Ten Things of Thankful ONE HUNDRED

I am SO TOTALLY PSYCHED to welcome you to our ONE HUNDREDTH week of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, which remains (as far as I know) the longest-running blog hop to make a real difference to people’s lives. COME ON IN!First. let me show you our shiny new banner, made fresh for the occasion (you can (maybe, if WordPress isn’t being an asshole about codes) grab yours at the end of this post), because LOOKIT! SHE PURTY! Ten Things of Thankful 100I guess the #1 thing on my list (and anyone who’s been with me for the entire ride – which is a delightfully large number) is that WE MADE IT TO 100 WEEKS! For a hop which I wasn’t sure would even last a month, that’s incredible, and the most wonderful thing is that the feedback I’ve heard from other people has been EXCELLENT – the feeling is that it’s a hop which makes an active difference in their day-to-day lives, because they are focussed on thinking about things to be thankful for, and so in seeking, they find and appreciate them as they happen, as well as sharing the highlights at the weekends.

I know I went on about this last week, but #2 has to be YOU – my TToT gang; the community who rock up here each week with your lists of ten (or not), your delights and wonders, your challenges and griefs, and you SHARE with each other – you congratulate achievement, celebrate the good, and commiserate about the bad. You. Are. WONDERFUL. And to my mind, a living example of some of the BEST things about this World Between the Wires, because you keep the relationships and bonds (and thankfulness, and community) going through the week, too.

Now I’m starting to struggle…how can I top those two? I’ll just have to revert to my usual, smaller thankfuls, and hope you don’t mind too much that I’ve got no further EPIC for this post, until the FUN AND GAMES AND COMPETITION later on…keep reading! Did she just show her box #3 is that by the time this weekend is half-over, I will have my best friend in all the world; my Soulie BROUGHT HOME AND LIVING WITH ME! Which is SO VERY EXCITING (and also allows me to carry on living here (and stops him being homeless (talk about ALL the birds being killed with the same stone!))) and I’ve been told that it’s going to be like a sleepover which never has to end. Given I’ve been lonely and out of sorts this week, and given to talking to the spider, I’ll be glad of the company.

#4 DEAR STEPHANIE (if you’ve been anywhere near me this week you’ll know what I’m talking about) and the manner in which the blogging community at large has embraced my writing a LOT about kicking back at the stigma which surrounds mental illness. I’ve been fortunate that Mandi generously allowed me to use Dear Stephanie as a focal point in my crusade (because it really IS a fabulously good book, and one which left me with one of the biggest book hangovers I’ve ever had) and that guest posts have been allowed to feature on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday again AND Thursday (this one being at Stigma Fighters – a truly Big Deal in the world of mental health blogging).

#5 Husby thinks he’s found a quicker, simpler way for us to get divorced, seeing as we’re both in agreement about it, have tried marriage counselling (to no avail) and both rather feel that we should probably have done this years ago, when it became apparent that the cracks were too deep and the damage too extensive. Still, we’ve grown as people in the meantime. Husby’s taking Neff out to the park, then he’ll come over and we’ll take a look at the paperwork together, then we’re all (including Vince) going round to Mum and WonderAunty’s for a birthday tea for Husby (will need to think of a new moniker for him soon, huh? Weird thought!). We’re keeping this friendly. Properly so, because it seems as though breaking up is going some way to healing our friendship, and that’s weird but also quite wonderful, even if the marriage part of what we had hasn’t survived the onslaught of life. Reading about other people’s break-up experiences makes me realise just how rare and precious this is – that we are still, somehow, FOR one another.

#6 I popped round to Mum and WonderAunty’s earlier in the week and was pleasantly surprised by the presence of Niece and Neff. I got several full-body-hugs from Neff (who is in an adorably loving mood lately) and lots of giggles and laughs with Niece (who mostly preferred spinning around on an office chair instead of having hugs (until Neff wanted me, and then suddenly she had to be ON ME!)). I love, love, love their hugs, and their sweet, beautiful selves.

#7 Whilst I was being full-body-hugged, WonderAunty showed me some old photos she found, including lots of her and Mum as children, and we compared their faces to Niece and Neff and Sis and I (some strong family resemblances there, which is lovely to see). I also got to see some old pics she’d saved of me as a child, looking (mostly) rather adorkable, or just dorky (I haven’t changed much there).

#8 I was feeling pretty low over the week, and time and time again, my friends have reached out beyond the bounds of their own worlds to stretch their care into mine, and make it better. It’s been wonderful, and has definitely helped to combat the darknesses inside my mind which have been threatening to overtake me again. I am beyond thankful and grateful for each person who sent light into my world this week, and who took time out from their day to let me know they were thinking about me. And I have to give a particular shout-out to Jesi, who wrote this and left me nearly in tears (at work) because it is so precious and beautiful and… *happysighs* now I think of it, I feel as though I am in the centre of a glorious maelstrom of friendship; extended and offered with reassurance and hope – conversations with Hasty, Helena, Beth and Mandi have really kept me going, and there have been moments of delight with Crystal and Sarah and Zoe, and others, and I’m grateful for each and every one, and many more than I can name here, I expect. So thank you, my friends, for caring enough to pick me up when I’m down, and for TRYING, even when I’m difficult and resistant and determined to wallow. I appreciate you so very much.

#9 The next round of 1000Speak is coming up SOON (as in next week – yikes!) and the topic is connection, which is FABULOUS, as I increasingly realise that’s what I’m ALL ABOUT.

#10 EXTRA EXTRA COMPETITION! SO – because this is fun and stuff, here are the things which are in my box, and once the weekend’s over, I’ll put the names of everyone who took part in the TToT100 celebration into a hat, and the co-hosts into another hat, and I’ll match ten people with the co-hosts to each receive a box, then the co-hosts will be in touch with their winners to arrange mailing.

SURPRISE COMPETITION WITH THE SUPERMEGASURPRISEPRIZE: It’s been 100 weeks. Shall we have a new banner? Feel free to use the blank image below, or create your own, then add them into THIS SPECIAL LINKIE, and VOTE (you get three votes, so use them wisely, and votes will be hidden so it’s a surprise for us all) for the ones you like – the winner will get something as-yet-undecided, and we’ll use the new picture for the TToT until I decide to change things up again. Make sure it says ‘Ten Things of Thankful’, and has the #10Thankful hashtag on it somewhere. Entry and voting will end NEXT THURSDAY, so you have lots of time to enter, and to come back and see what banners have been created. GO!

TenThingsBannerBlankThat’s IT then! Happy 100 to you ALL! Have fun, have a great week, and look after each other *mwah*

Ten Things of Thankful
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112 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful ONE HUNDRED

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    • Hi! I don’t think I know about the A-Z Road Trip, but that sounds like fun! Divorce is proving quite trying, but I guess I’m just really glad it’s not worse than that 🙂 Thanks for popping by 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your 100th anniversary! I don’t think I’ve ever done anything 100 weeks in a row (except eat..and maybe sleep). Once things are official with Husby, you can always call him Exy 😉

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    • I still think (even though it would be technically correct) that anything with ‘ex’ in the moniker would have connotations which people would automatically gear themselves towards. I think he needs an entirely new thing. I was thinking along the lines of ‘Preev’ (as in ‘previous’) but adunno. Will keep thinking. Perhaps something will become apparent.

      You may also have done 100 weeks of WORK. Enough for five years, in fact :p *I* think that’s worth recognising, even if they don’t! I can think of loads of things and loads of ways you will have mattered – as a mother, as a friend, as a neighbour – for 100 weeks :p


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  4. Husby… will be interesting to see what moniker you come up with. My ex is forevermore referred to as dirtbag when I text and talk to people about him. I’ve only been following these posts for a while now, but they have a lovely infectious, happiness inducing quality about them, so thank you 🙂

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    • For very good reason though, Jeri, and for reasons, I could never call Husby that. He isn’t. He’s a good man, and a friend (amazingly, and pleasingly, too) and it’s not that he’s done anything wrong, so I don’t want to give him something which will create negative connotations in people’s minds when they read about him. I know we’ve had irreconcilable difficulties but it’s been because of the difficulties as much as it’s been about either of US…so….

      I’m nowhere with it, yet, but keep watching – I’ll think of something, even if I have to create a new word to do it.

      And thanks for the lovely compliment about the TToT – there really IS a gorgeous, happiness-inducing quality and that’s something which is so important. They haven’t all been, it has to be said, and some (of mine anyway, but also others) have been quite desperately clinging to those sliver linings, but they’ve always been found 🙂 It’s a great discipline and it comes into its own when life is utterly crappy.


  5. I’m very sad to have missed this weekend with you guys and the big party – life’s been a bit chaotic and it just didn’t happen this time 😦

    That said, I wanted to wish you a super happy 100th! post and say how much this blog hop means to me – this was really the first community I found online with blogging that felt like home.

    This is really a unique THING you’ve created here – and I’m happy to share in it whenever I can and love that you continue to make everyone feel so welcome. It really makes a difference and spreads a bit of happiness around the web – and the world. Thanks Lizzi!

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    • Awh but life happens, Louise, and sometimes it has to take priority (always a bummer but usually a necessity). Thanks so much for coming over anyway to wish us a happy 100th week. It’s SUCH a super blog hop and I’m still reeling a bit that not only has it lasted, but that it’s become so important to people – they’ve really taken it on and made the message their own.

      It’s a gorgeous thing that’s been made here, and this one I started, but honestly, I believe it’s the community of people who rock up here each time, who have made it so absolutely wonderful. I’m glad you like it so much, and that you still participate when you can – I like your posts 🙂 It DOES make a difference, doesn’t it? A really REAL one, and I love that. 🙂


  6. I am almost totally psyched to see TToT reach a hundred, Lizzi 🙂 Though I’ve been there for just five out of them, I have had fun each time.

    Lovely to read about such a lovely neff and niece. I have two wonderful angels around me too, who make me smile very easily.

    1000 Speak Connection, huh? I’ve to check that out 🙂 Will do so soon!

    And will try making a simple badge for your TToT enterprise as well. 😀

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    • Oh COOL! I’m excited to see what you come up with for your badge 🙂

      1000Speak is TOMORROW (for me – because I have to hold the linkie) and I’m really excited about that. Connection is such a great topic and I’ve got a good idea for it so I’m really pleased for that.

      I’m so glad you’ve had such fun being part of the TToT and it’s a lovely community to be part of.


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  8. I can’t believe it has been 100 weekends since we began posting. I don’t know if I made it for the first, second, or third, but I have been here since the beginning. I know I took some breaks, but always came back around. I love this hop and thank you for starting it. I will be thinking about and praying for you. Divorce is tough and so sad. I am amazed at how well you are handling things and still keeping up with your writing and this hop. 🙂

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    • Gosh, you can be guaranteed this hop will keep going 🙂 It’s such an important source of thoughtfulness, focus on good, and an influx of positivity each weekend. I’m not giving it up any time soon 🙂 It’s an amazing hop, isn’t it? It seems to have deeply touched many people’s lives and I love that it’s a really ‘living’ hop with people participating repeatedly because they recognise the good in the premise of thankfulness 🙂


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  10. The scream I got from that party popper was phenomenal! I am planning more pranks, surprises and other such keep-you-on-your-toes sorts of things so that living with me will never EVER get boring.

    Muahahahaha >:)

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  11. I’m so thankful I found this wonderful linkup Lizzi. I loved how your list has helped you grow, become grateful, and also enlightened you to the new path that awaits you when one door closes so many others open. I’m thankful to be part of this thankful train. 😃

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    • Ohhh thank you! I do love this hop and the way it seems to draw in so many people and act as a bit of a magnet for things which are good and lovely and noteworthy and celebratory. It’s brilliant and I’m astonished and so happy it’s been going for 100 weeks 🙂


  12. Congratulations on all sorts of things my friend:)
    The TToT is a wonderful gift you’ve given. I am but one of a multitude who says “Thank you”.
    You are a woman of talent, compassion, intellect, beauty and strength.
    The world is yours. Take it.

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    • Takes one to know one, Girlie. BACK ATCHA!


      So glad you’re part of this, and that you have been for so long. I delight, because you were pretty much in my first ‘set of everybody’, and I love that I never needed to get another 😀


  13. SIXTY FRIST!!!

    Yet another reason that I’m proud to call you my friend. This sublime blog hop.

    I have a draft of a TToT blog post from a year ago. It’s high time I posted it.

    Happy 100th, lovely, and here’s to the next 100. xoxoxoxo

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    • YAY! *grins* So happy you’re here, and if you make it in (a year? really? wow 😉 ) for the first time on the 100th, that would be very cool indeed, but no pressure – do what works for you.

      THANK YOU for the happy, and yes…here’s to 100 more. You’re right about how incredible this blog-hop is…it just makes a difference and it MATTERS somehow. It’s a beautiful thing and I love that it exists and that I’m part of it 🙂

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  14. Wow. 100! Wow.
    I did sit down to do a TTOT post, but some other nonsense came out instead. Will try again tomorrow – apart from anything I’d like to use that cool button! 🙂

    Great to see that you are your husband are managing deal with divorce amicably, and that you are getting so much support.

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    • Heheheh I saw that something else came out, and that’s FINE because it is what was in you to write 🙂 But yes – do try again and DO use the button (it’s fun, right?)

      I’m still ASTONISHED that it’s the 100…

      And yes – we’re trying very hard to keep things nice, and so far so good. Hope it continues that way 🙂


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  16. BIG congratulations for starting something that has made (and is making) a difference in people’s lives! I have already had many comments on my (only #2) TTOT post from blogging friends saying how much they love this idea and that they want to join in too!

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    • Oh WOW! That’s super! I tellya what though – this concept is one which really strikes a very deep chord in people, and I love that you have people who want to join in already – they SHOULD DO! HUZZAH! I love having new people in our community. That’s brilliant 😀

      And thank you. It really DOES make a difference to people’s lives and attitudes. It’s incredible 🙂

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  17. Reblogged this on Her Headache and commented:
    Happy 100 to TTOT!
    Couldn’t quite participate in this like I’d hope.
    So here are just a few, maybe not ten…Things of Thankful:
    #1 days to celebrate what my amazing parents mean to me. #2 having a generous brother who lended me his laptop in a pinch. #3 a brother who creates beautiful images and even okay images of me when I ask him. #4 spending time with my favourite little one-year-old Bubble Guppy. #5 for yellow scribble fans. #6 for being asked to write a guest post for someone else’s blog (check earlier in the week for that). #7 to the two who gave me my favourite little flower picker, whatever else may yet be.

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    • Ahhhh lovely thankfuls, and yaknow what – they totally count, even if you didn’t manage to get a blog post sorted. Sometimes life happens and that’s FINE. I love that you’ve had time to celebrate your parents, and that your siblings have been such positive forces in your life lately. Spending time with favourite one year-olds is a delight and I’m glad you had that time.

      YAY! Happy 100 to ALL OF US 😀

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  18. Ooooh that’s super news Vince is moving in! I think you guys will be good for each other. Kudos for keeping your divorce amicable. I know that isn’t easy to do, but it’s such a good way. And HOORAY for ONE HUNDRED WEEKS of TToT!!! I can’t tell you how much this blog hop means to me, and how I look forward to writing down my ten things each week. Lizzi, you have honestly changed my life for the better and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to the next 100 weeks!

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    • Here’s ABSOLUTELY to the next 100! Wow, I just love this hop and the gang who are here each week, and how wonderful everyone is and the determination to find those thankfuls and make their lives better by transforming their thinking and seeking gratitude…it makes me happy each weekend, even if I don’t feel in the mood to appreciate it, it ALWAYS has a positive effect on me.

      I can’t say I’ve always looked forward to writing down my thankfuls, but I’ve always found them a helpful discipline to undertake, and MOST of the time they’ve been a joy.

      Vince is HERE! And we’re ALREADY good for one another. Husby (still need to think of a new term) is coming round tomorrow and I *think* we might get papers sorted and then be nearly done! Wow! So simple! Not easy, but FAR better than the alternative.

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    • *BIGSQUEEZYHUGS* Pattie, you are a source of constant cheerleading and encouragement to me, and I so appreciate all that you do to boost and support me, and share what I write, and I *know* you don’t muck around with BS, so it’s all genuine and so very lovely of you. So glad I know you and that you’re part of my Blogosphere. Thank you for your bright and wonderful presence 🙂

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  19. I downloaded my copy of Dear, Stephanie yesterday. I need to lock myself away somewhere and read, read, read. I am delighted to be part of this wonderful blog hop. What’s in the box? I wish you well in your new living arrangement with your bestie, and all good things in the future.

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    • Oh Val you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Paige. I guarantee it. Once you’ve gotten over hating her, I mean. She’s gorgeous and wonderful and SO complex…you’re gonna be so happy…until the end, and then [spoiler hidden].

      IN THE BOX IS A SURPRISE! Ten things from around my home. AND GLITTERY BITS. And wonderfulness.

      Thank you – Soulie moved in today and we are already SO HAPPY 😀

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    • *tips hat* Thank you, kind sir, and thank YOU for being here and helping support, guide and encourage me from the very beginning, and before 🙂 Here’s to the next hundred 😀


  20. Lizzi, I know I have been absent for far too long here and I will make up for that today at some point once I get everyone where they need to be. I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee to understand the competition thingy yet but I’ll get there.
    I feel as though I’ve been neglecting you and I feel awful for it. My only saving grace is knowing how many people you have around you that genuinely love you, care for you, and are there at the swipe of a few keys. I guess I should get better at checking in but I’ve really just tried to lay low, not hover, and wait for you to let me know you need me.
    The ending of a marriage is a sad thing but it seems to me that you two are being very grown up about it and finding a new, and perhaps better?, status for yor relationship. That is not always an easy thing to do and I give you both a great deal of credit for it.
    Oh, and you Soulie moving in sounds like it will solve a lot of issues for both of you. That is fantastic. Will there be shenanigans? Me thinks..yes!
    This community you’ve created is phenomenal. Yes, I think you have a knack for creating meaningful projects that last….because they serve a greater purpose than just shares and likes. It’s community and caring and genuine, heartfelt compassion and gratitude all rolled into one in this place. It will last a long, long time because people need a place to say ‘This happened and it made me happy’ as well as a place to feel supported when things leave them in a less than happy place.
    Keep up the amazing ‘work’…if you can call it that. And stay wonderful..just as you are.

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    • Oh, my Darling American I know you’ve been lying low, and in my usual (silly) way, I haven’t wanted to pester you, and I know I KNOW you don’t see me that way but…let’s chalk it up to each of us not being quite perhaps as *whatever* as we would prefer to be, draw a line, and move on. I’ve missed you, but I keep thinking of the book I wrote you, and your response, and I’ve felt safe about it. I know I won’t lose you. I know you’re Out There, and I know you’ll be back when things are less frantic.

      But yes – I’ve had people who’ve held me up and helped me out, and as you say – been there at the swipe of a keyboard (and thank goodness for them…it’s not been the easiest time) so my gorgeous, generous community full of shinybright souls has once again come through, and enough of them have been free to indulge me that I’m almost out the other side.

      Husby and I are FAR better as friends, and better now (already) than we were married. SOULIE IS HERE and I’ve not stopped smiling yet. Nor has he. I think this is going to be a wonderful adventure (and as for shenanigans – as I was writing this he came in and popped a party popper of celebration and I SCREEEEEEEEEAMED and then we both giggled like mad).

      This place…oy…this place is incredible. And the people in it…the commitment and authenticity and enjoyment and boosting that people share…it’s awing and necessary, I think. So many people have said it’s helped them immeasurably and I just think it’s one of those things which is somehow bigger than all of us, and absolutely vital for soul-health, even if it’s just a blog hop on the outside – it’s ENORMOUS on the inside.

      I won’t change much – I’m coming back to ME though, and you won’t know me. Soulie already said I’m more like I used to be, and you’ll like me so much, Sandy, you really will – I’m fun, I’m funny, I’m full of light and sparkle, and not from desperation, but just because it’s there, bubbling up and overflowing all around me…the darkness is receding, and the real me is coming back…

      (Real me still loves ya, baby!)


  21. 🙂 I loved reading this and am really happy you are getting a roomy. Life in your country is really expensive, living alone. And being alone, well that sucks … so happy for ya. I’m glad that you and “huby” are mending the friendship. (HUGS) you are always in my thoughts, even if I suck at connecting and letting you know.

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    • Awwwwh thank you Serins *hugs*

      Yeah, I couldn’t afford the flat without Vince, so I’m HUGELY grateful to be able to offer him a home and bag me a roomie all at the same time! THANK GOODNESS!

      And yes – the friendship with Husby is still so important and I’m really pleased we seem to be doing alright at it 🙂

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  23. I am so delighted by all of this. One hundred TToTs…that I’ve been here in one capacity or another for 90 of them…all the wonderful people…blah blah blah you know how much I freaking love this thing. TToT saved my life and that’s the truth.
    I mostly love #3 and #5 so much my heart almost burst. Those two things could not be more wonderful and I think each in it’s own right and both together will be the best thing ever for you.
    Why is the spider still in your apartment??? And did you SEE the size of the spider on the photo somebody posted on facebook??? I nearly had heart failure.
    I love this and I love you to pieces. And now I’m going to go cry and finish my TToT because #procrastinating.

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    • *grabs you for a MASSIVESQUEEZYHUG* Oh Lisa I’m so glad you’re here, and that you’ve been part of this for so long…I feel like I’ve had the privilege of seeing you grow as a writer AND as a social being who’s now involved in SO much, and certainly the facebook pimp queen for at least TWO of my favourite authors….you delight me and I’m thrilled to call you my friend 🙂

      The spider is mine and I’m keeping her. I feel very strongly about that. She’s a quirky little thing and I’ve certainly anthropomorphised her beyond all common sense, but I DO like her. She’s a sweetie and a LOT cheeky and…as full of personality as an arachnid is likely to ever be 🙂 (but yes, that wolf spider! OY! I wouldn’t be a fan!)

      #3 and #5 are BRILLIANT and I’m just feeling SO good about both of them. Again, it feels as though life is coming together and I don’t even have a doomy feeling as though the other shoe’s going to drop… YAY!

      HERE’S TO ONE HUNDREEEEEEEED! *giggles and throws glitter*

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    I’m glad Vince is moving in. And am I the only one who caught that line about the spider?!? It’s still in your apartment? I thought that was Husby’s pet!
    Glad you got some unexpected bonus time with niece and neff.

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    • Unexpected bonus time with Niece and Neff was GLORIOUS and exactly what I needed. I’ve thought about those hugs and cherished them, this week.

      Husby had a spider. I had a spider before that. My spider is still very much alive and staying with me. His, alas, is no more.

      HAPPY 100 MY DEAR! WE DID IT! *happydances* How wonderful it’s been…if I stop to think for a moment about the richness this hop has imbued my life with…I am stunned and humbled. It is truly glorious.


  25. Your first two are divine, and as for “little” thankfuls for the rest of your list, I hardly think ANY of them are “little,” especially how you and the guy formerly known as husby are getting along well and mending your friendship along the way. That’s HUGE. Besides, I wrote extensively about mattress pads this week. Hard to get “littler” than that!

    Congratulations on 100 weeks of the TToT. You created a beautiful thing.

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    • I doubt anything will top your geisha bagel post, my Dyannedelion 😀 The memory of that is seared into my retinas, and each time I think of it I laugh 🙂 Mattress pads are (I’m sure) fine things to write about, and the point is that you WROTE, and to be honest I think it would be a diverting challenge to write about something as ‘little’ and see how many people could nonetheless be engaged by it. IN FACT I might challenge myself to do that at some point – see what’s the littlest thing I can get people interested in.

      And yes. The friendship thing is HUGE and so important and honestly I’m relieved because I’d hate to lose him entirely, even if our marriage was already pretty much entirely gone.

      YAY US for 100 😀 It’s a gorgeous thing, and we’ve all built it together 🙂


    • Thanks Andra 🙂 As I’ve said elsewhere – I’ll have to add the proviso “for now” but it’s definitely my intent that things stay friendly. It’s a shame, but not either of our faults (or as much one as the other, where there is fault to be had) and…it’s better this way for both of us.


    • Thank you, my dear, and thank you for being part of it, and part of my World Between the Wires…I LOVED my tour around the museum, and all our chats this week, and that you’re such an important friend to me, and all our goofy exchanges. They matter a LOT to me, and thank you for them, and for you 🙂 ❤


    • ERGH if you took the code from here then it probably won’t work because I can NEVER get the code to work for me. If you took it from my code elsewhere, then it’s still probably me…abandon ship and just save the image above, and use that. I appear to be horrendous at coding lately 😦


  26. First of all, you are a WONDER WOMAN because you DID this! You CREATED this! And all credit goes to you!
    Secondly, so, SO glad you will soon have your Vince with you and some company of an evening.
    Thirdly, #5 makes me SUPREMELY happy, and I’m so glad everything is proceeding so amicably.
    Fourthly, I need to respond, and I will, but so glad my silly little rambly recording was meaningful.

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    • I conceptualised it, but it’s all of the co-hosts throughout the 100, who have made it work. And obviously the TToT gang for joining in, but mostly the co-hosts, for believing in it week after week, and for encouraging me, creating new ideas with me and helping more than they could ever know, to keep me stuck together through this very trying time of life.

      Tonight I will have my Vince, and I’m SO HAPPY.

      And you, this week, were wonderful, THANK YOU! It was very meaningful to hear from you ❤


  27. Happy 100, Lizzi! Thank you so much for getting this started, and keeping it going week after week. Divorce can be ugly; I’m glad for you that you are able to be friends throughout the process.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll add the disclaimer of “so far” because I can’t predict the future, but I think we’re going to be okay 🙂 (thank goodness! I’d really like us to be okay! He’s still one of the very best men I know, and it would devastate me to think that we would part on bad terms).

      HAPPY 100 KRISTI! And I’m so THANKFUL you’re part of it 🙂 And for you, this week, for checking in. I felt very cared-about, even though I was a grumpy bint to you, and I’m sorry about that. You’re wonderful, and I shall be forever pleased you rocked up here and joined in 🙂


      • No need to apologize–everyone gets grumpy now and then. (And you didn’t come across as all that grumpy, anyway.)

        I’m forever grateful you agreed to let me be part of this co-hosting thing!

        Liked by 1 person

        • HA! Well your blog name (and outlook, and attitude) were perfect from before the start – how could we NOT?! 😀

          Glad I didn’t come across as too grumpy. That’s a relief! It was a horrid week and I was so grateful to you for checking in. 🙂


          • Yeah, I don’t know why I was awake then, and I don’t know why I thought I would be able to sleep in this morning. Theoretically, sleeping in was possible. In reality, 5 a.m. means eyes-open time.


  28. WOOHOO!!! I have been thinking baout this ALL week!!! I kid you NOT, I have brainstormed four different ideas and started them in a post… and then had another idea… started it… and another one…

    Yeah. Not the best week for focus. Sigh…

    I love that you will be having a room mate to give you the company and support you need! And it’s your SOULIE!!! And he will have a HOME!! All of that is just wonderful!!

    All of THIS is just wonderful!!!

    *Races off to finish the fifth attempt at the post*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kitty, you know that you could show up with JUST the sketchy bare bones of a list, and bad spellings, and very little thought (because rest of life) and no picture and the hottest mess a blog post could be, and I would still be glad YOU were here, right?

      I feel woefully out of touch with you right now and I am determined to change that, but with moving Vince in, I don’t quite see how, but know that I love you and miss you and I WILL BE IN TOUCH because YOU my dear, are important to me and I’ve missed your presence.

      Vince moving in, and company, and things working out all for the better somehow are ALL WONDERFUL, and I wish YOU much wonderful in the week to come, my dear. *HUGS*


  29. Pingback: Ten things I'm thankful for #TToT - Indian American Mom

    • Oh! *grins* I’m so thankful for you, too! We have such a lot of fun, and you’ve brightened up many a moment when I thought I was going to be down, and then somehow there you were, with a little morsel of something wonderful which reminds me how fortunate I am to have the internet, and this wonderful world between the wires, and that we stumbled across each other and became friends. Long may it last – maple syrup and all 😀


  30. I’m going to join!! Just have to for your 100th!!
    About the other thing…..I’m going to be very frank and say that it was the best thing that could happen for you…does that make me a bad person?!

    Liked by 1 person

      • You did you very best! Very few people would have done as much as you did.
        By the way, please don’t put my name in for the drawing. I’m doing this because I want to, because it’s a special occasion for you, and I would feel bad if I win with one post when so many have done it for so long!

        Liked by 1 person

  31. I think it’s amazing and wonderful that you and your husband are able to keep your friendship alive during this time. It’s taken many years, our children growing up and his wonderful girlfriend to bring me and my ex to that point.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Different circumstances though, innit. Our marriage died on its feet long ago as a result of all the crap life hurled at us, and our relationship never having had the chance to get established before the floor was taken out from under us time and time again.

      FRIENDS though, we know how to do, because we did that for years.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. TToT is magic and I’m glad I finally got myself to join in 🙂 Sometimes, just reading the other TToT posts is the thing I am thankful for . . . I have to say, I love hearing a bit of excitement and happiness in your *voice* and I am hoping and praying for great-big-huge-bunches of it for you in the moments-seconds-minutes-days-weeks-months-&-years to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fake it til ya make it 😉 I think by the end it was real 😉

      I’m so glad for this hop, and the community which has grown up around it, and every person in the TToT gang and how wonderful they all are. THAT is wonderful 🙂


  33. Happy 100 Lizzi and all the TToT crew! I’m thankful that you all come together every week, because it reminds me to be thankful even though I don’t write a post. May you keep going for at least 100 more!!

    And is there a prize for second?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe NO! But you were close. Join in the banner thing, Dana – you can do that in the week 🙂

      It’s going to be a WONDERFUL weekend and I love that you’re here. Thank you ❤


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