Even as I realise this is happening – and this is happening – my lungs seize and it’s as though all the blood rushes away from my core and tries to quick-pulse itself out through my skin, leaving my fingertips tingling, my head buzzing with a faint, pulsating rush, and my feet as though they’re trying to step free from the bounds of gravity.

The world shrunk to the size of the two of us, and the glitter sparks bouncing off the walls, the floor, the limbs of other dancers, just serve to add to the atmosphere of magic and light, which envelops us in a rich, swirling darkness I know I need never fear.

She steps closer; her skin luminous in rainbow hues under the ever-changing disco-technics, the tilt of her head and the weft and flick of her hair turning me to melting butter, her fragrance (floral, spicy-sweet and intoxicating, mixed with a deeper musk all her own) and the shine in her eyes arresting me completely, leaving me powerless and trembling as her hand reaches for mine. Somehow my hand reaches back – an automaton; clammy, trembling, terrified of the suddenness of life and of the absolute certainty that I will never, ever come back from this – and connects with hers; then the world stops, and all at once I am untethered, unboundaried and flying through space, my heart exploding into nebulas as she holds my gaze, keeping me pinioned to just her, and she beams.

I am no longer my own, but hers, and the slightest pressure from her fingertips unlocks the moment as we begin to sway together, saturated in music, the rhythm flooding into our bones as we move ever closer, further into dizzying free-fall where anything seems possible and I could move planets for her sake; for this drenching, heart-shaking moment I never saw coming.

I’m still breathing…she’s still smiling…lights still dazzling as we move closer…holding me…pulse stampeding…drum and bass pounding our skin…world fading…no meaning but this…this kiss…this moment…this moment is pinnacle.

Six Sentence Stories

This week’s prompt was BEAMS

70 thoughts on “Pinnacle

  1. There’s a spelling mistake? I was so caught up in the moment you created here Lizzi that I didn’t even notice. 🙂 Wow! You’re amazing! In just six sentences, you transported me onto that dance floor and into this guy’s arms …. completely! I love it! 🙂

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  2. I thought I would be put off by the length of the sentences but the rush of emotions as he connects with her seem appropriate when I read it out loud. For anyone who has had such a momentous feeling this is so accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  3. Lovely! I got chills when I felt the power of that kiss. Haven’t we all experienced that? Is this girl on girl or are you a man in this one (not that it matters) lol. I’m fascinated with writing from the male character’s perspective lately. This was really beautiful, Lizzi. You need to write a novel. It would be amazing!!

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    • Heheh I’m glad you felt chills. I don’t think I’d decided which gender the perspective was from…I guess I left it open to interpretation because it was more about the feelings and the moment than the person being kissed.

      And no. We haven’t all experienced that. Those who have, don’t know how damn lucky they are.

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      • Ahhh thank you. And I don’t think you sounded like an ass. It’s a blog hop where we get a prompt each week and craft a piece of six sentences around that prompt. An exercise in a writing micro-environment, if you will. Anyone can join. It’s fun 🙂

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  4. I’m sitting here with my mouth opened feeling glad I linked up before I read this. I might not have. Stunned, awed and uplifted. Your fiction fills me.

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  5. wow… you are the queen of “show don’t tell”… could you teach me that? It’s really amazing how much description you get into such a small space and limited sentences… and it’s not extraneous s***… y’know? It’s such a talent! And stop lookiing at the stinking spelling mistakes! There’s a spelling mistake in there? My fav. was the about making the planets move for her sake. Awesome , Lizzi!

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    • *grinning* I feel so TECH!! I figured out how to fix it from my phone *proud* 🙂

      ‘show don’t tell’ is something I’m really practicing at the moment. I had feedback that I could do better at it and since then I’ve been trying hard, so your response is hugely appreciated if you think I’ve got it.

      I still see one extraneous bit but I’m really nitpicking for that (‘pulse’ words twice in the first sentence).

      As to how it’s done…I just imagine I’m in the moment and relay all the things I sense, and the way I feel. The real world departs for a bit and I dance through the hallways of my own imagination, yaknow?

      I liked that line too. That moment when you feel as though you could do anything… *sigh*

      Thank you. And thank you for such a great prompt. And for bringing this hop back. It’s awesome.

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