Blogging this from my phone even tho I said I never ever would – things change and just right now I need to get this out…need it out before I’m sick again because already I feel myself swirling into darkness and I may never come back.

Shit, I may never come back!

As soon as this ride is over they’ll take my phone and I’ll be gone for I don’t know how long and I’m SO SORRY, so, so sorry to those I love and any who will miss me and all who will be so let down by my behaviour – but never as much as I’ve let myself down…

I’ve already admitted my guilt and there were witnesses so I couldn’t deny it even if I was ever going to try but I WOULDN’T because ohhhhh this is SO AWFUL I CAN’Tcan’tcan’t never would do that and SHIT I WISH I HAD NEVER DONE THIS but I was in a rush and I flipped and I pushed him and just nudged really but he fell and I didn’t DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A CAR COMING and and and I can’t and I KNOW I SHOULDN’T HAVE and ohhh I am so, SO SORRY!

Ohmigosh I’m going to be sick.

The ride’s over – they’re taking me in – my world is over.

Six Sentence Stories



111 thoughts on “SHIT SHIT SHIT!

  1. Holy shit! It’s the first time I’ve been here to your blog and I didn’t know about six sentence stories (even when I saw the logo). Such a brilliant story- you totally had me from beginning to end. Well done.

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  2. Well SHIT!! At first I was FREAKING OUT, thinking you were really spiraling down!!! Oh you! Then I saw the six sentence logo… and was all, “Oh that LIZZI!!!”

    Well done. You always have a way of grabbing our attention, don’t ya?!

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  3. Lizzi! Your stories always suck me in! I find myself so relieved at the end to realize that it was – most likely anyway – fiction… at least I’m thinking that it was because you’re still around to comment! ;-)). Great story, you’ve got suspense stories down to a fine art!

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  4. Well, I thought it was going to be your suicide note. Your fiction writing always has the “grab you” factor. I still remember the story of the underwater tangle and the single air hose.

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  5. Well, you got me. I was reading it all thinking it was your opening and, I admit, kind of skimming (which is why I missed some key tip-offs), and then I realized it was over and had to go back and start anew!

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  6. Amazing! I read this on my phone and was seriously worried for you. Then I thought “she is such a clever writer – wait and see what the comments say.” Whew! So relieved and LOVED IT! πŸ˜€

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  7. Nicely done… grabs you very fast! If I didnt see the notification in my email that first sentence would have had me thinking you were at death’s door… (then I would have had to call you a choice name or two for duping me again…which I am very careful of with you… not being duped I mean….)Thanks so much for joining in! I loved this! MAN I read your last few poems too… always on my damn phone… I owe so much over there… but wow ! that last poem! AWESOME!!!!

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  8. Six-sentence stories,eh? Might be something I need to try, if only to shake off this damned writer’s block. (Spent most of today staring at Word and seriously wondering whether I might as well just cut my hands off.)

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    • Nah – I got the idea when I cycled past someone earlier – I was on the pavement and she was pissed off about it (I should have been on the road but it was rush hour and I didn’t want to die in cars on a main road) and I thought “blimey, what if she just flipped out and pushed me over and I fell under a car?!”

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  9. Ok, you had me going FOR A MINUTE. But that’s all. since there was no sparky goodness there, I caught on quick and turned my frown upside down!

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