glad their songs make you mostly happy.

      I had a glitterBOMBy weekend! How was yours? I hope it was good 🙂


  6. And so grateful I popped over at Kim’s from “All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something” today otherwise I would not have been introduced to your wonderful writing and wit. I shall be back.

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    • Heheh completely abstract. I hope that my core self will never change, and I’d like to think that my core and my authentic self are the same even if I don’t always live in accordance with them. Your comment sounds very Maslowian (Maslowish? Maslowial?) and I like that thought, but I think that higher than self-actualisation is the calling to live for others…we’re social creatures, after all, and we need each other – if everyone made sure everyone else was okay, then we’d all be in alignment and everyone would get looked after.


  7. A nice list this week, Lizzi. A lovely list. Brought a smile to my face 🙂

    Poetry. It’s magical catharsis for sure. I don’t read nearly enough but I’m going to start with the poem dedicated to you!

    Sleep. I’ll second that. Good, sound sleep. Sleep that’s been missing. Yup. Can relate to that lol

    I love your last paragraph. Wonderous way to conclude the Thankful. I do. I will. Thank you for reminding us all that many of us are silently and not so silently,going through events, trials, challenges. It’s good to keep in mind the smallest of gestures…can have an amazing effect.

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    • I hope so. I just wish mine could do more, in some cases. There are a few situations I really *really* wish I had a magic wand for.

      Sleep is always a quandry for me but I’ve been passing out lately in absolute desperate need of it, so I figure I should listen to my body.

      Poetry is fabulous and Jesi’s one is brilliant. You’ll relate, I expect. It’s very much ‘to a clark’.

      Glad to make you smile, my friend ❤


  8. Here I am, late to the party! This is a whole new thing for me…not feeling lousy about a deliciously busy weekend. Why? No lesson plans due before bed on Saturday night. No stress about back to work in the morning. OK, yes stress about not enough income nine months after launching the self-employed ship, but I’m working on that and my team of angels is praying and I think maybe some things are going to develop.
    Chia seeds are awesome. Use them all the time. And that stupid nutritional yeast. I try with the tofu, I really do. It’s a texture thing for me. I find that there is far more earth mother hippie to me than I would ever have imagined or care to admit. More surprises coming in that department…you’ll have to wait and see what.

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    • Well now I am INTRIGUED, you frustrating thing, and I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!

      I am NOT going to be eating nutritional yeast. I’ll try the tofu. And I still haven’t tracked down any chia seeds. I tried quinoa once and it tasted like cattle food.

      I hope hope that things develop well for you, my dear. It’s TIME, right? But I’m glad that you’re not feeling lousy about your busy weekend. Nice to have some silver linings that you can bring into focus ❤

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  9. I have been reading all your poetry, even when I don’t comment. I think that’s an excellent way of coping.
    The picture of you in Sainsbury’s is just so wonderful (I want to see those rainbow sneakers!) You and all your soy. I put Maggie on a non-dairy diet to see if she could poop without dairy (she’s been constipated all her life). And huzzah! it seems to be. And right now, next to me on this plane, she has the most foul gas. I actually heard the people behind me complain. BTW, tofu’s OK. It’s not great, but if the texture doesn’t bother you, you can manage. Jen at Driftwood Gardens has great cooking instructions.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ergh. I will TRY the tofu but I’m halfway to judging against it already. It just seems like it’s gonna want a LOT of hassle in order to make it palatable (maybe) and then it’s only for the protein. Frankly I’d rather have extra beans or something.

      Sorry to hear about you on the plane and Maggie’s gas. That sounds abominable. And that stuff gets recycled…*shudders* I shall remember to eat NOTHING the day before my long plane rides so I don’t upset everyone around me, just in case! YIKES!

      Glad that you’re figuring out her dietary needs though. That’s a huge deal.

      Thanks for reading my poetry. I like that you bother 🙂 I definitely feel like that blog is the poor relation and it’s a struggle to engage anyone there. *sigh*

      I was RIDICULOUS in Sainsbury’s. You would have laughed.

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  11. (as an ancient life form) I can say with some authority, clarks were the ‘real’ hippies, rogers were the ones who everyone thought of, when the topic came up… thats not a complaint against our rogerian brethren, simply a recognition that the true ‘rebels’ are the outsiders, while the ‘recognized/examples’ are the rogers… as they exemplify common representations of ideas. (art is like that too… clarks are creative (artists) and rogers are successful (artists)

    (lol… back in the 60’s once the hippie thing became more mainstream, enough to wear the clothes (fringe jackets, bellbottom pants… headbands and such)?… I decided that I liked wearing 3 piece suits and wingtips…. lol you’d be surprised at the lack of tolerance, even among people professing to be celebrating their individuality)

    Liked by 1 person

      • not just true to form… you identify with (that) I must admit that, when I was younger I used to get mad, people running around saying they’re such rebels… I remember a college English class, the professor was very skillful and talented and accomplished, but one day, while on the topic of embracing the ‘unusual’ she made a statement, ‘Why yes, I fancy myself quite mad, my friends they all agree.’ (yes, she had a bit of a british accent)…and I actually raised my hand and said, ‘you don’t know what it’s really like… when you are really ‘mad’ your friends step slightly away and you spend much more time alone than you do celebrating how creative and exotic you are’
        … no one said a word. It as fairly uncomfortable… I did not have the Doctrine at the time, needless to say, but I suspect it would have helped lol

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          • I would have made myself engage the world more (or I would have wanted to have tried to do so more)…. I just lost the entire first take of this comment…. so I must be on to something useful! lol
            back in the day, in the circumstances cited, I was incensed enough to make that (challenging) statement but I didn’t have enough…. whatever to make it stick (at least for that moment in time)…. I was a ghost making noises that were effective enough to make the rogers uncomfortable for the moment, but normal reality returned and I’m sure it was forgotten.
            thanks for getting me to respond and remember that I need to write a post on this ‘engaging the world’… to our people in general it will be useful (you will find yourself less entranced, as you have accomplished a great deal of this in the last couple of years…) we clarks, particularly those of us with secondary scottian aspects don’t have a problem with shaking things up and getting the attention of the real people around us, but we (many of us) fall to often to the ‘get them to notice, but not force them to accept what we are’…. ‘engaging the world’ is about that difference…
            (glad I stopped back!)

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              • worse… different, perhaps… ‘acceptance’ is the word that we would be inclined to put to this, but that word is about focused on the world’s response… engaging the world is about our actions (towards) the world around us. It is, to your word, acceptance, but it is from within not from without…. very good (help on this concept). May need to continue it in a Post….

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                • So it’s more self-assurance? If I accept myself, then I have no need for the world at large to accept me. Yet we crave inclusion, so? And I feel as though those who utterly accept themselves to the exclusion of the world and do NOT crave inclusion, might be sociopaths.


  12. Embrace your inner hippy 🙂 Ignore tofu cos it’s a bit bleugh, and get into puy lentils for an awesome bolognese effect. You can boil your own, or buy readycooked in the supermarket aisles. I think of Hippiness as being unafraid of colour or vegetables and being in tune with your senses. Oh, and I love your top!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awh fanx. It’s beautiful. And I went out to the Cancer Research shop today and managed to find THREE summer outfits (girl ones!) and an illicit book, all for £14, so GO ME!

      I’ve now painted my toenails to go with one of my summer outfits, and may be turning even more into a hippie. Which I shall aim to embrace, because it’s kinda fun so far.

      I’ll reserve judgement on tofu until I’ve tried it. Then I shall be unafraid 😉

      Puy lentils are aspensive. I have green and red and they make an AMAZING pseudo-Thai bake.

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  13. Oh the joy and happiness just OOZES OUT of this beautiful post and list of thankfuls!!! LOVE that you are laughing and finding your YOU again… this makes me incredibly happy.

    And yes… there are so many around us hurting, struggling… lets all make sure we tend to them.

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    • *HUGE WRAP-AROUND HUGS* I want to come and tend to YOU, Kitty, and make your poor foot better.

      Have you thought about going dairy free?

      It makes me happy that me being happy makes you happy. We may have just hit upon the answer for exponential happiness…which is AWESOME.


    • Is it? I’m reserving judgement until I try it a few different ways and see if I like it or not.

      I’m glad I had those beautiful things, too, and having a poem written for me was INCREDIBLE…it’s just…mindblowing that someone would think of me and make such effort. I’m still awed.

      Hope your weekend’s going well – so far mine is lovely, thanks 🙂

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  14. yeah see I have food texture issues and tofu… yeah it is full of textures I don’t like. I had to use vegan cheese for maggie when she was first going through her dairy allergy… I am eternally grateful it was individually wrapped thus I never had to touch it. Because touching meant gagging. She obviously does not have my food texture issues.

    There is no rhyme or reason to what a kid will attach too. So sweet the Neff attached to something you got him.

    And I will tuck the whip away for next week.

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    • I don’t think I have texture issues with food. I have texture issues with clothes – I have to touch the fabric first, and if I don’t like it, I have to wipe my hand on whatever I’m wearing, because it heebs me RIGHT out if the fabric feels nasty.

      I’m glad Neff attached to the leopard. When I was little I had a small, brown bear which had arms and legs open in a kind of basic crucifix (or hug) shape and he was my FAVOURITE EVER…but then one day he lost an eye, and just like that, he wasn’t my favourite any more. It was weird. I couldn’t bring myself to like him once he was disfigured.

      Tuck away as in you’re going to use it again? Now will that tempt me to be on time? Or late on purpose? 😉


  15. If you can find curry there in the shops (spice isle) then you should buy the mild version. Fry it with some cooked rice, grated carrot, cut up onion and small cut up pieces of the tofu.Add some spices such as mixed herbs and salt,… Yum.


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  16. Oh! This is such an upbeat, sparklytwinkly post! It’s so light it’s airborne!

    You’ve had a lovely week, and I hope it continues.
    And as for those people we love who are really, really struggling – even they can still feel the weekend full of sunshine. xoxoxo

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    • I’m so glad, so glad…because I hate that your weekend is going to be a tough one, and I want to be here for you as much as I can…but I can’t be there for others and that hurts my heart so much. I hate that there are things I can’t change or fix or somehow make better and if ONLY I had a magic wand to fix things and make them better and stop hurting for people I love…ACK.

      Dammit. I will keep putting sunshine out there and hoping that some of it, somehow, sinks in across the miles. *heavy sigh*

      I hope my lovely week continues and I’m so glad you enjoyed the upbeatness of it. I need to go back and read it because I was half asleep and mostly asleep and at times completely asleep as I wrote it, so I have no idea what I said, and how it came across…but your comment reminded me of the people I’m worried about, and why I think I said something at the end…


      • Your sunshine absolutely sinks in across the miles. I know that from experience.

        I know some of the people you hurt for, and I feel the same way. If we hunker down and send them blasts of super sonic love, they will no doubt feel it. Collective love is very powerful. xoxo

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    • I do, too, and I’m SO PSYCHED (and incredibly envious) that you got to meet Michelle and talk to her IN REAL and spend actual time with her….that’s unimaginably beautiful.

      Blessings to you too, my dear friend. Keep on keeping on, and keep letting love win ❤


  17. Tofu can be the nastiest thing on earth or divine – it’s all in the way it’s prepared. We like extra firm basted in a little oil, some seasonings and then either grilled (preferred) or baked. The outside gets crispy and the inside gets chewy. I have to admit I do see a strong hippie resemblance, but it could be just for today?

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    • I have steered well, well clear of it so far in my life because I am just SO very not sure about it. It doesn’t really seem like it should be FOOD, to me. I have a strong, strong preference for ingredients which seem like they’re intentional. Vince keeps banging on about extra protein and so, okay, I see his point (maybe) but all the tofu seems to be there for is FOR the protein and otherwise it’s a kind of burdensome extra you have to stage-manage with flavourings, and frankly I can’t think of a recipe which wouldn’t be better off without the addition…

      It COULD be just for today, that hippie thing, but I think I want to wear the beautiful top rather a lot. Might have to figure a way to glitz it up though and cover it with food-colourings and additives or something…


  18. Your delightful post makes me want to light candles tonight and play old songs from the 60s. Heck. I think I just might do that. 😀 So glad you had a wonderful week, Lizzi! Hope it continues right on into …. forever. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know…I probably had a *little* sleep debt owing.

      And YES! My whole self filled up with happiness when I learned about how much he loves that ol Lumpy Leopard…I never knew! He asks for it when he’s ill. It goes in the washing machine and he waits to have it back. He takes it with him when he goes to Grandma’s….wow! I love that so much that he loves it HUGE!


  19. You know…you DO look like a hippie! I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I always wished just a little I could have been a flower child. Maybe it’s not too late.

    Sounds like a wonderful week. Way a gorgeous gift from Michelle! I love her. She is such a sweetheart.

    I hope good days continue. Peace, sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! I don’t even know how but I totally, totally do! Good grief. And no, NOT too late….and OHMIGOSH we should make our SW meet a flower-power one *giggling with glee* DEFINITELY try! You have such beautiful long hair, Sandy – you’d be an amazing flower child.

      It was mostly a brilliant, super awesome week and I loved it. Michelle is MIND-BLOWINGLY nice, isn’t she? I am so touched by that perfect gift! I can wear it with my gorgeous ‘Love and Be Loved’ bracelet 🙂 🙂

      I hope they do too. Peace to you, my DA ❤

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  20. So my smile is big and sparkly and happy for your week. Being an original from the hippie generation, (peace, love, groovy) is the connection. Now I understand. (((hugs)))) and poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe I never KNEW I was a hippie. This is all absolutely news to me! That said, my Vloggy Friend Mike just got in touch on Twitter and told me “I always thought you were a bit of a hippie” so APPARENTLY I AM THE LAST TO KNOW! That said…I love henna tattoos…I have a dreamcatcher in my bedroom (Beth’s fault)…I have crystals and glass light-catchers hanging in my windows…HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS!?!

      Val…why didn’t YOU tell me? :p

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  21. I’ve had such a week filled with thankful things I forgot to write about them! Your list made me smile, as it always does, although I am fighting a bit of of a fit of nap jealousy. I love how you’ve ended your list of thankful a with a call to action . . . Your heart is a precious jewel, sweet friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wrote this while falling asleep – I had to re-write several sentences because they made NO sense, as they were telling my dreams. I think if I ended on a call to action then it must be really what’s in my heart…it’s just I don’t know what that IS, this morning…I need to re-read this!

      Try to get a nap in soon, my friend ❤


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